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    Armoks reacted to drainsmith in RoT Character Sheet (Form Fill, Dice Pools)   
    Form Fillable with dice pool calculation character sheet. Also, has my double talent page. Please read the item description.
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    Armoks reacted to Silidus in Item and Talent Cards   
    So I put together some card decks for my players to represent all the items, equipment, and talents in the game valid for the Terrinoth setting (across both books).  My group has found these insanely useful for remembering talents, tracking usage (once per session/once per encounter/etc), tracking encumbrance, and planning character builds.
    As much as I would LOVE FFG to put these out in some official card decks, I am guessing that is a long way off... so the question is, if I post these up as a PDF, am I going to get a C&D?  I should also note that the cards contain art scraped from the internet (personal use), but putting these out into the world would probably require a ton of work to update the original files and find the original artists.
    So, is this worth the effort to the community? or should we just tell FFG that we want to see more official components and adventure modules for Terrinoth?
    Here they are!
    Enemies and Creatures:
    Talents are sized to be 3x5 (windows likes to print as photo sizes) and will fit 2.5x3 card sleeves.
    Items should be printed as 'wallet' size (make sure you do not resize to fit the frame as the image has its own size adjusted to compensate) and will fit FFG Yellow (mini) sleeves.
    All Art is NOT my own.
    Also I know the item text can be difficulty to read depending on the dpi of your printer (the red especially). I will probably do another version at some point, but redoing all the cards feels a little soul crushing.  Hopefully FFG will put out some official ones for Talents and Items along with some pre-done adventure modules and DM screens...
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    Armoks reacted to Imbasel in Foundry   
    What Sam Gregor-Stewart said doesn't matter. He's not a lawyer and people who sign the Licensing Agreement are bound to the terms of the current contract. The Licensing Agreement is what is going to be held and enforced. If they decide to change it moving forward than that's great. If not the current agreement is going to be what is held. 
    It will be interesting to see what will happen to the Licensing Agreement and what will happen for people who already published.
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    Armoks reacted to IamGazrok in Monuments of Terrinoth   
    Apparently, in Rune Age, there are 6 Monuments of Terrinoth. These include places like the Fountain of Purity and the Everliving Engine (mentioned in the ROT book), but also others, such as the Spire of Ruin, the Hall of Ancestors, the Statue of Daqan, and the Vision Caves. (pics included in the entries)....
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    Armoks reacted to Archellus in Terrinoth Beastary: Converted creatures from other Terrinoth sources   
    Change log
    Added: Armor Specter, Ice Spiker, Snow Viper, Ventala Warden, Wolf, Wolf (dire), Zanaga Vampire Bat Swarm
    Change log
    Added Carrion worm and Carrion lancer also Ventala Centaur Skirmisher
    Added some new art
    Change log
    Added Changeling minion and Changeling Master
    Fixed formating and Added new art
    Change log
    Added the Dark Cultist now paired with the dark priest they can be found under Dark Worshippers
    Fixed some spelling
    Change log 2.03.2019
    Added the Elemental sprite and ancient elemental original idea by Discord user Kunrad
    Fixed some art errors

    Terrinoth Beastary
    New thread for inclusion on the Genesys Resource List. 
    A community created resource for monsters converted from the boardgames: Decent, Battlelore and Runewars as well as other sources related to Terrinoth. Will be updated regular with new critters. 
    https://drive.google.com/open?id=1jFquSzJMrJPCnY19eSIWrjHNBv40xc2j  Current version 1.1.5
    If you have any feedback from using these monsters in your home game please let me know. 
    If you would like to contribute to the development of the beastary discussions and development will continue in the old thread.
    Just creating this one so that i can update the link in the first post and add it to the ressource list. 
    The current project contains 49 enemies unique to Terrinoth. 
