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  1. I have one and just checked. The model will fit on the 2.0 base. I'll see about getting a picture once I resize it for the forum.
  2. Note, they are still subject to the limit of performing a given action only once per turn.
  3. Only took 10? months for them to fix that? Let's not rush into things here. People will start expecting things like the new app that handles Epic play.
  4. There is (or at least was) an excellent set of files on Thingiverse that I printed off. However, that leaves the question of stats and slots.
  5. Submitted. Personally, I am interested in a few reprints from 1.0 before some of the newer stuff. (Alpha-Class Starwing?)
  6. I can still find Lambda shuttles at my local game store or for sale cheap anywhere. I have four myself. The only gunboat I see on eBay right now is $75.00. EDIT: Final sale price $79.00 plus $5.00 shipping.
  7. Anyone who plays through the Flight Group Alpha campaign of HOTAC knows the pain. Multiple scenarios call for the players to fly Alpha-Class Starwings. If you have a full group, that's six ships. I only had two, so I actually printed some as I can't afford to drop $250.00 for four more of them. If they get released for 2.0, I will be filling in my fleet.
  8. One note on the conversion kits. Several of them have quality issues with the cardboard bases not having the holes punched at the correct spacing. I had to take a sharp knife to mine so I could even use them.
  9. On the other hand, if you have 1.0 dice and third party templates, now you can just buy a damage deck on its own
  10. I would be happy to assist you in this. Thanks for all your hard work.
  11. That would be great. Our FGA group is looking into starting back up and this would be a big help.
  12. There is a nice 3D print model that I have printed up. Been hoping for good ideas for stats.
  13. While there is some exaggeration, he is not entirely wrong. FFG is failing hard here. If they announced beforehand that the app was not going to support huge ships, I never heard it. We are now 5 months past and still have ZERO word on a supposed new app. No screenshots, no teasers and most definitely no due date. The definition of vaporware so far. Not to mention their quality control on these has been atrocious. Wrong dials on the CR90 (with ZERO word on replacements) and the cardboard in the conversion kit was badly miscut. These are the kind of things that SHOULD be caught before production starts. TL;DR/ Wind it back yourself.
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