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  1. I would also quite like a copy of the aforementioned document if you would be so kind as to send it me.
  2. It depends entirely on what they want to actually do to the weapon, if they plan on somehow making it sentient then of course that is a big no for them. if he just wants to alter its power intake to increase its damage, maybe change the barrel to increase range or silence the shots, anything similar or the same as the upgrades in the rogue trader rulebook are fine, if he can do them himself it just saves him some money, not that a rogue trader needs that. There are many examples of people modifying weapons somewhat (i just can't recall any right now). What does the explorator intend to do with the weapon in question?
  3. I must say I quite enjoy reading about this particular character and his exploits, would you mind if I borrowed this character for use in my campaign if I need someone like him? Could you post or send me the stats and such for him, rank, talents, equipment all the good stuff maybe even for the other characters you have so I can have the full crew if you don't mind?
  4. I can't wait for it now! I love eldar even their disturbed cousins the dark eldar! would love to see how my players would react to an eldar ranger, probably not a farseer unless i get a radical inquisitor involved too.
  5. Im thinking of definately scaling it down to some data fragments containing some information, but what could they contain? Gaunts Ghost's mentioned a guardsmen who found a design for a sharper better knife which got him a planet of his own. What could my players find that would be worthwhile to the Mechanicus, a way of making more efficient hives, a lighter flexible form of flak? Anyone got an interesting things worthwhile for them?
  6. I have the ideas its just a matter of fleshing out the basic storyline, i plan to send them to at least a few worlds that are duds, death worlds, tomb worlds or worlds where it has been broken beyond repair, maybe even a world where as someone suggested local life has found how to use it and has been advanced significantly and worships the STC like the Mechanicus would worship the Omnissiah
  7. All of the posts are great but i need to know how you guys would handle running an adventure to find an STC. I'm planning a grand endeavour, chasing up rumours, travelling to death worlds fighting through jungles to find some minor treasure or a destroyed STC, fighting other rogue traders to defend their new found property or steal it from them, bribe officials and try to get access to old records containing potential information on old colonies that had STC's. Basically its going to amount to an endeavour to gain the favour of the Mechanicus in a big way, maybe the item it produces may be seen as heretical by some and not by others, it may cause a schism in the Mechanicus and lead to an all out war, something no one wants.
  8. I was thinking about that stuff in the Inquisitors handbook, The amulet of warding would seem a bit powerful in my opinion especially combined with armour, and cybernetic implants would go well with the baleful eye he already has, ill have to ask him about that. He does seem to have a love of battle servitors however. Im pretty sure i want to so something involving an STC maybe partially intact, or possibly intact like the one in the Gaunt's ghost book 'First and Only', a corrupted iron man producing machine would be interesting. Basically i want ideas, no matter how crazy or convoluted, the long winded the better, for a large scale endeavour to emerge in the searching for an STC and essentially winning the undying loyalty of the Mechanicus, i quite like the mechanicus, much more than the imperium itself and would like story arcs to develop involving them. So any ideas involving STC's are welcome. Also by STC printouts do you mean hard copies of some of the data stored in the ruined hard drive of the STC, and if it was broken how much of it would be of use to the Mechanicus?
  9. One of my players has recently asked about acquiring power armour since I have said they would have to travel to a forge world to have a decent chance at getting it i have also suggested they could do the adeptus mechanicus some favours to help them get the armour. At the moment the groups profit factor is 31, after they finish the Into the maw adventure and plunder the righteous path it should be about 34 at the minimum but will actually be 38 since the points they have accrued on the way will put them 400 points over the required amount. If he tried to acquire the power armour normally he will have to test as if it was 18 since i have ruled he should get a best quality suit if he is going for it at all. So what ideas do you guys have? What could they do to get the AdMech to give them some power armour, I've been toying around with the idea of an STC, obviously that would get them many more rewards and probably make the AdMech very good allies, depending on it's contents (maybe the infamous, or famous, depends on how you look at it Iron Men). Some may see making an adventure like this a bit pointless and over the top but its the sort of thing that could get them in trouble or give them powerful allies. On a side note another player keeps asking me about the possibility of owning a titan, i keep waving him away saying he would not be able to legally get hold of the crew for it or even the titan itself, any thoughts on that, would it be possible if he found an STC for the Mechanicus? Any thoughts on a fun endeavour to gain the favour of the Mechanicus and get a suit of power armour out of the deal, what could i give the other player as he doesnt want power armour that much and what class of endeavour would you recommend and the achievement points needed for this?
  10. I played the 'into the maw' adventure and when we got to the surprise attack by the raiders one of them closed in rather quickly, im not a new GM but im new to rogue trader, when i tried to launch a hit and run attack against my players ship i quickly found out that any hit and run attempt i could run would end up in failure because of their turret rating of 4 was able to cancel out the competent crew of the raiding ship (30 skills characteristic). Then to make matters worse the groups rogue trader with a fellowship of 50 decided to launch his own counter attack on the raider using his murder servitors and a teleportarium which combined with the bonus he gets on his command test just for assaulting another ship he had in total an effective fellowship of 100 to test against ensuring his victory. i made him test anyway just so i could see by how many degrees he won by, but does anyone else thing there is something wrong with being able to do that, unless i can fit every other ship with a tenebro maze or beef up the crew to ridiculous strengths anything i throw at them will be annihilated in hit and run attacks, unless i sent in large groups but that would just be unrealistic and unfair. Has anyone else had this problem? How would you solve it without just shamelessly overpowering enemy ships, i could just have long range weapons but they could just charge in and perform hit and run attacks.