    Arachyura (rival) Armored Specter (rival) Barrow Wyrm (nemesis) Blood Ape (rival) Bone Horror (minion) Broodwalker (minion) Broodwalker Swarm (rival)    Carrion Drake (minion)   Carrion Grub worm (minion) By Flobio Carrion Worm (rival) Carrion Lancer (rival) Cave Spider (minion) Crow Hag (rival) Crypt Dragon (rival) by Flobio Chaos Beast (nemesis) Changeling (minion) Changeling Master (nemesis) Dark Minotaur (nemesis) Dark Worshippers Cultist (minion) Dark Worshippers Priest (nemesis) Demon Lord (nemesis) Doombringer (rival) Elemental Sprite(minion) by Discord user Kunrad Elemental, Ancient (nemesis) Ettin (nemesis) Fire Imps (minion) Flesh Moulder (nemesis) Goblin Archer (rival) by @Flobio Harpy (minion) Hellhound (rival) Ice Spiker (minion) Lava Beetle (minion) Medusa (nemesis) Mountain Giant (rival) by Flobio Naga (rival) + Mistress of serpents (nemesis) Obscene (rival) Plauge worm (rival) River Watch Riders (rival) Shadow Dragon (Nemesis) Shambling Colossus (Rival) Snow Viper (rival) Troll (rival) Ventala Centaur Skirmisher (minion) Ventala Warden (rival)  Volucrix Reaver (minion) Wolf (minion) Wolf, Dire (rival) Ynfernael Hulk (rival) Zanaga Vampire Bat Swarm
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    Armoks reacted to HaphazardNinja in Other Runebound Shards   
    I have found that staying with the Lesser Shard template and keeping the named shards rare prevents the game from becoming "just use a shard" for each character.  It seems to be a big hit with the group as the runes retain a special and treasured property. As for the activations, I think of odd utilities to diversify their problem and puzzle-solving toolbox. Here are some of the one my group has found:
    Stone of Sickness Implement: Add the Enervate modifier once without increase the difficulty of a Curse spell. Activation: One target within short range adds +2 Setback die to their next Resilience check this scene or encounter. Cannot be used on the same target more than once per encounter or scene. Shard of Needles Implement: Add the Deadly modifier once without increasing the difficulty of a Attack spell. Activation: May pierce a hole the size of a small nail in a surface of soft leather or weaker within short range (GM's decision). Aegis Rune Implement: Add the Additional Target modifier once without increasing the difficulty of a Barrier spell. Activation: One target within engaged range gains either +1 Ranged Defense or +1 Melee Defense until the end of their next turn (users choice). Liars Spiral Implement: When using the Utility spell to disguise oneself as someone else they have seen within the last day, add +2 Boost die to the Deception check. Disguise lasts a number minutes equal to 5 times the user's ranks in Lore. Activation: Gain +2 Boost and +1 Setback to your next Deception check Hope this was helpful.
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    Armoks reacted to drainsmith in Community Repository for DrainSmith's Dispensary of Genesys   
    As a community admin and moderator for Genesys on Facebook, Reddit, and Discord as well as being active on the FFG Forum, I see a lot of people asking for things that can be found easily on the other sites. Most people seem to only use one or maybe two of the community sites, so in an effort to help everyone find all the community content, I am making space available in my Dropbox. If you would like your content hosted and available in my Dispensary of Genesys send me an email (scott.zumwalt@gmail.com), message, comment, DM, PM, carrier pigeon (RFC1149), or however you like, with the file or files you want shared and what the name of your folder should be. They will stay right there until I die, Dropbox goes out of business, or you request they are removed. If you update your document, just send the new version to me and if you want the old one removed.
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    Armoks reacted to Tom Cruise in [Second Edition Release!] Dark Heresy (Warhammer 40,000) in Genesys   
    Okay I bit the bullet. Here's a sample of what I'm going for with the next release of the PDF.

    Background elements and artwork are all on PDF layers, so as long as you use a PDF reader with support for layers, you can toggle them all of if you want to print (although naturally things might look a little odd).
    The background assets are from Dark Heresy Second Edition (the real FFG one, that is). Upscaled nicely with Waifu2x.
