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  1. Some things I forgot to mention about the seminar in my original post: The core box set will include a 32 page introductory adventure that is more meaty than most intro scenarios. The game will include cards that again will keep you from having to reference the rulebook, or memorize effects. Jay gave the example that one card included is Blinded. The blinded player would keep the card next to their character sheet and be able to quickly glance down to see what in game effects they suffer. Once the condition is over the card is returned to the card pile. The game has been in development for over a year or more. They have tested many different game mechanics, with input from many of their top game designers. Nothing in this game is haphazard. FFG is a smart, successful game company, and they do read these posts. They are not callus to your concerns. The reason for a lack of concrete information about WFRP 3 is due more to marketing rather than just trying to keep everyone in the dark. To FFG's credit this has worked. Love it, hate it or something in-between, people are talking about Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay again. I'm sure after the dust settles from Gen Con we will be hearing more and more about the 3rd edition from FFG. A Ratcatcher's Tale was a bit of misdirection, but not misinformation. If you read the Daily Altdorfers you will see many of the core designs for WFRP 3. Cheers!
  2. At Friday's seminar Jay mentioned that the Adventurer's Toolkit would expand the number of players by adding more character sheets, stance cards, careers, and more. He did not specify how many more players could be added, but it is definitely more than 1. I believe the tentative price is $29.95, and the tookit will be released quickly after or possibly at the same time as the core set. On a related note, Jay did say that dice packs would be for sale around the same time, if the group all wanted their own individual dice. For the most part that may be the only thing a player would need to buy. The core set and toolkit will give the whole group everything they need to play without further expense. Now if a player wishes to have their own copy of the books in the core set they could buy a box set for themselves, but this is purely optional. All in all, a group of gamers could pool their money and have a high quality set of gaming tools for a fraction of the cost of buying into another system that would require everyone involved buy several "player" books.
  3. I just played in the Chaos Marauders Event at Gen Con and it was a blast! It is definitely a beer and pretzels game, and I mean that with the highest adoration. Fast, simple and chaotic: it's everything a game about Orcs & Goblin tribes battling for supremacy should be. All of us enjoyed ourselves and can't wait to play again. It's simple enough that I will be teaching 9 & 12 year olds to play. The classic GW artwork is a blast from the past. The production values are typical high standard FFG. A word of caution though, it is a given that you must play the game with a sense of humor. The chaotic nature of the gameplay can make you king of the hill, and then strip you down to nothing. I know firsthand. Enjoy! Brian
  4. I.B.lurking said: *devours info* ...MORE! I mean... can you tell us anything about the few elf cards that are said to be in the base set, Please? Oh, what you favorit Orc card?! Okay..Just because I'm nice. The High Elf cards included are: 1 - Silver Helm Brigade (Elite, Noble, Cavalry) (Unit Card), 1 - Archmage of Saphery (Mage) (Unit Card), 1 - Blessing of Isha (Attachment Spell) (Support Card), 1 - Radiant Gaze (Spell) (Tactic Card), 1 - Greater Heal (Spell) (Tactic Card). The Dark Elves cards: 1 - Disciple of Khaine (Warrior. Priest) (Unit Card), 1- Vile Sorceress (Sorceror) (Unit Card), 1 - Cold One Riders (Cavalry, Elite) (Unit Card), 1 - Cauldron of Blood (Siege) (Support Card), 1 - Hate (Action) (Tactic Card) My favorite Orc card is the Doom Divers. Basically at the beginning of your turn each player must sacrifice a a development card or deal 1 damage to each section of their capitol. If played smartly at the right moment this can be a nasty surprise for your opponent. I wish I had time to go into further details, but I have to leave for Gen Con. I have a Warhammer Invasion Tournament this afternoon, and a Chaos Marauders Event this evening. Cheers! Brian
  5. talismanisland said: I wonder if these will be on sale at Gencon? Any clues?? Yep, I bought several different sizes for my games. FFG had a huge stash yesterday and today. Saturday or Sunday I don't know, their supply did appear to be dwindling.
  6. I.B.lurking said: I both hate and envy you...Tell us more! The game's mechanics play very smoothly. Our demo guy was just leaving for break, so he didn't have time to give us the full details, but we figured out most ourselves. Once you learn the basics it is very intuitive. Orcs are great for dishing out massive amounts of damage, but many of their cards require you to take damage yourself or sacrafice units to damage your opponents. Dwarves are great at defense and have many cards that nullify damage counters. The Empire has many special abilities including certain card's ability to switch your unit cards from one zone to the other. From what the FFG rep stated, the Empire is a favorite. I don't know much about the Chaos deck, but they do have a corruption abilty that can hinder their foes, and keep their units from taking actions their turn. The game looks great. The demos were very busy with many repeat players. I think FFG scored a home run with this game. I'm already looking forward to the High Elf/Dark Elf expansion due shortly after the game is released.
  7. Storm Wolf said: If you can't make it to Gen Con, I saw one on eBay. It looks like it's gone now. I know the game was popular at the con. When I left there were only a few left.
