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  1. Bindlespin said: @Shadowspawn: too fiddly? what was the deciding factor? just curious. Yeah, that was my main concern from the start, just too.. fiddly, it felt like the game was getting in the way of the story rather than making it easier to facilitate it. I know there are ways to alleviate and we tried them all, in the end we just found it wasn't worth it. I think FFG had some great ideas and the groundwork exists for a really good game though. There were other reasons as well, but the drawbacks to this game have been gone over many times here on these forums.
  2. Bindlespin said: You should just give to someone you know who will use it. You have got way too much disposable income to spend $800 on something you don't like:) I will gladly take blackfire pass with career cards off your hands. I didn't like the game at first, then I decided to give it a chance after I got some Amazon gift certificates... I love the quality and artwork in the books, so I didn't mind spending the money on it. My group and I tried several times to get into the game, but after playing for a while decided it wasn't for us. I'm afraid I'm selling it as a complete lot at this point.
  3. After giving it many many tries, I just found that that the same isn't for me. We prefer Deathwatch, Rogue Trader and Warhammer 2nd Edition. Its about 800 dollars worth of WFRP3 material (including three boxed sets and Journey to Blackfire Pass with the career cards) for less than half. It would be great for someone getting into the game.
  4. Sorry, send messages to theshadowspawn@gmail.com
  5. I'm hanging my Warhammer 3E hat up and moving on to Deathwatch and Dark Heresy. I'm going to be putting my entire collection up on Ebay, so if anyone is interested, PM me and I'll send you a link. Shadowspawn
  6. I really like the Podcast, you guys cover some areas that really needed to be pointed out. I only have one issue. You seem to treat some of the perceptions (or misconceptions that is) of others with a kind of haughty disdain when addressing them. On some topics you seemed perfectly fine in addressing your views, in others not so much. Other than that, top notch material, in both sound quality and topic.
  7. Knowing Old World history pretty well, I understand the importance of Black Fire Pass and why an adventure there could be interesting, but what about actually detailing Karak Azgarz since it is considered part of the Reikland default setting for WFRP3? A product about that city bundled with an adventure and some new careers could have helped expand the default setting, something that is sorely missing so far. Am I off base here? Thanks, SS
  8. dvang said: 1) Hard cover books 2) Means to play easily without components 3) Means to easily add additional players 4) Monsters having their own cards 5) Lesser magic 6) Non-human magic (well, dwarf runecasters are on par with this) Definitely all things that I have complained about wanting, and it looks like it will happen. Number 4 is a huge boon, followed by Number 2. This is exciting news!
  9. Kryyst said: I like it, very nice. Not sure if *I'll* use it but I have a few players that may prefer it. Where I can see more use from it is in tracking your settings between games. Yeah, that was part of the reasoning for it as well.
  10. keltheos said: I'd love to see that laid out on a full character sheet. There's one online that mirrors closer the 2nd edition sheet, but using the style of this edition's docs but adding key info like the trackers, listing the thresholds and so forth would be awesome. Yeah, I know which one you mean. That would be a bit of a project, I'll see if I can work on it in the future.
  11. Let me know if anything needs to be changed or added.
  12. I made this for my upcoming WFRP game because the players aren't fan of tracking tokens. I thought I'd share it here.
  13. I actually like the books too Llanwyre, for many of the same reasons that they posted. My issue is that rules are buried in text. Burning Wheel does a great thing at the end of every rules section by doing a bullet point summation of the important rules that were just discussed in the text. WFRP3 would be a much easier game to run if it followed the same logic.
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