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  1. steve thanks for a great weekend plus a lot of cards and i will have to make a couple of decks just in case
  2. hello steve just to let you known i will be there for both days
  3. well you not the only one even if the game is dead i would like to try to get the full set of all the cards
  4. hello all well if there is one final big game you can count me in plus it has been had to find players with in the surrey area
  5. hello steve just to let you know i will be down to aldershot to play nick
  6. hello mate ref your trading i would some of your older cards as to complet sets mind you i can always see you the next time you are in aldershot just let me kown what cards you are after and i see if i have any.
  7. hello mate well iam on the forums now well steve lets hope there are more people this time becouse i will be then
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