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  1. I just got my CG/CV yesterday and was double checking this thread before posting. Seems most of what I've seen has already been mentioned, but I'm surprised no one has mentioned this one yet: CV: Sigmar's Healing Hand, red side says: "The Requirements of this particular action go here, on this thin strip of graphic." That's obviously template text that should have been replaced, but wasn't.
  2. This isn't a new policy, it has been in place for many years now. As stated, the only place where you can go online, browse models, and purchase GW products via an online shopping cart is the GW site itself. All other retailers cannot use a shopping cart and cannot post images of figs with discounted prices. Technically, eBay retailers can't use pictures of GW product in their listing either. The War Store (for example) still does a very good amount of GW business, you just have to browse on GW's site and note the SKU, then you can call, fax, or email an order and they'll give you the discount off retail. You have to do the math yourself to figure out what you are spending, but Flat rate shipping of $5 means it's not too hard. Not as convenient as an online shopping cart, but doable for the discount.
  3. Well this is disappointing news. I had not planned to get the Player or GM Vaults or Guides, but have both the Creature Guide and Vault on pre-order. It would be one thing if the Creature Guide AND Vault updated the info in ToA, but to find updated info in the Guide, while the Vault card still matches ToA info is just poor QA/QC on FFG's part. All in all, I certainly hope there aren't too many of these inconsistencies and that FFG addresses them with a FAQ and/or updated cards rather quickly.
  4. Number 706 here. Agree on the packaging. Too bad they only stamped the CE number on the exterior box and inside the actual book. I wish they had stamped the interior box as well, as I'm keeping mine in it to keep the dust off of it. The page edges are silver, but the "parchment-like" pages themselves are just matte finish regular book paper. They certainly don't feel or look like parchment. Still, I wish all their books were on this type of paper since there's no problems with glare like you get on the glossy finish paper they usually use. It's almost enough to tempt me to use it over the standard edition rather than just reboxing it and sticking it in the closet.
  5. I'm sure FFG hopes that fans/customers never consider the game "complete" as long as they hold the license and continue to produce product for it.
  6. HedgeWizard said: I think the creature vault + guide = the complete product, in-line with all of the prior releases. But it was broken out so that people who want the low/no component game can just get the guides. This. It's also worth noting that both can be pre-ordered on Amazon for a combined total of $45.32, which is not all that much more expensive than say, Winds of Magic, with the difference about what you'd expect between hardback vs. softback books such as those found in the other expansions.
  7. I'm not knocking anyone's preference, but I find it highly ironic that FFG has gone to the trouble to produce a hardback version of WFRP with optional rules to let people write stuff down on a character sheet rather than use all the cards and tokens that come with the game as it has been sold up until now, because apparently a lot of people were put off by all the "accessories". Now here we have a "traditional" game that requires you to write stuff down on your character sheet and we have all kinds of people clamouring for FFG to produce a nice deck of cards. Next thing you know, folks will start asking for wound counters because constantly updating that on your character sheet doesn't make sense.
  8. Per UPS, mine is out for delivery, so I will soon be a happy camper too.
  9. One other thing, due to limitations of space on the cards, many creature abilities in the Vault use abbreviations, accronymns, or code words. These are all defined in the Guide. Although I'm sure it is only a matter of time before someone somewhere on the Interwebs puts together a spoiler list, you may not be able to figure out what some of the creatures in the Vault do without the Guide in the meantime.
  10. If anyone held any illusions that the the collector's edition would somehow magically contain an updated and re-laid out printing of the book incorporating errata, I want some of what they were smoking, because that's really some premium stuff. As stated, the premium price of the CE is for the case, letter, and parchment-like paper the book is supposedly printed on. That and the ability to be able to say you got a limited edition premium product. You may say that in hindsight you would not have bought the product knowing that it would have as many errors as have been pointed out since the standard edition became available, but you are no more owed corrected copies than is anyone who picked up the standard edition. I know there are people out there that actually plan to use the CE book to game with, but I bought a standard edition book for that. I bought the CE as just that, a collector's item and would never consider risking damage to the book by actually using it at the table. Now if my CE shows up with a misprinted letter with the name wrong, or the case is dented, I'm going to be pretty pissed, but as the book it contains will never get used anyway, I'm not impacted by any errors it may contain. If anything, it's an updated version of the standard edition that I really need.
