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  1. You make some really good, well thought out, points. Thanks for taking the time to explain your position in a friendly fashion. This makes more sense now and I see how my suggestion could have a negative effect if it was implemented. You mentioned the possibility of "booster" packs for X-wing. With the success of SW: Destiny that might be more of a frightful possibility than we would like. If you do come across that interview, or any other interesting ones from the devs about their business model I'd love to read them. Feel free to PM me with a link if you find any. Thanks!
  2. Yep. The last three X-wing purchases I have made have been at Henry's Outpost on ebay. (I'll take commission Henry!) I have never said I want FFG to shift their business model. They should keep selling expansions with upgrade cards the way they always have. What I am saying is, due to how big the game is now and the large number of upgrade cards within it, is there something that can be added to the current model that makes the cards more attainable. And yes NakedDex, I know you are just going to point back to ebay, but is buying X-wing product online good for FLGSs? Nope. Also, where did they address this in the past? I would like to read that if you have a link to it. I don't think I or any other posters that would like an alternate way to give FFG our money have been "screaming" on here. I'm sure there are people who really like how upgrade cards are distributed, you are obviously one of them, but I never talked with anyone else that seemed excited about buying expansions for individual upgrade cards (or buying them on ebay). This is the model we have but I don't see a lot of people telling people how awesome this aspect of the game is. Anytime I have to start explaining the options available to get upgrade cards to new players I see the excitement in their eyes about the game fade. Maybe this is just part of the labor of love for this game but I still hope new, official FFG options will be explored in the future.
  3. You are right in highlighting the costs of development for upgrade cards. The cost of the physical card vs development is obviously not equal. I'm not sure though that some cards cost a drastic amount more to play test that it's monetary value would actually be greater than any other. Sure, some cards require more testing, but every card goes through careful designing (hopefully). Even a seemingly simple upgrade card can break the game if it combos with something else in unintended ways so I really don't think Palp or Autothrusters actually cost more in development over other cards to place a higher money value on them in a print on demand or upgrade "booster" pack model.
  4. This is all I've been doing the last 2 months. I just print a list off of Squadron Builder and bring that. Beats the hassle of getting all the cards out and I can actually experiment with cards I don't own. I do have to give a big thank you to FFG for letting things like Squadron Builder exist. Games Workshop never allowed that sort of thing (gaming aids from the community) when I was playing 40k and I doubt they have softened their stance in the last 4 years.
  5. Not a bad idea. If they put 2-3 copies of each card from the wave in a pack I'd be willing to pay $10 for it.
  6. I'm sure the idea has come up before in the community but I really wish FFG would pursue this. Upgrade cards are my least favorite part of the game and that is due mainly to how they are acquired. I know each ship is billed as an "expansion", but I would rather just buy ships by themselves and choose the cards I want separately (which I admit to having done for my last 3 X-wing expenditures). One of the reasons for this is the shear number of cards you accumulate! I don't want to spend money on binders to organize my 300 upgrade cards, I want to buy more ships! All that to say I wish FFG would open up a print on demand option for upgrade cards as well as pilot cards and their cardboard bases (can't think of the name of those things right now). They have offered print on demand before, the 40k Space Hulk card game had that option for the Dark Angels expansion as I recall. Anyway, I think this would make tourney, casual, and new players all happy and put some money in FFG's pocket for little cost to them. This would even allow them to offer all the cards with errata fixes without having to re-release them in expansions (like the Heavy Scyk in the new C-Roc box), and let them put out new pilots. Obviously the case might be that, even with people splitting up boxes and selling cards and ships separately on ebay, that the current model of selling upgrade cards only in the expansions is more lucrative than offering on demand. But sure, Imperial Raiders sell out faster than possibly any expansion in X-wing history (currently awaiting re-print... again), but are the majority of those getting snapped up by ebay sellers so they can make $40 off of Palp really good for the game? Right now that is a service to players who don't want to buy the $100 Raider, ridiculous as paying $40 for a single upgrade is! This isn't Magic for goodness sakes! Here is what I would like to see or at least something akin to it: $1 per upgrade or pilot card ($0.50 would be great per card but I'm being realistic) $2 per pilot cardboard base $3 shipping (cost would increase if you buy a ton of cards obviously)
  7. "Mooch" really stands out to me. Great work.
  8. Sencho

    the rant meta

    My biggest frustration with the game to a T.
  9. Woohoo! More love for the Scyk! Quite a pleasant surprise to see the Scum epic today. Yay!
  10. Thanks for the good advice all! I'm feeling more confident for my next game. I was doing 5 Scyks with Serissu and lots of mangler cannons. This was before the +1 Hull update though and I kept getting terrible agility rolls. My last list gave him more of a challange with 3x Tansariis with Mangler and Mindlink and 1x Palob with Ion Cannon, Mindlink, and Outlaw Tech. That was with the updated +1 Hull and that little FAQ boost helped but not quite enough. Try the following: 36 Ryad (34), PTL (3), /x7 (-2), Mk2 Engines (1) 35 Vessery (35), /x7 (-2), Juke (2) 28 Delta Squadron Pilot (30), /x7 (-2) 99 Total You now have 3 ships with solid 3s across the board that get a free Evade token when moving at Speed 3 or above. You can spend the last point on Mk2 Engines for Vessery or leave it for an initiative bid. Ryad and the Delta can both act as TL painters for Vessery and the Delta makes a great durable blocker. This looks like a mean list. Looks like I am going to have to pick up the Imp Vets pack.
  11. Thanks for the good advice Parable and USCGrad! That brings me to an unanswered question about asteroids and debris. Does each player choose any three obstacles he wants to use and he will then get to place those three per the obstacle placement rules? Maybe obstacles have been FAQed but the rule book is seems pretty fuzzy on which obstacles are used and who can place them. Can you suggest a good 3 Defender build for me? Can you give me an example of how you would place your obstacles given what I've been dealing with?
  12. So I'm on a 7 game losing streak against a friend of mine. Three of those losses can probably be chalked up to me taking all Scyk lists (I love those little guys but they don't like to win me many games) but the other four losses have been more serious lists and I'm starting to get frustrated. His lists are pretty much the same thing every time, all large ships that he keeps in close formation. He will race across the board the first two turns, blow up one of my ships with focused fire, and then I spend the rest of the game trying to chip away at him from a deficit. Last game I was up against an Aggressor, YT-666, and a Jumpmaster. I'm really struggling with my small ships to have the staying power to deal with a cumulative 29 shield and hull. Any strategy or list advice on how to sink these big ship lists would be very much appreciated.
  13. The lead dev talked a bit about that here: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2016/9/30/the-traxis-sector-closes/ The Warp Unleashed pack is the last Conquest product that will be released. I believe the final tournaments will be held in December and then there will be no further support for the game.
  14. In the latest FAQ. Heavy Scyk title now gives +1 hull in addition to what it did before. Thanks! I didn't know they were doing balance changes in the FAQ. That is a decent little boost.
  15. Can someone point me to the location of said fixes? I love those little M3s and have been trying to make them work for awhile now. I would love to see this fix and I hope this is an official FFG balance and not just a community one (fingers crossed).
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