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  1. Sorry for the delay. But sorting these cards has taken longer then I thought it would. Here is my Ebay Selling page. shop.ebay.com/stfirstcontact/m.html I currently have Magic CCG cards up for sale, Gamecube Games, Game Boy Games, and a Korg Triton LE 61 Keyboard. Expect the Cthulhu lot to be up on Saturday and end 7 to 10 days later.
  2. Cost to much to play only once a year. Nobody plays Cthulhu LCG in Indiana except during Gencon. Very unfortunate, when it was CCG we had a group of 12.
  3. I'm planning on selling my Cthulhu CCG and LCG collection. But I thought everyone on here would enjoy this.
  4. Ok, I'm done sorting the cards into Rare, Uncommon, Commons. I have around 700 to 800 rares, 22 promo cards, and something very close to a playset of all the sets. Also, I have a signed copy of Mentor and Dr. West from the creator of the game. Mentor also has the champion's signature. ( I thought about keeping these and I still may) Also have 3 core sets for LCG and a playset of the 1st 2 LCG AP packs. Expect the Ebay posting sometime this weekend.
  5. Also have the Cthulhu regular deck of Playing cards.
  6. I'm probably going to sell the whole collection in one auction. I'm still sorting thru cards so it may be a couple of days before its posted. Yes AP pack 3 is Conspiracies of Chaos. Also, I do have promo cards. I'll post a list soon.
  7. I'm planning on selling all of my Cthulhu cards. That includes all of my ccg and lcg cards. Sealed Yitian deck, 3 sealed packs of Asylum Pack 3, 2 sealed packs of Twilight Horror, sealed Cthulhu Art Sleeves. My rare list on CCG includes some of the rarest like X4 Dr. West. I'll be posting auctions on ebay this week.
  8. Congrats Magnus. But in all fairness, you didn't have to rematch vs. me. I got a new job, but had to work.. Why did they do the world tournament on Friday this year? Saturday should give the most players. And since I couldn't play, I should save myself $300 in cards. Maybe next year though.. P.S. He got the Alaskan Sledge Dog idea from me last year He was probaly playing almost the same deck.
  9. My Deck (2nd place deck) 3x CS F67 Triggerman 3x CS F68 Syndicate Liaison 3x CS F69 Hard Case 3x CS F71 Extortionist 3x CS F77 Panic 3x CS F79 Low Blow 3x AAH F12 Aspiring Artist 3x CS F82 •Victoria Glasser, The Society Hostess 3x CS F95 Byakhee Attack 3x CS F96 Agoraphobia 2x CS F97 Scotophobia 1x CS F99 Blind Submission 3x AAD F51 •Infernal Obsession 8x AMM F16 Alaskan Sledge Dog 3x ATT F75 Descendant of Eibon, Master of the Black Arts 3x CS F73 Dutch Courage Total 50 Tom's Deck used the same Neutral cards, and almost the same Hastur cards. He had more terror protection then I, but I assumed no one would be playing a good Shub or Yog deck. I was right. Tom's deck had Motorbike, small price to pay, Endless Interrogation, Shotgun blast, Short Fuze. You can ask him for his decklist. His deck vs. mine. I would probably win 50% of the time. His deck does much better against James's deck then mine. With added terror support mine would perform better. I plan playtesting to beat Tom's and James's deck on a regular basis.
  10. Tom Won a very grueling battle with Agency-Hastur against me in the finals. I was playing Syndicate-Hastur. I won 3 stories and lost the game because of bad luck. I won the first 2 stories and was close to winning the 3rd, when Tom won the story that made me discard a story. I will tell you that no game in a World Championship has been as close as this one. (Total time went over an hour) And while it leaves a bad taste in my mouth to know that I lost a game that I felt easily could have been mine, I was glad to be part of the game. Strangely enough, Tom's deck was not the best one I saw at Gencon. James Hata's Shub-Hastur deck was much better then anything in the Worlds tournament. I played 2 games against him after the tournament and lost 3-0 and 3-1. I will say that had I spent more time then one day building my deck, I would have probably went for Shub-Hastur as well. Shub is my favorite faction. Cards that made the biggest impacts in the World Championship were Arctic Sledge Dogs, Jim's card, and Motorbikes. Top 4 were: 1. Agency-Hastur-- Tom (Magnus) 2. Syndicate-Hastur-- John (Smashsplitter) 3. Agency-Misitonic-- Kip 4. Agency--------------Jason (New Player) We had 4 players from the CCG days, and 8 new players that discovered the game after it changed to LCG. It was a fun tournament! It was ran very well, and it appears CoC may be on the up side. The new players seem to have a lot of fun in the tournament. That is a good sign for the game. One big plus, was I believe this was the first Worlds in 3 years that did not have Broken decks in play. Fun Facts of the Tournament: 1. No one played the Cthulhu faction! First time ever! 2. One player played Misitonic. Would have made the top 4 but made a critical mental error. Won't say who, but I will say I did that last year. Sucks when it happens to you. 3. Human factions dominated the Monster Factions. (exception is Hastur) 4. 2 people played Shub-Yog. 5. One played mono Yog. 6. The competition wasn't 100% male. (that's a first too) FFG should work on evening that out I'll bring more updates in the future.
  11. In 2 hours the Worlds championship will be in progress. Preview is that most players are playing the factions Hastur or Agency. I myself am playing Hastur Syndicate.
  12. They have a new Faq for that. Har, Har Gencon challengers. I figured out what deck to build and I feel confident it will do well. Hopefully I can get all the cards I need at Gencon.
  13. I think Shubs problem would be speed. In the old days Shub was maybe the fastest faction. People said at the time Syndicate and then I proved them wrong by playing 1 to 2 GK on turn 2 consistantly. But right now I'm not so sure if Shub has the speed required to beat rush decks or the speed required to out run control decks. Shub does have Shocking Transformation which helps alot for bigger cards. But Shub doesn't have that Ghoul Khanam like card that give it the speed it needs. Cthulhu has some problems with speed as well. It doesn't have enough killing cards at the time to slow down the fast rush decks. Hastur to me seems to have the most cards out that compliment each other the most. Where the rest factions fail in strategy, Hastur succeeds. Aspiring Artist looks be a very awesome card for speed. I think it may be the best drawing card in the entire set including CCG. Yog looks to be a mess and may be the weakest faction in the format. Syndicate has some of its classics cards in the Core set, but only a few goodies in the AP's. But this faction may have some of the answers the rush decks need. Agency looks like it has a decent amount of killing cards. It can prevent some control and rush decks, but serious lack speed. Misitonic probaly has the second most strategy inside the fraction. Definitely has weaknesses but has investigator rush. Which in some cases can bypass control and rush decks. Neutral has some very interesting cards but has a lot of useless ones as well. I do like a few. If you have a hard time filling space in a mono faction deck look to Alaskan Sledge Dog.
  14. I was glad that when that deck face mine in to took it an hour to beat mine.
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