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  1. FFG Software Support sorted the issue. The graphics display setting had corrupted (OS X version). Pressing the 'Control' key on start-up and changing the resolution sorted it. Cheers guys! Larry.
  2. I just downloaded 'The Dark Pharoah Rises' update with much anticipation, but unfortunately everytime I open it, my MB Pro crashes. Deleting and re-installing does not rectify the problem. The game freezes with a blitzed screen with the game music playing in the background like an old 8-bit PC! - and I'm unable to escape with CMD Q use. Pity. Larry.
  3. Thanks for the replies. All clarified by the FAQ! Cheers, Larry.
  4. Please help me and my group out with this - We use the optional module of Tides of Battle in our 2nd edition game. ToB states that the holder of the Valyrian Steel Blade may use it to discard his first ToB card and draw another one to replace it. I take this to mean that it modifies the existing rules regarding the blades use printed on page 11 in such a way as to replace them. Therefore if you play with ToB you don't get to use the +1 to combat strength as it's ability has been updated. The other players believe that ToB is vague and leaves you to interpret that you either still get the +1 bonus or you can choose to use in preference to drawing from the ToB deck? What say you? Cheers, Larry.
  5. pumpkin, Thanks for taking the time to reply, appreciated. I can only imagine that FFG intend to release supplements and cards in the future that give some sort of relevence to the aforementioned cards, otherwise traits as a whole just seem generally a bit pointless and serve only to confuse. As for now I'll just have to make it up as I go along! I love FFG stuff but they seem to write the rules in such a way as to encourage alot of interpretation and 'house ruling'. Is this by fault or design? I've not known of other systems that have such large Erattas and forum queries regarding ill-defined or opaque rules. Anyway, cheers & all the best, Larry.
  6. Sorry about this but I'm finding it difficult to get my head around the rules regarding Traits, How do they interact with each other? The Waywatcher career has the identifying trait 'watcher' and I note that there are two action cards 'Bullseye' and 'Arrowstorm' with the 'watcher' trait also but there is no apparent explanation as to how (in game mechanic terms) they react/interact with other. I'm unable to find any other cards with that particular trait. Does it mean that the Waywatcher is the only career that can employ the use of those two cards - the Errata suggests that's not the case? Can you enlighten me on this and provide maybe another example when traits combine? All the best, Larry.
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