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  1. Thanks for your comments. I can very well understand that from a content or role play point of view, i have a valuable information so i use it for this specific task and not as an excuse for all my tasks. But the same could be said for the defeat a monster task. I don't know how you play it but in our games so far if you defeat a silver monster you fulfill all you tasks and side quests with the condition : defeat a monster or defeat a silver monster. Hence the confusion as neither is specified in the rules that one woule be treated differently than the other. About operations. The rules make a difference between operations, which it gives a list for, and completing tasks which state : can only be completed when you could perform operations and not is an operation or as an operation. It might very well be poor wording. We will compare the value of the rewards between the different investigation task out of the 3 decks and decide for us if we allow multiple tasks to be completed with one card or not. Maybe we'll have a faq at some point. Cheers
  2. Well yes that is one good way to see and you might very well be right but i am not sure it's given in the rules. First of all, the list of available operations are listed on page 6. Completing a task doesn't seem to be an operation but as stated on page 8 "can only be completed when you could perform operations" (so before or after an action). Secondly, spending is not really the term used for tasks. Spending is used for resources like clues, proof and gold. I used the example of the "defeat 1 monster" for the following reason. Lets say a player can only complete a single task when he discards a valuable information card, why would an other player be able to complete all his tasks and/or side quest instructing him to "defeat 1 monster"?
  3. Some investigation cards have tasks like go to Rivia. I guess that if you have 2 tasks and maybe even a side quest that instruct you to go to Rivia you will fulfill all of them at the same time once you arrive there? The same principle can be applied to tasks and quests instructing the player to defeat a monster. Example: Once you defeat a silver monster all the tasks that tell you to defeat any or a silver monster will be fulfilled at the same time? (that's how we handled it). Our problem came up with the valuable information cards. there are 7 of them in the purple investigation deck and 5 with a task : discard a valuable information card and 2 other cards that give the option to discard for a bonus effect. When a player discards a valuable information card, will all his tasks with the text : discard a valuable information card be triggered or only one of his choosing? The rules don't go into much detail. Quote from the reference guide: INVESTIGATION CARDS Some purple investigation cards have the valuable information trait, and these cards have an effect that allows the hero to keep the card. There are other purple investigation cards with effects that trigger if the hero discards a valuable information card. TASKS Some investigation cards contain a task. Heroes keep these cards faceup in their play area as a reminder of what the task’s requirements and rewards are. Unless tied to an action or otherwise specified, a player can complete a task only when he can perform operations. Players must keep uncompleted tasks separate from completed tasks to track which tasks they have completed. A task can be completed only once. When a task requires a player to perform an action, he fully resolves the action and then receives the reward. Some investigation cards contain traits as well as tasks. After completing a task on one of these cards, the hero keeps the card faceup in his play area to benefit from the effect of the card’s trait. Related Topics: Discarding, Investigation Cards, Keeping Cards, Traits any comment is apreciated
  4. Thanks for the reply. No i don't think it's harsh, every faction has some nice abilities. And 1 move + 1 deployment by default is a very interesting concept making you choose when and where to move/deploy. And having all you units on the map is not always an advantage. But i haven't played dune in 13-14 years and the Rex rule book was not crystal clear to me on the movement part. cheers
  5. So even if i have 3 stacks of units in 3 different location, i can only ever move 1 stack in a single turn. My 2 remaining stacks will have to stay immobile this turn. That is correct, yes?
  6. MILLANDSON said: jordiver2 said: goret said: While i like custom dice like in WFRP 3rd, will Starwars also need those annoying tokens and cards? No one who has the book has made a comment on this, but I've seen a class page or two, with the talents or whatever you buy… I'm inferring here, but you COULD make cards for this, but I think most people will simply write this stuff on their character sheet. I've scoured pretty hard on this game, and nothing shows cards, not even the demo from gencon on youtube. Seriously, search youtube for it, and thank Daddystabz for putting that up. Nope, there are no cards or anything like that, so no need to worry if you didn't like those from WFRP 3e. Awesome news. Thanks for the info.
  7. While i like custom dice like in WFRP 3rd, will Starwars also need those annoying tokens and cards?
  8. SilverTwilight Enforcer and Master of Blades Both cards have text : At the end of this turn, return "name of card" to it's owners hand. I guess that is only if the card is still in play and not if it entered the discard pile due to wounds or sacrifice?
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