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  1. thanks for the feed back guys i think the descision has been made one long barreled stalker, scout armour, and camo cloak get thee to some signiture wargear either deal with it or pick something else although sniping with a lascannon...... i feel this may become a nemisis
  2. ok one of my players has come to me stating he wants to play a sniper.. no problem i said sig wargear a stalker bolter add a scope and voila! no he meant he wants to play a "true sniper" so i point out the ultima sniper rifle in rights.. so i ask what it is he wants to do... i get told he wants to use a bolt version of the exitus sniper rifle designed for marines with a clip of each of the special ammos.... now not wanting to jump up and down on creativity here i read the rules in ascention for them and ouch i think is the word id use especially if you make it a bolt weapon and make it marine sized what are peoples thoughts on this should it be aloowed or should i just give him a stylised stalker that has the right look?
  3. Noctus said: While i dont have the books, i wuld like to point out to your player that if he based his way of gaining a Psy-Rating on 10 on gaining advances from different pathes that are the same and adding something from it, it wont work. For example if the advance "Psy-Rating 2 " is on the Librarian and on the Grey Knight path, he can not just buy it two times and end with a Psy-Rating of 3, and so on. Only if the advances is explicitly given as "Psy-Rating +1" would it stack. as per the daemon hunters book grey knights have access to grey knights basic tree, grey knights phsychic tree and their speciality tree which in this case would be librarian which have access to go up to psy rating 10 or did i misread that bit?
  4. ok 1 of my players wanted to play a grey knight librarian in my campaign... no an issue you might think until they reach rank 8 as this was his idea grey knight librarian can take from librarian spec, grey knight spec and most importantly gk psychic spec...... this means that at rank 8 a gk lib could have a psy rating of 10 combined with that funky gk psychic trait psy weapon focus which gives their nemisis force weapon, their psybolt ammoed up storm bolter or thier psy cannon proven rating equal to thier psy rating meaning they hit you, roll anything and its a 10 they roll to confirm rightous fury and if they do they prceed to pump out infinite damage killing all and everything. did i miss something or is that broken?
  5. sometimes rouge traders just need a bit of fun and theres nothing quite like hunting big game on feral or death world with a few of your closest friends.......that said i thought it would be kinda cool to let them hunt things like giant lizards (dinosaurs) and the such but has anyone tried or even succeeded in converting d &d type monsters to RT?
  6. i do love the way way that people are using the origional RT TTgame to base their arguments on...... you guys do realise that back then all space marine were genetically altered PENAL legionairs right? and they were policed by the sisters of battle.. so basing your argument on that kinda out dated aint it?? and further more yes of course you can use the my game card but if your going to do that that where do SOB fit in your universe what happened in the age of apostacy? why isnt the millitary arm of the ecclesiarchy ALL female space marines ( they do have next o limitless resorces after all) fundimentally FEMALE SPACE MARINES DONT WORK their very existence breaks so many things in the 40k universe!!!! and just to hammer home the facts.... the emporer created 20 SONS!!! they were to be his generals for his army of anotomically impared(kendals lol) super soldiers who were to be above humanity to protect humanity . yes a SM may reaction in conjunction with human emotions but i think youll find thats mainly because a book about a group of soldiers who dont really need to talk to eachother during combat free time who spend thier free time praying, stripping weapons or training and who have very little conversation in battle due to indocrinated millitary hand signals would make for a boring book where you feel no connection to the characters at all but hey that what indoctrination would do to you.
  7. Citizen Philip said: I don't think the Mechancus "bid" for STC fragments, it's sort of a manifest destiny of theirs, a celestial mandate if you will. You don't have countless Mechancus fleets scouring the galaxy for fragments, to be stuck in some kind of bidding war - or perhaps more accurately, no one would willingly try to bid against the Mechancus if they were forced into an auction. Unless of course your Rogue Trader has the capacity to hold back a Mechancus fleet(s) and conduct an auction. In fact, i'm pretty certain the Office of Assassinations would be fully authrorized to terminate a sub-sector Captiol to recover STC details for the benefit of the Imperium - let alone a Rogue Trader with a warrant signed by the Emperor. I wouldn't want to imagine what sort of stuff the Mechancus has to insure their procurement of such details. if you're players are selling STC pieces, just assume they get a 1% royalty off all the industries that benefit from each STC template: functionally near limitless wealth - if according to your previous message, STC templates that have direct military applications. You might want them to roll something, to see if some critical fumble would stop them from being in the court of the High Lords of Terra. and there is where you players come in they need to be diplomatic with the fleet(s) of the admechand stall them while trying to sell stc to admech factions possibly even heretical admech....
  8. just one question why make a sister of battle when you can use the one in the inquisitors hand book for DH??????
