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  1. K thanks I didn't think so but my friend tried to argue it wasn't required until he lost. When I said at that point the battle is over and he couldn't evade what was already done.
  2. So not sure as cast as required means. Card reads, "Cast as required. You may evade any creature or character until the end of the turn." So does it have to be played as in "You draw a dragon, you cast before combat to evade." Or "You draw a dragon, choose to fight it. Roll dice and lose, then cast to evade it."
  3. My group had a similar problem. No one ever went in the inner region or ever got a talisman just fought LoD and went to crown. We just made the house that in order to be in the CoC you MUST have a talisman. So even if you beat him by 8+ which is really easy to do with a flail. You still need a talisman. It's seems to balance him for the less strong people to still take the inner region. So far it has worked well.
  4. Thanks. Lol I even looked at the FAQ and didn't see it. I'm blind I see it now. Thanks for the answer
  5. Can you misdirection someone in the inner region to force them to move backwards.
  6. Welcome to the board. I am also a fan of home brew stuff. I'm currently test playing Simpson characters. Will enjoy seeing the stuff you come out with.
  7. "Cast on yourself instead of your normal move. Switch spaces with any other character in your region." can someone in the inner region cast transference and switch spots with the person in the crown of command.
  8. Triakor said: Cloud http://i582.photobucket.com/albums/ss269/XanatosToad/Cloud-Front-Face.png http://i582.photobucket.com/albums/ss269/XanatosToad/Cloud-Front-Face-1.png
  9. I'll try to talk my group into bringing the warhorse back into the fold for another try
  10. Just to specify. The craft value is the value printed on the character card?
  11. First time we played it, it wrecked. Maybe we should try again.
  12. My group banned the warhorse after the first use of it. We thought it was crazy.
  13. Cloud http://i582.photobucket.com/albums/ss269/XanatosToad/Cloud-Front-Face.png
  14. I like the idea of having a little variety to everything. I like the idea of all the players having FF7 characters and the ending being Seph or Jenova or whatever something related to the game. I'll talk with my group and see if they have any idea's on small things like this. I would even like all simpsons characters and the end is Mr. Burns or something. I dunno I'm sure something can be done with it. The problem is I was born without an imagination so I'm not very good at these things. I looked at the cards they seemed alright, i like the limit break, its a good idea. I'll be playing a game in a bit, but with the time I had this morning I cleaned up the Aeris card a bit. Made it look a little more official. I also changed the text on it. And with the breath of earth and pulse of life limit breaks, I didn't really understand the orginal text you had on the card. So I may have interepted it wrong, let me know. The way I changed the text made more sense to me, but meh. Gimme some feedback on your card if I got the idea right. Direct link to see whole card http://i582.photobucket.com/albums/ss269/XanatosToad/Aeris-Front-Face.png
  15. The Hunter said: I had another gamre recently. A friend used a spell that would steal all my fate, and I had a luckstone thatg had 1 fate. We had a bit of a debate about the luckstone as its an object and therefore doesn't count, and we applied the same rules concerning the Genie. In the end, all my standard fate was stolen, but I kept the one fate on my luckstone. Is this correct? Yes, correct. Other fate is an item.
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