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  1. I was wondering if they have Dragon Shield Sleeves that'll fit YuGiOh cards or not..
  2. Are these any goods? they sound/look funny!
  3. I'm building a Dark faction-ed party of 6 and I have the two figures from the starter, Bael and Cheshire, and then I have Shinigami Ayl, Kairos and Harod, now I'm wondering who I should put in, Samiel, the Black Lion or Faust Orbatos. I don't know either of their stats or anything, but they both looking like Tankers to me so just give me some info on both characters.
  4. I've tried the DnD game and I got bored quickly, and I've played the Anima Card Game and wanting to get into Anima: Tactics, but Anima RPG sounds pretty cool and I'm wondering, what's so special about this one because I've tried DnD and it doesn't do it for me, so what does Anima RPG have that could keep me entralled? Please respond ASAP
  5. I got Runebound as a gift and a few of the expansions, and after learning the base game with my buds, I was over-excited to add the expansions! God this game is up there with the others!
  6. Decent was a pretty daunting game when I first got it, but as I started to learn the game and it's mechanics, I started to have alot of fun playing it with my friends. I originally bought it for the crap-load of miniatures it came with but as I started reading the booklets I began to want to play, and as I tried the 'trial-and-error' test run by myself, I began to fall for the game! It's just amazing! A little daunting, yes, but amazing fun with a group of friends!
  7. I ordered this game awhile ago and got it in a few days ago and I LOVE IT! I used to be a fan of Magic and YuGiOh but now forget them! Anima rocks!
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