  11. I have been talking to my friend who has decided to run a dark heresy campaign set on a space hulk, im not sure on the specifics of why we are going to be there, all i know is its supposed to be a survival horror and it will be in all likelihood we will die by the end (i hope not though id like to be a player in it for once) i have requested to be the tech-priest in the group and having recently read the start of 'Scourge the Heretic' and the Eisenhorn series (great series by the way) i have been wondering how i should actually behave as the tech-priest. Obviously tech-priests are logical and sometimes emotionless, depending on how augmented they are, i know i will have to treat machines like they themselves are saints. Should i then if i come across a damaged machine immediately try to see if it is repairable and if the machine spirit is generally okay and is salvageable. Should i just generally praise the Omnissiah and perform the tasks to aid the Great Machine God and the idea of perfection through machines. The question i am basically asking is how far into the role of a tech-priest should i get and what should i do in some situations that could be expected on a spacehulk. How should i play the tech-priest with regards to everything, quite simply im interested as to how everyone expects a tech-priest to act in pretty much every situation they can think of, lets see how crazy or devout a tech-priest can be!
  12. Actually i have just found it in the book it says it is 5 seconds, i was thinking of what it would be in WFRP, i sometimes get the two mixed up on minor details. My point about the helmet remains though, all you really have to do is jam it on to your head which should only take about half an action maybe a full one if they are panicking or non-military characters. For main armour though it can be as simple as putting their arms through some sleeves for leathers or coats of some sort, the amount of actions should really depend on what it is being put on though, power armour would obviously take the longest and would probably be incredibly difficult to put on in combat situations, probably out of the question altogether though. carapace is a quite secure so probably has more fastenings im not sure on time for that, flak would probably take at least 3 to 4 actions depending on whether or not it was a coat or a harder to put on piece of armour. Try putting on different pieces of clothing and seeing how long it takes for you to put it on, then try it with someone poking you or some other physical distraction, that may give you some idea on how long it could take for some armour to be put on in different situations, you of course cant test flak armour or something similar so you will have to alter your times slightly to account for their material properties.
  13. Well each round is roughly ten seconds as far as i know so it will depend on how many pieces of armour they are putting on, a helmet i think would be a half action and most others would be about a full action each i reckon, really the type of armour would change some of these but i think that should be left to you to decide when appropriate.
  14. Kylen said: Probably jsut have them do stuff that the Inquisitor (Who sounds like someone more hardcore then who we're running with) eventually exceute them if they don't soon turn useful for something other then being thugs. And I gotta ask which Inquisitor you're running with, if only to figure out why they didn't get a full on purity test/debrief/every single orifice probed after the final battle in that adventure. Im using the inquisitor named Tyburn Graves from the illumination adventure, i havent decided if he is entirely puritan or is radical, but he is however as you put hardcore, i read somewhere on the forums that one inquistor orbitally bombarded his acolytes for a few failures, i dont plan on going that far unless an entire world is at stake, but im trying to discourage them from just charging in and trying to bust some heads, it is partlly my fault for running the illumination adventure where they can get away with that sort of thing. The players seem to just have a rather headstrong mentality so i may just let go in for a war scenario with an investigative element. And i wasnt sure how to run the purity tests and announce if they were tainted or not so i decided to leave it for now, however the player that they 'killed off' (soon to become a Volg Pit Fighter) was to only one obviously tainted, he picked up a daemon sword and got mutations and temporarily possessed but now he will not be returning to the inquisitor, unless he gets picked up by a radical somehow.
  15. The real problem i have is that i have a group of 5 gamers, 1 has effectively been killed off, he was the guardsmen and had the highest fellowship so was useful for getting around ill explain more about him later. Now my group will only be four players, one of which is not a power gamer and all the others are, one of the power gamers regularly whinges and moans about anything that he deems unfair, which can be almost anything, and has a tendency to roll tests while im not looking and without me putting any modifiers i want to on it and will not stop whining until i say he has passed then because there were no modifiers. Another problem i have is that they are just not imaginative, and it seems to be working for them, they simply line up in combat and open fire or all mob someone in combat with melee weapons. At the moment i have them completely unarmed in the gang house of the kidnappers, one of the psykers has the call item power so has a las pistol and the four of them are up against two gangers in a room completely silenced by stummers. Now back to the guardsmen, he was killed in a one on one duel with another of the acolytes, this fight started over some drugs that rendered both of them unconscious, the other 3 players stood back for the hour they were unconscious the guard woke up first and punched the other player because he suspected him of stealing from him so the other acolyte punched him back and caused one wound, normally this wouldnt matter but the guard has a malignancy of bloodlust (he picked up and got possessed by a weak daemon sword) so had to test WP or go all out to try and kill him, which of course he failed so a fight broke out between them. Their gear was currently being held by the other players so they fought unarmed the other players dove on the guard and pinned him down the other acolyte took back his mono axe and struck the killing blow, because of his connection with this daemon and the players willingness to continue i let him burn a fate point and he is gonna wake up in the pale pits of volg to become an arena fighter, and transfer to the scum career path because his mercenary licence was taken by the other players along with all his gear (they believe him to be dead). What annoys me is a couple of the other players were planning on killing him because of his mutations he got and malignancy, they simply were not happy with a mutant in their midst, as much puritan as this is it wasnt because of this, it was because he had some negative things with him, quite simply i have some power gamers who are too used to being different in games as being bad
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