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  1. How about something based on the chaos 40k books, a squad of Night Lords, A squad of Logars boys or a squad of Iron Warriors?
  2. With this game Im going to quote Captain James T. Kirk "The possibility's are endless."
  3. Dr Von Doom as a good bad guy. According to one of the book first heretic The Emperor made a deal with the 4 gods of chaos and then turned down his part of the bargin. Logars boys found out and attempted to spred the word with Horus listning to him first. So in my book the Emperor is the big bad guy.
  4. Well, there could be a tone of pre heresy marines caught in a "Lets do the time warp" not knowing what has happened thats my $0.5
  5. For the early marks of armour FFG said in another book.
  6. How about some type of camo like the Preditor has and non reflective armour.
  7. The last time I went to a games day I won a tone of games inc: 40k, warhammer fb, necromunda, warhammer quest.
  8. thanks, i could not see it in the index.
  9. Its on the sheet but not in the core book,
  10. In the codex they have talismens that are used instead of a psi hood.
  11. "We are all out of C-4 and cant make a door." "Stand aside." came the voice of the dreadnaught over the vox. The marines moved as the dred fired one of its crack missiles. .......
  12. Mine has been shipped, didnt say who with.
  13. And it will be in two parts they will be.
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