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  1. Any decklist? I heard some people have came up with some wicked combinations. Anyone care to share?
  2. Ouch!! Granted i forgot about the patch
  3. Dark Young said: The card "Paul Lemond" states that he gains all of that characters printed icons. When a card refers to somethings printed icons it means ONLY the ones physically printed on the cards. It does not affect any given by attachments, abilities, etc.. Are you sure of this interpretation? I thaught it was mentioned that "Printed Icon" means all that chracters icons, including the ones he gains from items/spells/whatever. Is my interpretation completely wrong? Did i miss anything in the FAQ/Manual?
  4. Congrats to all! Anyone can post the card list that was being played? Which cards/combination/ap where the killers? thanks in advance.
  5. It would be great if we can have some videos!
  6. I am also a CoC player in the netherlands. I am having issue find someone to play with and finding the new extensions. Anyone up for a game?
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