  11. pumpkin said: Cwell2101 said: frycook said: i beg to differ about the exhaustible party talents. while i can see how a the exhaustible talents are powerful if slotted for a single character, for a party only one character gets the benefit and then the party needs to spend fortune to refresh it. for a non exhaustible talent, everyone in the party benefits from it all the time. or does exhausting a party talent give the bonus to all members of the party and i just read it wrong? maybe i just need to come to grips with the importance of the party card. i've only run one session with a party of five characters and immediately we were seeing how beneficial the party talent slots are. You're right, the exhausted party talent get refreshed slower than a player's, only one token per round (all players / monsters acted once) is taken off of it unless player(s) pay(s) Fortune(s) to take off more of them. I meant the exhausted once are more powerful as a general rule (on player slots) Actually exhausted party talents don't have one token taken off each round. They only get tokens removed when a player spends fortune points to remove them, check the FAQ page 5. Optionally the GM may also allow one to be removed during the rally step. Pumpkin's got it right, and when you add to that the fact that you can't swap out a talent that is currently exhausted, it's pretty hard to make a case for ever wasting a party sheet slot on an exhaustible talent.
  12. Amazon's still showing me that this won't arrive until 1/13/11. I'm in the middle of running something else and probably won't get to start DW until after the first of the year anyway, but I'm also taking 2 weeks off from work and will have lots of time to kill, so could use me some new reading material. Torn between waiting to take advantage of the discount and splurging to get this sooner elsewhere.
  13. Amazon has finally shipped my copy of Signs of Faith. Since we're on a break from WFRP currently, I was willing to wait rather than look for an alternate source when it became available. At least I didn't get a "your order has been canceled" email like I did for the Deathwatch GM Kit.
  14. I generally detest pre-made GM Screens, preferring to make my own so that they contain the information I feel I actually need, organized the way I want it. I own a 3 panel landscape Customizable GM Screen for just this reason. I generally only by pre-made GM Screens for the supplemental material anyway, so I appreciate being able to get this material at half price since I'd never use the actual Screen anyway.
  15. I ordered the Deathwatch Coversion kit from GW along with a Techmarine, Librarian, and Apothacary fig, then created a Devestator, Assault Marine, and two Tacticals from my bits box (since I have Space Wolves, Blood Angel, and my own Codex Chapter SM armies, I have lots of SM bits). I've still got left over Deathwatch bits if my players for some reason decide to go with two Assault Marines (for example) rather than a more well-rounded Kill Team. I also have two IG armies. I'll probably end up using my Catachan army as rebels and Cadians as PDF/allies. Plus I've got a Chaos Marine army, a Tau army, an Ork army, an Eldar army, a Necron army, and a huge Tyranid horde to draw opponents from. So yeah, I use figures.
  16. I don't see why you can't just make Extraction one of the Imperial Operations on Avalos. It doesn't have to be another planet. It already seems to be a combination of an Evacuation and the Seize and Secure Operations. Recovering the data/Inquisitor yields Tyranid Intelligence. I don't see what harm relocating Extraction to an outpost on Avalos far from Lordsholm has. Furthermore, it keeps the PCs focused on the fate of Avalos. If they have to go off to another planet, even one in the same system, the pressure to defeat the horde before Avalos is doomed seems lessened, since traveling to another planet and back would just feel like it should take longer than a rescue mission to a backwater part of Avalos.
  17. FFG made the cards available via pdf download (on the Support page). If you use card sleeves, you can print these out and slip them in front of the existing card and pretty much can't tell he difference. If you are looking for actual printed stock, FFG has not stated any plans to make these cards available separately outside their inclusion in the Player's Vault. Probably not the answer you were hoping for, but it's the only one we have at this time.