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    Armoks reacted to DarthGM in Magic and Concentration   
    I could see a Tier 4 or 5 talent being made that allows you to reduce the cost to maintain one spell at a time from a Maneuver to an Incidental action for the rest of the Encounter for 1 Story Point.
    Maybe Tier 5...
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    Armoks reacted to O the Owl in Conjuring Creatures: A crafting ruleset   
    I have created a rules set for Conjuring Creatures with the Conjure magic action. The link is to a PDF on google drive. I used the various crafting rules as inspiration. My intention was to create something that can be used on the fly or to pre-design creatures that your magic users may conjure. Please let me know what you think.
    I have one player that uses the Conjure magic action most every session, but he mainly favores one summon (a silhouette 3 Pheonix). Up until now I have been running the spell on a case by case basis, although I had planned for some time to codify a more consistent rule set. Now I have a second player planning on making regular use of the spell. The time has come to lay down the law.
    Anyone else have a player that conjures creatures regularly? If so, how do you handle it?
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    Armoks reacted to drainsmith in DrainSmith's Dispensary of Everything You Need   
    All together for the first time, all the stuff I have made for Genesys.
    Adversary Anthology - all published adversaries
    Equipment Encyclopedia - all published equipment stat lines with item quality descriptions
    Talent Tome - all published talents
    Plus a smattering of other helpful documents, vector and alternate style character sheets, and some sample settings.
    Bonus content includes vector image assets and InDesign files for everything included to help you make your own documents.
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    Armoks reacted to Archellus in Terrinoth Beastary: Converted creatures from other Terrinoth sources   
    I finally had some more time to look at the project again. Turns out i had 10 of those spelling mistakes 🙄 anyways corrected them now thanks for pointing them out.  
    Also added a new minion the dark cultist
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    Armoks reacted to drainsmith in Adversaries Anthology: a boldy bound creature collection (updated v2.0.0)   
    Sure enough! I missed a whole page! Thanks for letting me know. They will be added into the next version which should be out right after the Android book drops as I will have all the adversaries from the new book also.
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    Armoks reacted to Noahjam325 in Signature weapon and associated traits.   
    By default the stats of the "weapon" you picked are wiped away and are just what it lists for the Melee [Heavy] signature weapon. 
    You could easily work with your GM to do something fancier for sure though. 
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    Armoks reacted to Cantriped in Genesys Talents Expanded   
    Of the two, I'd say the second is more balanced... however I don't particularly see the point in buying/using either of them, or the original talent for that matter.
    Templar only even needs to exist because of RoT's specific permutation of the Magic System. Otherwise you could just buy a rank in Divine later (for the same initial cost of 10 XP). Assuming you take Divine to Rank 5, you'll only save 20 XP over someone who just developed the skill cross-career (but can cast their spells without restriction). 
    If I really wanted to play a more casterly Templar, I'd just start with a career that gave me access to Divine instead; even if I ended up paying more for Melee or Brawl developing it cross-career. Its worth it to avoid the arbitrary restriction on magic-use.
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    Armoks reacted to lbwoodard in Genesys Talents Expanded   
    They both seem fine, to me. The nice thing about the ranked version is it makes it possible to get to 3 divine spells per encounter, but only if the player is willing to spend a tier 5 talent on it. As a fan of having more options to play with and agonize over as a player, I'd enjoy that one more. As a fan of making my life less complicated as a GM, I'd probably prefer the tier 3.
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    Armoks reacted to SkyJedi in Genesys Web Assistant (dice roller, destiny pool tracker, chat, character tracker, initiative tracker)   
    Introducing Genesys Web Assistant!  It rolls, it cancels, it tracks your destiny points, character stats, and initiative order! 
    Now, you may be thinking, "isn't this just a clone of the SWRPG Web Assistant?"  Well you are 100% right! Right now its a clone with the new symbols, but once the CRB comes out I'll tweak it to match the new rules.  Until then enjoy the new pretty symbols!
    No Login required. Ever.