  8. Istivan said: ChaosChild said: This was touched on before but I'd just like to bring it up again. It would appear that the 4 races available in this new game are human, dwarf, high elf and wood elf. No halflings is enough reason, in and of itself, for me to not even contemplate getting into this game. And no, I'm not joking on this one. It's one of the reasons I've never got into Warcraft and one of the reasons I don't like Dragonlance as a background. To me, halflings should be an integral part of any decent fantasy setting. And more importantly, they ARE an integral part of the Warhammer background, especially if it's centred on the Empire (as 2nd Ed was and 3rd Ed seems to be). For any game that claims to be "a new, exciting way to experience the popular Warhammer Fantasy setting", they've missed a large part of the point for me. i belive it has been reported from someone who was at gen con that the halflings will be introduced into the first set of additions after the main box set, why they wont be in the core set is still as mystery though. That was me. Yes, Halflings WILL be in the new game, but introduced in an expansion set. Jay mentioned that several of the design team members are fans of Halflings and that they are working to make sure that little guys get their dues. From a game design standpoint he said they wanted to have the High & Wood Elves in the main set so they could differentiate the two right off the bat. Each has their own style of play. He mentioned that you will be able to play Sword Masters & Wardancers (in the expansion) for example.
  9. Administratum said: Perhaps if you switched to water and saved $100 to buy this game your vitriol would simmer down. Cut down on beer for 10 days and save the same Also, there are some health benefits...fatty Heck, once the game is released you will get some exercise, the main box set alone weighs 6lbs! Have fun and tone your arms at the same time.
  10. Foolishboy said: PointyEaredBastard said: I attended the FFG WFRP Seminar presented by Jay Little. Jay explained a lot about the new edition and I wanted to set the record straight about some of the game's misconceptions. Has marketing just done an appalling job? Afterall Jay Little is having to try to convince peope that the game is very different to the one advertised. One observation I would make is that without a new Campaign to interest fans, what is there to bring them to this game? If there are no new adventures or sourcebooks all that's being offered is an expensive change in mechanics wrapped in a shinny box. I'm still thinking about this one. I think it may come down to how much money I have when it is released. On that note did Jay Little give a release date? Jay said that a campaign box set is in the works. No date given for it's release, but he seemed to imply it wouldn't be a long wait. The main boxed set itself is slated for a late Fall release, but no specific date. He did say it would be out way before Christmas. The main boxed set is stuffed to the gills and weighs in at a whopping 6lbs. A group of 4 can play using 1 box set. The Adventurer's Tookit adds enough materials for several more players, as well as more careers, etc. I asked about any Hardcover releases and he said it will be mostly boxed releases for the time being. Hope this helps, Brian
  11. Lupinorc said: PointyEaredBastard said: 3. The career system is Still in 3rd edition. Jay didn't elaborate too much, but mentioned it is very similar to what we are used to. Each player has a career card that sits next to your character sheet and is used during play. Again this cuts down on flipping through the rulebook for information. Seriously? Jay didn't elaborate? What the hell? That makes me a sad panda. Why not elaborate now? What would be the point in holding a seminar and not elaborating on one of the points that has caused the most contention! In fairness though, your report does make things sound a bit better. Were there any opportunities to play a game with the new version or at least see one being played? Untill then all this talk is still just talk Jay said that the seminar was held mostly to alleviate some of the misconceptions about the game, but not to be a completely in depth review. As I posted elsewhere I believe they are gearing up to release a much more in depth description on the website soon. Unfortunately, they didn't have any demos available. He did offer some examples of play and how the new dice pool works. I really wasn't sold on the dice pool until the seminar. After seeing it in action I was hooked. I believe it will greatly speed up play. All aspects of your action are handled with one roll from the dice pool. The main point they wanted to convey is that WFRP 3E is not a boardgame, even though it uses some boardgame design elements (I.E. cards, etc.). The new game design is both radically different(dice pools) from previous WFRPs and yet has many similar concepts (critical hits, fortune points (dice in 3E), etc.). Hopefully after GenCon FFG will release a more detailed description than I can piece together.
  12. egalor said: Thanks for the report, PointyBeardBastard! That really helps. Any ideas on how levelling goes? How XPs are applied? In what way can I customize my character? egalor said: Thanks for the report, PointyBeardBastard! That really helps. Any ideas on how levelling goes? How XPs are applied? In what way can I customize my character? That question was asked during the seminar, but Jay wasn't at liberty to discuss these points just yet. I believe FFG is gearing up to release a more in depth description in the near future, and he didn't want to spill the beans just yet.
  13. Hellebore said: Thanks for giving us a rundown of it. Your descriptions don't sound much like the blurb on their website which i find a little silly. They could have saved a lot of problems if they just said what Jay said on the website instead. I'm still concerned that the small but vicious dog is being replaced with a huge and mighty dog but will hold out until I've either got an indepth review or have had a chance to read it myself. But I'm not buying it until I've satisfied myself. Hellebore Jay mentioned that the Ratcatcher career along with the small, but vicious dog will appear in the Adventurer's Toolkit Expansion.
  14. After 2 hours in line, I was able to purchase the first copy of Warhammer Invasion. All I can say is Wow! The game looks and plays great! I saw several people play the demos over and over. They then got in line to purchase a copy themselves. The game sold itself. I'm looking forward to the Invasion Tournament on Saturday.
  15. I just picked this up today at GenCon. It looks great! We wil be playing in the FFG Chaos Marauder Event Saturday night. I will give an actual play impresion afterwards.
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