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  1. I was wondering about that too. How can they ensure that every deck has a unique card back? This also means we can not use opaque sleeves for organized play events.
  2. When I learned that Destiny was released as a CCG, I was sure that I would never buy into it. Then I learned about the small deck size, the deck limit for a card of 2 and the small booster packs (only 3 commons per booster means I won't drown in useless common cards like in other games). So I think we can savely say that this is more fair than most CCGs out there. Of course, having to buy 2 copies of each starter just to get a few cards hurts. And the fact that you might get a rare in a booster that is useless because you and everyone else already has 2 copies of it hurts, too. I really assume that these were honest mistakes by FFG and not a scam. Even with these 2 negatives, it's still more fair than most CCGs out there. Hopefully, they will fix it in the expansions.
  3. I really hope that FFG is coming up with Sealed and Draft formats. I will buy a starter and a few boosters just to get myself playing, but I won't collect all the cards. But I won't say no to a Draft tournament...
  4. Nice review! I also watched your playthrough video. I'm looking forward to this game very much.
  5. I agree, I'm not so much worried about the card being scratched by the die, it seems to sit very firmly in its hole. I'm more worried about the cards being indented by the die. Especially when the rare is the first card...
  6. I second this opinion. All dice that are on the table after the re-roll showing blanks are removed.
  7. In WoW TCG, you could choose any Hero that appeared in any of the sets being drafted, you were not limited to play with the Heros you opened. Could be the same here: Bring your own Characters, then decide which ones to play after the draft phase is over, when you're building your deck. I just hope that they come up with Draft rules real soon, it's the only thing I miss in LCGs.
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