    TODO: rerolls.
    The project is open source.  The code is available https://github.com/SkyJedi/SWRPG-Web-Dice-Roller/tree/genesys.  I've got instructions in the readme.md file so you can setup your own instance if you don't wanna be on mine.  Feel free to fork and contribute, as I am learning as I go.
    Issue/Feature request https://github.com/SkyJedi/SWRPG-Web-Dice-Roller/issues
    PayPal BTC https://www.patreon.com/SkyJedi
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    Armoks reacted to 2P51 in Adding encumbrance to Painkillers?   
    I just shoot my players more, easier than monkeying with stats....
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    Armoks got a reaction from lbwoodard in Genesys Talents Expanded   
    Tier: 4
    Activation: Passive
    Ranked: Yes
    Your character must have purchased the Templar (Improved) talent to benefit from this talent. Your character can now cast one additional spell using Divine skill per encounter per rank of Templar (Advanced) talent.
    Tier: 3
    Activation: Passive
    Ranked: No
    Your character must have purchased the Templar (Improved) talent to benefit from this talent. Your character can now cast two spells using Divine skill per encounter, instead.
    What do you think about these talents? Which of these two seems more balanced?
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    Armoks got a reaction from Noahjam325 in Genesys Talents Expanded   
    Tier: 4
    Activation: Passive
    Ranked: Yes
    Your character must have purchased the Templar (Improved) talent to benefit from this talent. Your character can now cast one additional spell using Divine skill per encounter per rank of Templar (Advanced) talent.
    Tier: 3
    Activation: Passive
    Ranked: No
    Your character must have purchased the Templar (Improved) talent to benefit from this talent. Your character can now cast two spells using Divine skill per encounter, instead.
    What do you think about these talents? Which of these two seems more balanced?
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    Armoks reacted to lbwoodard in Range on concentrated magic effects   
    I say rule of cool. They cast a buff on the person, not the position. If I were the player, I would feel cheated if you told me I have to add a range modifier to keep concentrations going if the target moves after I've already successfully cast a spell.
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    Armoks reacted to Archellus in Range on concentrated magic effects   
    Good question. I have so far handle it that as long as the caster maintains concentration the buffed player can go whatever distance they like kinda. Although i could totally see it working the other way and the barrier or augment was something that happen within range of the caster. 
    Would kinda suck using conjured creatures since their movement from you would be rather restrictive. 
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    Armoks reacted to broknsword in Political Map   
    Someone in the "Terrinoth Explorers" Facebook group took a shot at making a political map. Thought I'd share.

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    Armoks reacted to Cantriped in FAQ   
    Rules Question:
    One of the pregenerated heroes for Realms of Terrinoth, Ulma Grimstone, begins play with 2 Dwarven Firebombs and Bottled Lightning. However I've yet to find an entry for these items in Chapter 2 - Call to Adventure. What should the Encumbrance Rating, Price, and Rarity of Dwarven Firebombs and Bottled Lightning be?
    Rules Answer (By Tim Cox)
    You are correct that those items don’t appear in Realms of Terrinoth! We can assume those are Ulma’s personal creations, so a player who wants to make use of those or similar items might create them using the crafting rules beginning on page 112, or the GM might make them available for purchase from certain NPC alchemists and other merchants.
    I would give both encumbrance 1 by default, but of course allow a character to spend Advantage on the crafting check to reduce the encumbrance as normal. Since the cost of ingredients and difficulty of the crafting check are based on the cost and rarity of the item, the GM would need to assign those values, whether or not they decided to make these items available for purchase. Personally, I would probably go with 75 silver/rarity 6 for bottled lightning and 200 silver/rarity 8 for dwarven firebombs.
    I hope this helps! Thanks for your question.
    Tim Cox
    RPG Developer and Fiction Producer
    Fantasy Flight Games
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    Armoks got a reaction from Veruca in Creating a Terrinoth Bestiary   
    Yes, but on the Wiki you also have a description and a picture of a monster
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