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  1. As I am a huge fan of Lovecraft based games, I'm very interested in MoM. However, I'm curious about the role of the Keeper: will he learn so many "secrets" that it will prevent him from enjoying the game as a player (due to knowing too much about the scenarios), or are there enough random elements in the game to keep it unpredictable even for someone who knows the scenario?
  2. I've ordered the base game and Yla now, should have them in a few days. Thanks for your help!
  3. Drop Bear said: . Two Expansion Characters are currently out of stock, one was originally a Limited Release, the other is the first Expansion Character Thanks for your comments:) I'm assuming that the first expansion character is Yula, what's the name of the Limited Release?
  4. Cool, I'll probably buy it then. I have a few more questions, though: How "healthy" is this game? This might be a silly question since a new expansion just came out, but does it seem like the game is popular enough for ffg to keep releasing new expansions? Will out-of-print figures be reprinted?
  5. Thanks for your comments, Grayle:) So if I understand you correctly, there is more strategy involved with the revised rules? In that case, the reviews I read were probably based on the original rules...
  6. Hi, I'm interested in buying this game, but I'd like to know a couple of things before I do: -Are the teams well balanced? -I've read in a couple of different reviews about this game that it doesn't involve much strategy. Does this change when you add expansions? -How good is the game without any expansions? Any comments on these issues would be great.
  7. Hi, If the AO awakens as a result of the deep one rising track filling up, is the AO's doom track filled up with tokens? Any help on this would be much appreciated.
  8. Hi, This is a modified version of a deck I built before the change from ccg to lcg (and before the 0-cost rituals were banned). I used it in a tournament a couple of weeks ago, and beat all of my opponents (two of which have played the game as long as I have) 3-0 (that is, they didn't win any stories). Any comments or suggestions would be most welcome. Shub: 3x AER181 Shub-Niggurath, The Black Goat of the Woods 3x AEU194 Slithering Formless Spawn 3x AEC197 Burrowing Beneath 3x UTC111 Forest Sister 3x UTC116 A Time to Reap 3x UTU121 Shocking Transformation 3x FRU110 Ancient Guardian 3x EEC187 Ghoul Khanum 3x EEC191 Priestess of Bubastis 3x EEC203 The Mother's Seed 2x FCR110 Y'Golonac, The Obscenity 3x FCC115 Swaying Branches 3x SoMF13 Dreamlands Messenger 3x KDF 14 Thunder in the East Neutrals: 3x AER214 The Stars are Right 3x UTU144 Sniper Rifle 3x EEP8 The Unfortunate Cat Klaus 2x KDF20 The Rope and Anchor Tavern
  9. Now that the entire Summons of the Deep expansion is available, it would be interesting to know which cards people could see themselves using in a mixed format deck. Personally, I like the following: Military Bike An obvious one. The ability to Lam after resolving another story seems very powerful. Haven't been able to test it properly, though. Descendant of Eibon A good 3-cost charater with an interesting ability. Summer Classes: I think this has some potential, particularly if used on Dreamlands Messenger...
  10. I recommend that you read one or more of the following stories: At The Mountains of Madness (one of his longest stories, but that doesn't say much) The Whisperer in the Darkness The Call of Cthulhu The Dunwich Horror The Shadow Over Innsmouth The Shadow Out of Time And yes, his style is quite old-fashioned. But I still suggest that you give him a try.
  11. @Dam: Thanks! I've posted my question on the AH forums @TheProfessor and Robertlain: Thanks for your help:) It's definitely not ASOoT, though. It's not a Lovecraft story, but I think it's by one of the more well-known mythos writers (probably not from the "first generation", though). I'm quite sure that it's a novel rather than a short story (I've seen it for sale somewhere, and it looked like it was the only story in the book. from the look of the cover I'd ay that it was published in the 70s or 80s). My memory fails me, but I think the shining trapezohedron or the glass of leng is featured in the story. Or maybe it takes place on the plateu of leng. I'm sorry I can't give any better clues.
  12. Hi, There is a particular mythos novel that I'm looking for, but I've forgotten its title. All I know is that it features elder things and tcho-tcho people. I think it's a fairly well-known mythos novel, but it's not by HPL. Also, I think someone recommended it on the old COCCCG forums. If anyone could help me find out the title of the book it would be much appreciated.
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