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  1. Meeplemart has just got a load of Warhammer restocks. They have dice packs in (5 when I looked yesterday) and a load of core sets. They've been buying up what they could from the distributors. No GM Toolkits.
  2. I'm running the Force and Destiny Beginners Game at FanExpo in Toronto this year. Not GenCon, but most GMs for these things are not actually sanctioned by the companies, though sometimes they put out a call for them.
  3. Have something environmental destroy the minion group. Just last night I had a player shooting at a minion group of 5 droids in a Hutt throneroom and roll two Triumphs plus a load of damage and advantages. I had him shoot the supports of the elaborate chandelier above them and crush the entire group with it. Be dramatic, don't just use triumphs as successes and straight mechanics, make them interesting.
  4. 401 Games in Toronto has at least one set of dice on the shelf.
  5. Well in the main rulebook you get with the game it says that each of the Tyrannids and Necrons will get their own deluxe expansions, so I'm not sure why this has surprised people. No, it doesn't. It says, "The Necrons and Tyranids will be introduced in upcoming deluxe expansions." No mention of whether they will be together or separate. Expansions. Plural. I definitely read that as each getting their own deluxe expansion as having two factions split over two deluxe expansions to get them wouldn't make much sense.
  6. Well in the main rulebook you get with the game it says that each of the Tyrannids and Necrons will get their own deluxe expansions, so I'm not sure why this has surprised people.
  7. Well if you take the Guide to Warfare into consideration, Star Destroyer is simply a designation for a certain size of warship, not a specific line. Same as cruiser, battlecruiser, corvette, frigate etc.
  8. Verpine weapons, not sure such things exist considering they're complete pacifists. It took the Empire trying to wipe out their entire species to convince them to join the Alliance.
  9. My players ended up with the Kryat Fang from the beginning adventure. Once they did a mission for the Alliance and the payment was a registration and rework of the ship in the BoSS systems by an Alliance agent inside one of their regional offices. No money, just a re-registration of the ship, and they considered it a fabulous payment.
  10. Currently out of stock at Meeplemart apparently. They're not out yet, but Meeplemart is very reliable. I'll be at the store itself at lunchtime today, so I'll have a check but I seriously doubt there's anything there.
  11. Would the Wookiees use a boomerang? Not a huge amount of space in among the trees to make such a weapon practical I wouldn't have thought.
  12. Good to know they actually cleared this up. Do they state why the Empire doesn't just make more? Kamino is destroyed during the ending days of the Clone Wars, so they don't have the ability. I suspect also it's against the Emperor's bending people to his will philosophy. Clones don't work for that.
  13. The book Tarkin answers this officially. Even 10 years BBY most of them had died of old age. With a few exceptions all the Stormtroopers are regular human recruits. Vader's personal guard, the 501st, has a couple of clones, but they're specifically mentioned as being very unusual. So no more cloning, no more clones, likely all are completely gone by the Battle of Yavin.
  14. Managed to pick them up in store last week, most of the stores near me received their shipment of them on Thursday along with the AoR talent decks.
  15. Well technically all the card decks are print on demand, however every PoD thing I've gotten from FF (for Star Wars and WFRP, Death Angel etc) I've just got in stores. So some get them, i.e. the skill decks, spells for WFRP etc. I'd be very surprised if this policy has changed. It's not worth shipping these things internationally as the cost is extremely prohibitive.
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