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  1. I use my collector's editions. I don't however loan them around, I have a regular edition copy as a loaner.
  2. If it were possible to get this before day one, I would so be there. As it is I shall content myself with buying it the first day I can.
  3. I've been doing conversions of various 40k figures for years to use in rpg/skirmish type stuff. You really can do wonderful things with some greenstuff and the various plastics from the 40k and fantasy lines. AT-43 has a bunch of good pre-painted figs in the UNA and Red Blok factions that make great guardsmen if you need or want to model some of your flunky armsmen. Some of the characters from those factions wouldn't be bad for pc figs. Also FFG's Tannhauser figures are great to use for lots of things in 40k and they also are pre-painted.
  4. I find it wasteful of time to bother working through all of an NPC's background careers if it is unlikely that interaction with that NPC is going to be significant. Since most NPC's the party encounters are going to be seen once and never again, I find it much simpler to simply give them the things it is reasonable they will have as they need it and move on. For important NPC's I will of course do more. Important almost never includes the stats for random barkeep #3 or dung picker #2 that they might happen to need to ask about one rumor and never see again. YMMV
  5. I personally love pools of dice with symbols. I like pools because you get a less wild distribution because of the bell curve. I like symbols because for me it is faster to sort symbols and count successes than it is to add a pool of numbers. I love the concept of all the possible added detail that having the different types of dice seems to give a result in this proposed system. I am slightly concerned that the number of different symbols is reasonably high with these dice which might lead to a learning curve to recognize good and bad results quickly. I think I will speed this learning process by repainting the good symbols green and the bad symbols red for added quick recognition.
  6. Necrozius said: I'd really like to find out how Magic will work, and Tzeentch's Curse. I would like to know this as well. And see an example of the conservative vs. reckless versions of a spell.
  7. I am intrigued and very hopeful. Everything I've seen so far makes me cautiously optimistic.
  8. Honestly, having been at GenCon this week, I was impressed that FFG was able to keep their booth stocked with Rogue Trader as long as they did. They had an absolutely MASSIVE pile of Rogue Trader copies on Thursday morning. The number of people that lined up to buy a copy was truly astonishing. I was actually surprised that they had copies up till around noon on Friday there were so many people buying it on Thursday. If I hadn't already preordered a collector edition I would have snagged one myself. As to whether they should have rationed them, I'm of two minds. On the one hand, it would be nice if those who couldn't get there till the weekend had a chance at a copy, say with rationing. On the other hand, the FFG booth is always pretty swamped so having a massive line every morning for a limited commodity would actually probably be detrimental to the heavy flow of traffic that their booth always sees. I feel for anyone that missed getting a copy if they really wanted one at Gen Con, but I don't think FFG could have pleased everyone whichever way they chose to go with the sales. At any rate, I did at least get to thumb through a copy and it is absolutely gorgeous. Not much consolation I know but at least we know that when it comes in, the book will definitely be worth the wait.
  9. I just wanted to post publicly thanking Ross Watson for an excellent seminar at Gen Con on Rogue Trader. He showed a true passion for 40k and an appreciation of what was great about the games that sprung from it. I can't wait to get all the details of the starship combat system that he and the team have hammered out for Rogue Trader after hearing that he was a devoted Battlefleet Gothic fan. I can't name another rpg I've ever wanted more than this one and I have to say that after attending the seminar, I am completely confident that the line is in good hands!
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