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  1. Not had any kills from encounters yet, been a bit unlucky with the maps. used animate weapons in the last dungeon, and got 1 kill and damaged another hero enough for a monster to kill him, dark charm and traps did for another one. I managed to get 10xt from the last dungeon. This had been about average so far. The hero's are 2 tanks (4 xp each) and 2 magic users (2 and 3xp), 1 magic user has a blast weapon and also a weapon which ignores undying. the other one has a breath weapon + standard magic attack weapon, one of the tanks has leadership, so they a running about with dodge and guard up and the magic users a blasting the crap out of multiple monsters per attack. This has a devestating attack value against cooper creatures, which is one of the reaason I upgrade beasts to silver, and got purple treachery as soon as possible. Its not easy getting enough creaturesin the right place to overwhelm the Hero's, the dungeons are small so its easy to stop spawns, and when you can spawn its expensive 15 threat for every extra spawn per level. I lost my starting Lt in an encounter, early on, now that I have some treachery for Lt encounters I have bought Slaggoroth.
  2. Did a this myself when deciding what to upgrade, as Playing the Spider Queen, I decided that beasts, were best foor me at 25 points even though eldrich occur more often, but given the spider queen plays more traps, I wanted treachery as fast as possible, so the cheaper upgrade worked out better.
  3. Dungeon levels are played as part of the dungon, you dont, suffle your dungeon OL cards per level only per dungeon, so I would say that any dark glyph's would be used per dungeon, not per level, any way treachery spent on glyph is quite expensive, so you could only buy so many anyway.
  4. Into my Palour is a great ability, having dark charm, and animate weapons available at the start of every dungeon, is nice just waiting for the chance to play, just trying to weaken all the hero's before I hit them with Animate Weapons.
  5. if a main level monster attacks a hero that has aura 4, and the monster only has 4 lives left and therefore dies, do the heros get to claim the kill, given that they have not delivered the killing blow?
  6. Thought so, darn bit of extra threat would be nice. Oh well just have to kill them more slowly.
  7. We just finish level 1 and the heros left the dungeon via the portal, and have been transported to level 2. According the the rules, as OL I set up the next dungeon, and the hero place their figures, then I place the dungeon monsters, we assumed that the heros then moved, but this means that as OL I am actually missing a turn, ie no threat in my turn as the hero's move from level 1 to level 2. Is this right? This is the way we have been playing it, but thought I'd check in case I should be getting some more threat
  8. That's a big job, I thought that just painting the Lt's could be an option.
  9. Thanks, I guess thats fair enough.
  10. If your spawning from a treachery card in a Lt encounter I take it that the spawns follow the same rules as reinforcements for entering the map, or can they spawn anywhere out of LOS same as the dungeons. I have just bought 2 points of Trap treachery (Spider Queen), I thought that would be best, but if I can "Spawn" rather than reinforce that may be may be worth buying for my next upgrade.
  11. We ruled that the movement was not the type of movement that activates the alertness skill, problem solved. My last post noted what should happen if the rules had been written correctly, and these type of problems play tested before the game was released. Sorry if you didn't understand that. We play loads of board games, and I have to say that while we all enjoy the game, these are the worst set of rules when it comes to having to get clarifications due to badly worded rules, cards etc. And judging from the amount of requests and queries on the forums, I am not alone in having problems with them.
  12. easy answer is just to leave the hero on top of the chest but let the chest roll the same dice as a beastman, and have the same stats. We would rule that nothing has actually moved closer to the hero and therefore alertness is not activated. (ie you can see a creature moving toward you, but the chest attacks when you open it, its not a beastman, just has a beastman stats. Just a funny one, in our last session I was holding a trap card for opening a chest (exploding chest), and decided to play spiked pit against another moving hero, so threw away a card to get threat, and thought I'd chucked away exploding door and played my spiked pit. when I went to play exploding chest on the hero opening the chest I was rather put out with myself to find the exploding door card instead still in my hand . was able to kill the hero next turn, but I did feel a bit of a prat.
  13. I suppose I could have grouped creatures to try and stop them running away, but then you are grouping creatures to make it easier to blast or firebreath them (heros have both these weapons available to them) its a real pain having to set up a map, just to take it back down again cos they decided to flee. I recon that the OL should get a CT or two. Never found the encounters so far to be very good for the OL, its a lot of hassle setting up and taking down and adds very little to the game play.
  14. The Hero's had an encounter last night were they look 1 look and my silver razorwings and ran away. There doesn't seem to be any downside to them doing that, seems a bit wrong. If they run away from a dungeon they are locked out, but if they don't feel like an encounter the OL gets nothing. Should get some CT for them hightailing out surely. If the OL creatures run away the Heros get a reward after all.
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