  18. I however find it perfectly reasonable that a BA Assault Marine is twice as good as others since the BA's culture is highly Assault Marine oriented, with Veteran Assault Marines and Honour Guard being the pinnacle of their advancement. Meanwhile, SW Blood Claws are mere whelps, the equivalent of most other Chapter's Scouts, who haven't even mastered being a marine yet. In SW culture, if they survive, they grow out of the Assault Marine role. Meanwhile, BA Devastators are more rare and less likely to be as effective as a SW Long Fang or a DA Dev. Different Chapters emphasize different things and it is unreasonable to expect that Assualt Marines from any given Chapter are as good as those from any other. Does that make picking BA as your Chapter if you want to play an Assault Marine the best choice? From a metagame optimization standpoint, yes it does. This is no different than the fact that in D&D 4e you're better off (from a metagame standpoint) taking a Halfling if you want to play a Rogue and a Dragonborn if you want to play a Fighter. Does that mean that you can't play a Dragonborn Rogue? No, but he won't be as effective as a Halfling Rogue. That's just the way it is. Since the different Chapters emphasize different training/tactics, it makes sense that marines from certain Chapters are more suited to a particular role than a marine from another Chapter. An Ultramarine is a better candidate for a Tactical Marine than a BA too. Where's the thread complaining about that? I like the fact that FFG has retained the flavor of each Chapter, including what Specialties they are more suited for. At least a group with both a BA and a SW in the Assault Marine role won't be cookie cutter copies of one another with nothing to distinguish them save for the trinkets they hang from their armour.
  19. In most Chapters, marines start out as Scouts and don't even get to wear Power Armour until they've gotten some experience under their belts. Not so the Space Wolves. Their inductees start out as Blood Claws, the equivalent of other Chapter's Assault Squads. They lack discipline and often need a Rune Priest or other senior leader with them to keep them in check. They're out to prove themselves worthy and often attack with ferocity, but just aren't as good as other Space Wolves stat-wise). Eventually, if they survive, they mature enough to become Grey Hunters (Tactical Sq). Meanwhile, Wolf Scouts are elite Veterans and Long Fangs (Devestators) are some of the most senior members. So in a sense, I could make a case for it being highly unlikely for a Blood Claw to even be seconded to the Deathwatch. That's not to say that you can't play the rare individual that shined brightly enough as a Blood Claw to earn the honor, but you can't expect a relatively new Space Wolf to be nearly as good at being an Assault Marine as a Blood Angel, a Chapter that emphasizes close combat fighting to the extent that they have Veteran Assault Squads. A more mature Space Wolf would probably view being asked to take on the role of Assault Marine as beneath him.
  20. Emirikol said: Agreed on the map. I'm not sure if it's only 20% or if it's a birds-eye view from the south wall or something. When I opened the package, I kept looking for the rest of the map! I wonder why they would do such a half-assed job on that. Is it really that hard to finish the rest of the map and put it on a sheet in the book? I can understand if they didn't want to put more effort into the details of the town, but at least give us a complete map of the town as is standard of quality for all other gaming company supplements and previous editions of the game. Sigh. jh Yeah, because that map of Weissbruck in The Enemy Within was such a masterpiece.
  21. I still want Storm Vermin in Terminator armour -- Verminators, but it will never happen.
  22. Also, all GW figures of these specialist type marines have the appropriate iconography on the right shoulder pad sculpted in; however, Deathwatch marines are supposed to have their Chapter markings on the right shoulder since the left shoulder pad gets replaced by the Deathwatch iconography. This leaves those of us wanting to use the GW figures in our RPG to either mess about with a conversion or do what I'm doing and just include the appropriate Chapter symbol on a knee pad instead. I rationalize that members of the Deathwatch, although they all paint their armor predominantly black to unify them, have a little more latitude in personalizing their armor than the average rank and file marine of a Codex Chapter.
  23. The book includes Space Wolf specific abilities that can only be used when the helmet is off. These abilities are in keeping with the fluffy source material, so to insist that PCs always wear a helmet is to deny the player the use of these unique abilities. That's no fun. And please, let's not bring the "real world" into it. In the real world there are plenty of people who choose not to wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle. I think that the evidence supports the fact that this is a pretty stupid choice, but it doesn't stop thousands of people from making that choice every day. So in the fantasy world of 40k, even with evidence to support the idea that not wearing a helmet may be more hazardous to your heath, I can easily imagine some marines might still choose not to do so, especially those with abilities that wearing a helmet interferes with.
  24. You can have the player roll all the "positive" dice (Stance, Characteristic, Fortune, Expertise) and the GM roll the "negative" dice (Challenge & Misfortune). The player may still have the sense that they did really well or really poorly based on the gross successes/boons generated, but will still have to rely on the GM to tell them the outcome based on net successes/boons.
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