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  1. Cross-post from StS: The idea of three currencies for three levels of finance is actually fairly good. I do think it is a shame to lose the old imperial conversions 12d = 1/- 20/- =1gc. The only issue or possible issue that I can see so far is how would a Gold person deal with a Brass person? The conversion rate of 1gc = 2500d seems almost pointless, Brass is basically worthless to a Gold level person and a Brass tier person would be unlikely to have enough cash to be able to deal with a Gold level character. Here is an example of the problem in action: A Dwarf comes out of the mountains walks into a small Empire village pop.34 he walks into the local (brass) barn like tavern orders a pint of ale, swiftly drinks it, followed by another pint and a meal of black bread and hard cheese. The Dwarf walks to the counter to pay, he produces one of the four Gold Crowns he brought with him when he left his Dwarfhold. How much change does the barkeep give the Dwarf? Does the combined finacial might of the village total one Gold Crown? Any thoughts on how to get round this problem?
  2. The price point has been argued several times. $100 is a lot of money to hand over just to buy in. Most games you can buy the Core Book for less than half that. Then you decide do I want the rest of the books. Several people have asked can you buy just the books with no cards etc.. and receive a discount. The cards and stuff are extras that a lot of people don't really want or more specifically don't want to pay for. If there was a $60 set with just the Books (or better yet just one big book) and the Dice or a Delux set with everything for $100 I would expect the $60 set to out sell the $100 set by a huge amount. At the end of the day WFRPv2 (and many other RPG's) could be played with just the Core Rulebook at a price of about $30-40. On the other hand the minimum price of WFRPv3 is $100.
  3. Kravel said: . Ironically, most of us will link dice to board games first, because most of played board games before RPGs, and then switch over to applying the result to RPGs. The first time I can remember using numerical dice was to help me learn to read Fighting Fantasy gamebooks. The first time I can remember using symbolic dice was to play children's boardgames. So oddly enough I would associate numerical dice with roleplaying and symbolic dice with kiddies boardgames.
  4. Cryxx said: This is just a simple, short battlescene, just to see if I was able to write one. I'm sorry for any gramma and spelling errors, english isn't my native language. I would just point out that Cryxx openly says that english is not his first language. Could you write a battle scene in say Polish or Dutch perfectly? It's a nice little scene, one that is very familiar. Orc vs. Marine feels like home for Warhammer 40k.
  5. I don't know I like the look of the cards, I like Warhammer but I'm not sold on the idea of card games in general.
  6. Me and my GF will both want Slaaneshi, she will win and I'll play Khorne and destroy her utterly. Then all that's left is for me to find a way to play Strip-Chaos in the Old World with her.
  7. Does anyone have a release date? I think this might be quite good.
  8. The novels that this game is based on are some of my favourite books ever. On that basis would I like this game?
  9. Omnicrazzy said: I dont see it on netflix or amazon.com (unless the canceled one by Christan T petersen is this) Also I noticed 'mutant chronicles' good to see other movies about boardgames. Yes this is a proper movie with actors. Mutant Chronicles is quite good actually it looks like it had a decent budget.
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