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  1. Bump. Is no one from Fantasy Flight watching this forum or do they just not have an answer? It would be nice to hear something from them, even if it is a "Not in the plans now".
  2. Orson said: Can someone at FFG tell me how many packs of sleeves will be required to protected all the cards for the Descent game including all expasions? Thanks Per the guide, it will take 18 packs of the Standard American (Green) to protect Descent and all the expansions. Descent 4 Well of Darkness 3 Altar of Despair 3 Road to Legend 5 Tomb of Ice 3 It may be less as they round up for each expansion.
  3. afilter said: Anyone give the new set a test run yet? I picked up a copy Friday, but had a busy weekend, so I did not get to play. Just went over the rules a bit last night. I did get my Val painted and have some P-40s and P-39s in production. What does everyone think so far? Aaron I had a chance to play a couple of games this weekend. Didn't try anything fancy as a bunch of newbie's were playing. 1st mission I took a pair of Val's and ran the length of the table while a P-39D and P-40F tried to bring me down and an A6M2 Reisen protected me. As i was the only one who had played before, I wanted something basic for me while they got to try it out. They picked up on it pretty quickly and started in. In the end, I managed to get one of the Val's off. The P-40 got one, but went down mostly due to the rear gunners fire. A damage isn't much, but taking 2 every turn (1 from each plane) adds up. After the first pass, the P-39 and my escort mixed it up. My only D draw was a 5. The slow speed of the I deck and few turns, (the deck is only 15 cards, 5 of them altitude) makes for limited choices in movement. The others were just generic dogfights with some of the new planes and decks. I like the new decks as you have some variety available now. i am looking forward to trying some divebomb missions.
  4. Groovin said: Will there be discounts for bulk orders? To protect ALL of my FFG games (plus a couple others which happen to use "standard american" format cards) I'm looking at an expenditure well in excess of $200.00 (excluding shipping). The projected prices already seem a bit high for packs of only 50 sleeves. You are not alone. Just myself with Fantasy Flight games alone I am over $100.00. Add in the other games in my collection and I easily double, more like triple that total. Then add in my gaming group. Just the ones I play with on a normal basis would get us to $500.00 to protect the games we play with on a normal basis our collections. Rather than a discount on bulk, how about just offering a larger pack size? For those of us with large collections, I could see myself ordering a box of a thousand sleeves easily. My Wings of War sets alone would use that many. That would save on packaging and hopefully allow a lower per sleeve cost to the players. I like that these are good quality sleeves and should wear well, but if the cost is too high, I can't afford to use them on all my games.