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  1. Version 0.40 is up! Minor cosmetic changes. Added Engaged to Range Band to clarify.
  2. Version 1.50 is ready! Added: Entire section for Force Sensitive Character Creation...
  3. Version 1.40 is complete! Added: Explanations for Obligation and Motivation second slots, Ship Model text box for selecting ship, changed "Cost" to "XP left" in Invest XP Points section... Dan
  4. Excellent catch! I TOTALLY missed that, now I know! Thanks RPG!
  5. Version 0.30 is now ready (I know really quick after 0.20...) Adds: Gain The Advantage Action and explanation!
  6. Version 0.20 is up! Changed "Hall" to "Hull". Clarified use some entries. Minor adjustments to layout Enjoy! Dan
  7. Here is the character my son created... Name: HK-D1 (CK variant) Species: HK (Hunter Killer) Droid Profession: Bounty Hunter Specialization: Assassin D1 came to existence on the planet Mustafarr, when he was assembled from assorted parts, after the HK Droid uprising led by HK-47 was put down. An explorer , Benn Dovver, was scavenging Droid parts to sell on the Black market. Benn, in his infinite wisdom, decided he could make more money for a fully assembled Droid than just parts. He collected parts from the all over the battlefield, parts from all the HK humanoid variants. He assembled the parts, combining at least four differing droid processing units into the semblance of a working Droid brain. He then activated the unit. D1, was born. Benn's first act (and his last) was to ask D1 to run a diagnostic check on its systems. D1 dutifully did so and reported his finding to Benn. "This Unit's functioning is satisfactory...Yours is not..." D1 then promptly broke Benn's neck. D1 took Benn's ship and departed the planet. D1 found it could not remember anything before it's activation. It did had skills it could access, and had something else... A burning hatred of all organic flesh creatures. These "Fleshies" were a blight on the Galaxy. Only Droid life should exist. It made sense to D1 that it's superior form should continue on. D1 did not know why it thought this way, but did not question this function. For it was the reason of this function that drove D1 to continue. The ship's auto navigation systems took D1 to Tatooine. The ship landed at the Palace of one Teemo the Hutt. When 3 of Teemo's guards approached the ship, D1 proceeded to eradicate them, with little effort. Teemo, impressed with the ease with which D1 dispatched his guards, offered D1 a deal. D1 knew it needed to obtain resources to continue to function, and carry out its programming. Teemo offered D1 resources if it would "take care of some issues" Teemo was having with some organics. D1 accepted. D1 dealt with these "issues" Teemo was having with other organics quickly and efficiently. Teemo rewarded D1 with the resources he need to continue its functioning. This arrangement worked, until... Teemo worried that D1's knowledge of all the rivals D1 had assassinated could be used against Teemo. Teemo decided to wipe D1's memory core. Teemo's Gamorrean guards were escorting D1 and three other fleshies down to the Palace detention center, when D1 grabbed an ax from one of the guards and cut his head off. D1 and the fleshies escaped the Palace, with the remaining guards in hot pursuit. As the group fled through the town, one of the female human fleshies grabbed D1 and pushed him into a Cantina. D1 know it had to react, and react quickly...
  8. Just wanted to thank you, Kallabecca, for all your hard and inspired work! Keep it up, we need people like you in this community!
  9. Thought I would add my Starship Combat Aid reference Sheet to the list... Hope it helps some of you with the intricacies of Starship Combat! New Version up! Version 0.30 https://www.dropbox.com/s/il1gaw12zphfheh/Starship%20Combat%20Aid.pdf
  10. Hi all! This is the second in my Aid series. It is a Starship Combat Aid Reference Sheet. I found Starship and Vehicle combat just a LITTLE intimidating... Hence this reference was born. Please offer recommendations, and I will improve this reference. Thanks all and I hope this helps some of you! Version 0.40 https://www.dropbox.com/s/il1gaw12zphfheh/Starship%20Combat%20Aid.pdf
  11. Assembling a folio is a grand idea...My son and I do that with our characters. May I recommend the Report Binders you can find at OfficeMax (or any such office supply store). They are light, hold all the sheets you will need, and have a clear cover. Makes it all really neat and tidy.
  12. Nope, we need all the good resources we can get! Thank you for the great work for the community.
  13. Version 1.30 is done! Added another Obligation slot, and a Character Name Slot.
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