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  1. 2 different stores anywhere form 8-12 players. Might be higher after Sullest, that event garnered alot of attention for the game.
  2. As long as you have a navigate command or a token then you can use it. A navigate token is for all intents and purposes considered a navigate command for card effects.
  3. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2015/10/15/a-2015-world-championship-update/ Towards the bottom
  4. This is incorrect. Both tokens and dials are commands. Your engineering value will be one higher in both cases. And as you round up for a engineering token it will be a total of 8. Actually spending them at the same time only activates the engineering team once. They are spent together as the same command not 2 separate commands.
  5. I was one point behind 2nd and my last game went 5/5 due to a nasty crit that took me to speed 0 on my AF B. Corvette B Mon Momtha Corvette A Corvette A Nebulon B Support Salvation Assault Frigate B Enhanced Armaments Most Wanted Fire Lanes Superior Positions Total 297 Went 1st in all 3 games. Having 5 activations was amazing. I had never ran that many ships before and having Momtha on a fragile ship worried me but she paid dividends. 1st game was Imps with Demolisher, Vic 2, Glad 1, 1 Tie. Went 7-3. Lost a Corvette from a lucky side shot from the Vic. Played Most Wanted. 2nd game was Imps with a loaded up Vic 2, Demolisher loaded up and a small ball of Howlrunner fighters. Went 10-0. Played Most Wanted. 3rd game was Rebels with Garm and 3 Assault Frigate B. Went 5/5 (a crit from an asteroid on my AF took it to speed 0 so it died). Played Opening Salvo.
  6. I got the MC30 day 1. Rouges and Villains pack day 2. I'm good
  7. This came up at our Sullest event today and we have another tomorrow so any replies appreciated. Can you stack all 3 tokens on top of each other? The card doesn't say any specific distance apart so we were playing it as a yes. Thanks.
  8. Well yes but if I do that then Mon Momtha isn't on the board, I could put the CR90 out there though. Or the Gunnery Team Assault B could be fun I'll think about it because it could be bad for me as well as good depending on what I'm facing.
  9. Feel free good sir It took me a while but it's got good offense, defense, and some fighter defense, plus hopefully control with Jaina's light.
  10. I was running 4x X-wings and 4x Y-wings and was basically putting them in groups of 2 each. One group shoots at ships the other moves to where they will displace them so that every turn I had shots. Took a bit of figuring it but it works.
  11. It will just depend on your opponent. Lists, tactics, ect are all different. Most important thing is that you are happy with the list.
  12. Is there any other reason than extra activations @ time? Seems like a weird rule + the upgrade costs.
  13. After a week of playtesting countless builds I have decided on these 2. Rebels Assault A Mon Momtha Enhanced Armament Paragon Assault B Gunnery Team Enhanced Armament CR90 B Ion Cannon Batteries Jaina's Light A-wings x3 Advanced Gunnery Fire Lanes/Hyperspace Assault Dangerous Territory Total 294 Edit: After some thinking and comment suggestions I probably will be taking Hyperspace Assault. Imperials Vic 2 Screed Gunnery Team Vic 1 H9 Dominator Glad 1 Wulff Engine Techs Demolisher Advanced Gunnery Contested Outpost Dangerous Territory Total 292 And there ya have it. Wish me luck and good luck to everyone else at Sullest
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