  9. built right the senichal can do that job if built right or failing that use an assassin from DH
  10. ok first of all nothing wrong with females playing marines and if you want to be true to fluff there is no cannon female astartes however if you dont mind expanding your mind and bending fluff a little ....... the way i would do it if i was gong to for a game would be to point out that there were origionally 20 legions of legio astartes of which only 18 had named primarch as 2 were expunged from imperial records thus allowing gamers to come up with their own first founding legions so who were these missing primarchs???????? could one of them have been female?........ that being said if you want no game altering cannon that proves it impossible, the only point female astartes could have been created was when the god emporor was still just the emporor while he was on terra creating the primarchs. the reason that females cannot be astartes is base largely on there genetic difrences from men(something im not going to go into detail about) because of this the dna taken from the primarch is rejected (male dna being put into female bodies if it was ever acepted then the astartes dna would alter the base dna and basicaly turn the human woman into a MALE space marine) though that aside if one of the lost primarch was a woman (and not belokor and sigmar as is stated in the one printing of the full 20 primarch and there legions) there would be the ability to create female astartes and you have what u want but then follow it forward several milenia after the horus heresy to the age of apostacy when the high lords of terra and the eclesiarchy were brought together by (his name escapes me, they guy who created the brides of the emporor) he would have had the ability to turn his brides of the emporor into spacemarines and would most definetly have been victoriouse in his plans to control the entire imperium and as his plan was to remove the god emporor from the golden throne so he would be worshiped, your game would differ in one of 2 MAJOR!!!!! ways 1) the god emporor dies and acends to godhood and defeats the powers of chaos in the imeterium and thus bringing about the seacond golden age of man with him leading them as a true god from the warp, very soon the imperium would be at peace and no need for astartes to the extent they are now and the inquisition would be out of a job, ergo no rogue trader no dark heresy and no deathwatch because it would be quite boring "hey so what we doing today" "nothing everythings cool" 2) the god emporor of mankind dies the astronomican is lost and warp travel becomes imposible in a few short years the imperium is broken down by there enemys and a few hold outs remain (such as the ultramar system) but for all intents and purposes your games would be limited to were you could get in a lifetime in real space trave (witch aint far) and the imperium would be dead and gone, there for your inquisitorial signets, your rogue trader licenses and your chapeter honour would matter for nought. and your actualy playing a game of survival as something else. the only way aound all of this is to NOT justify it in any way and know your just breaking cannon and fluff, if your happy with this cool its your game. have fun and enjoy.
  11. just a small thought an astropath doesnt have to channel the vast quantities of the warp that a sanctioned psykers does to use his powers... i.e it a lot easyier to send a thought transmission than it is to alter you body or throw lightning plus with soul binding its safer thats why astropaths have a higher psy rating than sanctioned psykers...... someone correct me if my small thoughts are wrong
  12. i almost ended up in a similar situation but my guys decided that for the attention it could cause and the amount of people that would probably try and steal it or attack them for it it was better left alone
  13. i think there has been a HUGE!!!!!! overlooking on this thread... yes marines armour does seem to have the same protectiveness as the other power armours in the series however every other book tell you that you battery life for youre power armour runs out after 1 D5 hours .... no so much an issue for a marine who has a looooooooong barttey life and i largely agree with what has already been said marines live through fire fights because their marines! not cause of their armour
  14. "the Terran Spectre" as the ship was supposed to have been destroyed many times over but just like terra its always been there like a ghost in an admrals fleet of at the head of an admech exploration unit and now in the hands of our RT dynasty the one ship t survive while the rest of his fleet was destroyed...... they got reliliquey of mars
  15. ok when it comes to rogue trader time dose not eaquel experiance points, these armsment would be bound by the same rules as a character to get better they would need experiance to get better, now this being said, the armsman onboard a ship follow the npc crew rating table on page 214 of the main rulebook this level will have been set when they build there ship for the first time, normaly it is set at 30 that means that all primary stats for his role apon the ship will be 30(for an armsman i would say BS, Strength and Toughnes 30 or WS, Strenght and agility 30 depending on speciality) so one way to deal with your arch militant wanting to train up there armsmen would be to give them a increase of crew quality from 30 (regular) to 40 (crack crew) now as this upgrade would normaly require the expenditure of 5 ship points at creation it should still take something now my sugestions would be... eather an extended command test over the few months this leaving the posibility of failure or an aquisition test to be made to get hold of the required traning equipment thus furfiling the "upgrade to the ship" under standard rules but giving it a fluff reason why this test wold work another posibility is one of the players in my game came up with retainer rules so you can hire more experianced crew members as if they were "items" i can if you like forward you this document as it is very short and very usefull. hope this helps may the god emporor watch over you Iquisitor lord reven
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