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  1. I played twice as keeper, (both times with 4 investigators, story 1 & 2) And i would say that i lost 1st Story due to me not paying attention to my ultimate goal and focusing to much on hacking the Investigators apart with the maniacs ["Heeeeerreeeessss JOHNNY!!!!!"] - i succeeded in killing 1 investigator this way, I did not consider my objective untill round 4. I lost and the Investigators were able to hold of my ultimate monster of easily untill the end of the game. In Story 2 the same 4 guys completely lost track of clues and ended up focusing on killing the (infinete) supply of cultist, while a single Investigator attempted to locate all clues (Seriously - no wine involved; they just missed it) - And they spent all their skill points before the Objective was revealed, another grieveous error. I was able to reveal Objective in round 10 (out of 20) and ended the game after 2 turns, because i swarmed them and had all investigators down to 1-2 health before revealing objecitve - BUT, the main reson they lost was that they completely missed the object of the game (locating clues and copleting their objective) Where am i going with this: If both teams keep and eye on the objective, the chances of either side winning is roughly equal, if either side looses sight of the objective, then they pretty much loose - and new players will not be ready to spot (or consider) all the keeper strategies that can be involved in this game. I think that this game works best with 4 Investigators, and a keeper that is mildly lenient to new players (if he knows intimately how all the mechanics works) and explains what he is doing, and that there might be a long term plan behind his actions, to new players. Explain (reexplain) the Evade rules, and other mechanics of the game again, if the playes seem to miss some of it. - In this way when the keeper brings down the hammer, it will seem fair and the Investigators will know they lost either due to lots of bad dice rolls or a few bad desicions on their part, not due to an gae balance issue.
  2. cylle123 said: Keeper wins if the chthonian is not killed in the next 4 rounds. The investigators win if the chthonian is killed, or if an investigator has Clue 1 when the last Event card is revealed. Sorry missed a detail - in this case (4 rounds vs. 4 rounds) you would win, as you fullfill the victory condition [Cth not killed in 4 rounds] as soon as the Investigators turn 4 ended, since they have no chance of killing it during the keeper turn. Do not resolve the rest of your keeper turn, as soon as one side has won, the game needs not go on any longer, you do not need to draw or resolve the last event card.
  3. A simple solution, that hopefully would satisfy all players is simply to exted the game for 1-3 rounds, by using the optional game length rule in the last page of the Rulebook. If no player would win by normal game end, always take 1 extra turn, then start rolling when the last event card is supposed to be resolved at the end of the keepers turn. When i played the first mission (as Keeper) i lost since I had waited a round to long to summon the [creature] that needs to escape in 1C. I feel that if it becomes clear that if no one can win the game (or all players loose the game) it always makes sense to allow the game to go on for a round or two, untill one side has fullfilled its Objective. In your case of 4 rounds vs. 4 rounds; the Investigators will win after 4 rounds, as the Investigator turn ends before the Keepers turn, so their victory condition will come to pass, before the keepers. Hope my suggestion & input was helpfull.
  4. The Fed (sorry cant remember his name) from IH gains a Clue Token and $1 each upkep if he has less than 2 of either during upkeep. Q1: if he spends either during upkeep to bring his total below 2. - does he get $1 / 1 Clue Token in that upkeep? Q2: If the ancient one is Nyarlathotep does he win hands down, or is his ability to gain clue tokens limited during the battle against the ancient one?
  5. I enjoy the game, but as some would put it "The game is a bit random" - sometimes is faily easy, and other times really difficult. And several of my fellow players complain about lack of human competition in the game. While players agree on tactics amonst themselves there is often a lack of "intelligent adversary" so here is an option that involve two or more teams of players against each other AND the game. The reason for teams uses the co-op element while allowing for some competition. - if all your player have played say 6-8 games please feel free to try it out with single-player teams ... Each team should consist of 2-3 players (if 5 or 7 players: let newest player on bigger team) Players should take seats so as to allow only one player from a team to act in each phase before an opposing team player acts. Teams are not allowed to discuss strategies away from the table or pass notes between each other. in most other respects the game remains the same - ALL the Investigatior vs. the ancient one. But players aim to score points and the team with the most points when the game ends wins. The points scores are expositions of the Victory rating in AH rulebook p. 12 Each team score points on the following method - the First Player Records points on a scoreboard as soon as they are scored. Each portal closed: +3 / sealed: +5 (regardless of weather they are spent or kept) Each monster Trophy: +1 (regardless of weather they are spent or kept) Each Elder sign held by a player if the Ancient one awakens: -3 Each Doom token removed from the Ancient ones Doom Track: +3 Each unpaid/defaulted bank loan -3 Each Investigator that gets Devoured -3 All a Teams players are Devoured during the fight with the Ancient One: -5 Each time an investigator is reduced to 0 San or Stamina (or gets a madness or injury card): -1 The Team with most points when the game ends (for whatever reason) Wins. Rules modifications: When ever a player may apply a bonus(a skill or ability or encounter effect) to all players he may choose to apply it to only players on his team. A player may choose to keep any card held by his character Secret (except information on his investigator sheet) until it comes into play the first time. A Secret card stays facedown - in this case i suggest that Exhausted cards are placed sideways in order to allow for both conditions in play. Players on the same team may reveal Secret cards to each other only if they are in the same location or pass eachother during their turn. Just like trading. At the end of Mythos Phase (activate Mythos special ability) the First Player may choose to move 1 monster one step either towards either black arrow or white arrow, but not in a direction the monster could not normally move. He may move a flying or aquatic monster (in this case the monster moves to a player in a street or aquatic location as normal) During the Final Battle each team only counts its own successes toward removing 1 Doom Token from the Ancient ones Doom Track, however all the team still cooperate to remove all the doom tokens from the doom track. - in a 5 player game (with 2 teams) each team must score 5 successes to remove one doom token, a teams successes only carries over to its own team players, and carries over from turn to turn as normal. Anyways I hope some of you find this helpful - if you have any ideas for this kind of more competitive play please post them here.
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