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  1. This looks nice and the layout is really clean. I like it very much. Keep up the good work 🙂
  2. That's nice to hear
  3. Definitely the best episode so far, keep up the good work!
  4. Casting spells while transformed. Yes or no? If yes, what penalties should be applied to the test? Can FFG make an example or two on how they have calculated the adversary power levels for existing creatures? I cant get the same numbers they presented in the updated FAQ by following Adversary Creation Rules from the EPG. Cheers!
  5. Any spoilers about new spells and specialisation trees in EPG? How they work or what can we expect 🤔
  6. Armoks


    Hello, Your character must spend a maneuver each turn to direct the summoned creature to perform an action and a maneuver. Your character may summon two (or more) creatures at once. Hope this helps! Hello, With a literal interpretation of the rules, no the creature will not. How it behaves is up to the GM, and that might involve attacking its original target, or it might suddenly run away, hide, attack the summoner, or get bored and start sniffing around its environment. This caveat exists so that players do not abuse the summoning rules. They may engineer a situation where the creature gets put into a situation where it has no choice but to fight, or its very presence is all the player needs! But the only way to guarantee that it does what the player wants is to direct it, and GMs should highlight the uncertainty of summoning creatures otherwise. Your player can summon two creatures and concentrate on both of them, provided they have the maneuvers to do so!
  7. TEMPLAR (ADVANCED) Tier: 4 Activation: Passive Ranked: Yes Your character must have purchased the Templar (Improved) talent to benefit from this talent. Your character can now cast one additional spell using Divine skill per encounter per rank of Templar (Advanced) talent. TEMPLAR (ADVANCED) Tier: 3 Activation: Passive Ranked: No Your character must have purchased the Templar (Improved) talent to benefit from this talent. Your character can now cast two spells using Divine skill per encounter, instead. What do you think about these talents? Which of these two seems more balanced?
  8. Yes, but on the Wiki you also have a description and a picture of a monster
  9. There is a nice list of monsters on Descent Wiki. You should take a look. http://descent2e.wikia.com/wiki/Monster
  10. Signature Spell (Supreme) Tier: 5 Activation: Passive Ranked: No Your character must have purchased the Signature Spell (Improved) talent to benefit from this talent. In addition, when your character casts their Signature Spell that can be sustained, it lasts until the end of the current encounter without your character having to use the Concentration Maneuver. You may end the spell at will.
  11. It's something I run across with one of my Players lately. I'm a bit concerned that this talent can be to strong as written. As my Player is a Primalist, I can easily see him casting so much spells paying 2 Strain each time, to simply pass out only to transform into "the Beast" thus recovering all the Strain suffered. From the beginning, I saw the RAW's cost of spells casting (2 Strain) as a good rule that balances the game-play of spell casting characters. A Mage/Druid character lacking that limitation can simply loose its flavor. It also bugs my whether they can still use their Melee Heavy weapons after the change or can they more or less function as a normal intelligent being. I see this talent as a some kind of a lycantropy curse or a DDish Druid's Wild Shape ability. To prevent abusing the game rules and creating an overpowered characters, I'm thinking of making a rule of thumb. After passing out from Strain, character drops everything he is holding in his hands, next he undergoes a transformation at the begging of his next turn. His armor and other personal equipment merges with character. He usually cannot use his Melee Weapons or at least he can't use them properly as his hands becomes sort of animal paws. That leaves the character with a boosted Brawn and unarmed combat dmg and crit rating. When the character rolls a Despair symbol on any skill check, animal nature takes over. Character looses his mind and can attack an allied character his next turn! Isn't that too harsh (IMO not as the Player gains second life in fact and this is Tier 1 talent)? Any other ideas?
  12. Armoks


    Rules Question: Hi! I got three questions about RoT rules. 1. First one is concerning a Curse Doom spell effect. It is written that you cannot touch dice showing Triumph or Dispair symbols. But can you change Proficiency or Challenge dice faces to show such symbols? For example, on Proficiency die I rolled two advantage symbols. Can I change it to the Triumph? 2. Second question is about Conjure spells. I got some trouble understanding the scope of this spell action. What type of creatures my players can summon? Using this spell can they summon everything that exists in Terrinoth? Even dwarf soldiers or human mages? Or can a two-handed weapon they Conjure be magical? 3. Last but not least, this question is connected with a previous one. Summoned creatures got statistics as described in the RoT books? Or should stats depend on Mages ranks in Knowledge (Lore)? Thanks in advance! Answer: Hi! In order… Yes, you could change the facing on a die from an Advantage to a Triumph, or a Threat to a Despair. You can only summon minions (or rivals with the additional effect), but the GM has the final say on what would be allowed here. Iin general any NPC listed as a minion (or rival with the additional effect) would usually be ok. Weapons would be mundane types, so no magic weapons (though a weapon appearing out of thin air would certainly appear magical to others!). You and your GM can create new versions of Conjure or new additional effects to summon more powerful allies or magical items too. Summoned creatures would use their appropriate profile, yes. So a summoned Reanimate would use the profile from Realms of Terrinoth. Remember though that these aren’t the real thing—they are magically created simulacrum of that creature/item. Hope this helps and thanks for playing! Tim Huckelbery
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