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  1. No one wants that soul. Jar Jar has no soul.
  2. Wow, neat! I look forward to seeing those rules, yosefbender.
  3. That sounds pretty awesome to me. Hopefully there will be pics.
  4. http://store.hbo.com/game-of-thrones-4d-puzzle/detail.php?p=459647&v=hbo_shows_game-of-thrones#tabs Anyone else thinking about making this into a game board?
  5. I think that Battlelore and Battles of Westeros would make a great base for a fleet level Space Combat game. Twilight Imperium or Star Wars could both be a good setting. Leaders could offer local bonuses. Lots of ways to implement different rules, like gravity wells, astroid fields, fighter squadrons... I think it would be very adaptable to this kind of game.
  6. Simulations turns is something that helps make multiplayer games signficantly more balanced, especially if it is action based rather than round based. IE, commit one monster/character to an attack or play a card, then the next person does so, then the third one, ect., rahter than do all your attacks, then the next person, ect. This prevents people confidently ganging up on someone, even for a turn. Much easier to react and betray. Not stuck getting beaten down because you acted and then everyone else goes. GoT is an example of round based simultaneous turns while the Babylon 5 CCG was an example of action based simultaneous turns.
  7. So I have been wanting a Decent style game based around the Star Wars license since long before I knew that FF would be getting the rights. Would love to see these two come together and offer the excitement of a Sith Lord facing intrepid heroes trying to undo his schemes. Probably a long shot, but a great fantasy.
  8. This is what was brilliant about the Babylon 5 CCG. You didn't attack each other directly, but supported Conflicts which may or may not target another player and any player could support them, but the amount of damage that could be done to any player was limited. Blocking victory is much easier.
  9. While Game of Thrones captures some aspects of the old Babylon 5 card game, it doesn't quite reach the same levels of political intrigue. Would love to see the game revived, even if it had to be re-themed.
  10. Trooper TK421 said: Fantastic job OW! Your endless creativity inspired me to build a couple of Imperial patrol escorts of my own, thanks. I can't wait to see how your Nebulon B project turns out. Someone on board game geek has made a full Nebula B. I think it is half scale though. Still huge.
  11. Yep, they are super helpful. Best costumer service I have had.
  12. ShadowJak said: Clone Wars Redux The gunner is Luuke Skywalker.
  13. Emrico said: ShadowJak said: Emrico said: Falcon and Slave I are the same scale (1/270th) as the current ships. FFG has consistently stated how critical keeping the ships in scale is for ranges/movement, etc. Which is why I doubt we'll ever see anything much bigger in the game (and I'm glad of that)! Jim Didn't they call the Falcon and Slave I "medium" size ships somewhere? I thought they did. I think maybe that was in one video press release or something. But even if they come out with something twice as big as the Falcon for a "large" ship, I still wouldn't consider that to be that huge when compared to other ships in the Star Wars Universe (Star Destroyers, etc). That's kind of what I meant about not seeing many that are much bigger. I doubt we'll ever see true capital ships in this game (and that's a good thing, IMO). Save those for a fleet style game in a different scale! Jim I would like to see some small frigates. Another post has one someone scratch built and it look great flying in formation with TIEs.
  14. Squadron bonuses would be cool too.
  15. We did a 3 play 100 point game with 2 Imp players. Worked petty well, since the Imp side had more ships.
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