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  1. I think FFG has also been getting better at balancing the core set for out-of-box experience and "repurchasability". AHCG only needs a second core to deliver a full playset (compared to some of their other offerings) and while the encounter cards are duplicated the smaller generic sets may still see some reuse through the line (e.g. multiple scenarios simultaneously built). I do sometimes wish they'd just make a core a full playset but being able to keep the price point down possibly encourages more people to explore the game than would otherwise and so I'm happy with that trade-off.
  2. I agree with the others with it being 1, you iterate over the options for the number of points the test was failed by (5 in the case of an auto fail). Under the rules for "must" the game state has to be altered by a choice, so as long as you have cards in hand you can choose to discard one otherwise the choice would have to be damage resulting in 2 cards discarded along with 3 damage & 3 horror. As you have said, option 2 would be a valid choice if all of the "failure points" are summed prior to making a single decision (game state changes, but can only partially fulfil the card instructions). That would seem to make it a bit easy though (always keep at least one card in hand) and why I side with option 1.
  3. Don't go all out on the attack with the Ghoul Priest unless you have the assets and resources to guarantee success on all attacks. A decent weapon is a must as 5 successful hits with no disruptions can be a bit tricky whereas 2-3 is manageable. I've found the best tactic is to start off by trying to evade. A successful evade will exhaust it such that you are then free to attack without triggering the retaliate on a failure or head over for a chat with Lita (and hopefully convince her to assist).
  4. Sadly just opened a Crime Lord with two focus sides (one of which replaces the 2 resource side referred to on the card). Has there been any further official comment about the play legality of cards and dice affected by manufacturing defects? 1) can die that do not match a card be used for play - my preference is for this to be disallowed? 2) can cards be used without a corresponding die (applicable to non-character die, but still possible to run into problems)? 3) where it is possible to work out what side the die has landed on, can the corresponding card face be used instead?
  5. I was planning on carrying over a tracking technique from Netrunner (where each player has a certain number of clicks/actions per turn). Take 3 of any double sided token and flip one over whenever an action is taken.
  6. Really liking the random setup possibilities for this one. One thing I'm not so sure about is the following: Four copies of a single weakness seems a bit overkill for a single Mythos pack. Although it doesn't say that it is a basic weakness, so it would make sense if it were something that could potentially be picked up during the scenario by all players (and thus a single Mythos pack is able to run a game for any of the possible player counts).
  7. The text on the card may be "clear", but this isn't the first pre-review that has made this mistake. I thought it was a fair review for a snapshot view of the game. It voices many concerns I have about it, but having seen other other content I'm still interested. The CCG model is a big turn-off for people and at this point there is still quite a lot of unknowns in that area with the "how many boosters are needed to make an off-faction character work post-starter" being an interesting one. It would be nice if they can revisit the game once it has become a bit more established and the full team-building and meta-game aspects come into play. It was mentioned several times that the rules were dead simple (almost in a negative sense), but with team-building and more games played I'm hoping that those simple rules end up providing a game that is both fast and with a rich variety of options.
  8. While I think it is unlikely that any consumer attendee of the event would be under NDA, it would still not be within their rights to duplicate and publish someone else's work/IP without prior written permission.
  9. I think it would engage the 4 agility investigator that is currently at its location. However, if the prey instructions for the enemy were to prey upon "only the lowest agility" investigator then it would ignore the hallway investigator and move to engage the agility 2 investigator. I don't think enemies can change their target once they have engaged.
  10. The designer answered that question -- the short answer is, you can't have more than one of the investigator specific cards in your deck. The link to the full answer is here: http://www.cardgamedb.com/forums/index.php?/topic/33253-frequently-asked-questions-check-here-first-please/?p=291671 Isn't it on the character cards, under deckbuilding requirements/restictions? Assuming the special character cards are not counted as one of the "standard player cards" and continue to be specified under the "Deckbuilding Requirements" rather than "Deckbuilding Options", then they would be excluded from being chosen during deck construction by the fourth restriction.
  11. Some of the cards/die will be exclusive to the starters (such as Rey, Finn and Kylo) but others can be found in booster packs. If the card/dice has a gray rarity icon, then it can only be found in the starter decks.
  12. I've not seen anything definitive posted officially that there are no such restrictions, but I would be inclined to think not.It looks like not all cards will have all levels of XP upgrade available, so to add a hierarchy of progression may well be overly restrictive and wasteful.
  13. I think it is right to be concerned about such things, but there will always be a risk that something will happen to terminate an otherwise excellent game before it's time. However, I have more faith in FFG to deliver on their promises (and it is implicit that an LCG will last for several cycles) than in other publishers. As others have said the licensing dissolution is what put an abrupt end to Conquest but it looks like steps have been taken to lessen that risk in future (e.g. outright purchasing of L5R). I also blame that legal process and its trappings for resulting in such restricted communications with fan base as to what was going on behind the scenes, again something I'd not expect necessary with the two newest LCGs. I'm very much looking forward to the new Arkham and L5R LCGs, and while I cannot guarantee that neither of them will be cancelled early, the prospect currently remains on the very low risk side for me.
  14. No multiple-purchasing of The Dunwich Legacy should be necessary for a complete set.
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