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  1. I have white boards, I have all sorts of tools. With this game you have 3 different stats you use to help with initiative. I have 9 players, as I said, plus NPC's. Rolling the stats, no problem. But compiling the results and then placing them in order every round of initiative is what bogs it down. So I'm wanting to simplify it some, that's why I wanted to see if anyone else had come up with their own way to do initiative. Not really complaining here, just throwing out the who, what, when, where, and why
  2. Awesome to see so many responses to this thread. I want to change initiative because it is a pain to use, as is, considering I have 9 people playing in my game. More than anything, it bogs my combat down. Heck, determining iniative usually takes longer than the combat itself, and that is a detriment to my game imho. Keep in mind that there are 3 different things you keep track of to determine iniaitive order, with 9 people PLUS npc's that can bog it down a bit. I'd love to see "Combat Manager" used for this system as well, it works absolutely amazing for my Pathfinder games, but iniative is much simpler in Pathfinder as well.
  3. Anyone have any homebrew rules they use for their games? (I didn't post this in the GM section because GM's aren't the only ones with amazing ideas) I'm always on the lookout for ways to improve my game for my players. I have a group of 9, including my son, that play my story every Saturday evening. We use all 3 core rule books, so I'm looking for all homebrew ideas. Though I am looking to see what ideas this awesome community has come up with, I will be changing how we do iniative here soon. So I'd love to see some homebrew iniative rules in this thread. \ Thanks in advance folks
  4. Hello, I'm creating a Wizard to play in my Sunday noon game. I believe I've a handle on most everything, but this MA thing is giving me a headache, specifically pertaining to the MA Multiple of 50 that it's listing under the Wizard class. My Power is 10, so my base MA should be 10, if I'm reading it right. But then the book says: "The next step is to apply the number of magic Multiples to the base MA. The number of Multiples is the number of times the Base MA needs to be multiplied to find out the number of Zeon points the character is able to accumulate per turn. (page 109 CRB)" Does the MA Multiple of 50 mean anything when it comes to this, or am I reading too deeply into something? I've been reading the forums here and elsewhere to figure this all out. Appreciate any assistance I can get.
  5. The Force and Destiny lists travel times at least. Huge help when trying to figure out how long it takes to travel anywhere.
  6. My group plays every Saturday evening (8 players). I started xp off at anywhere between 15/20 xp per session depending on the session (10 sessions in now). I'm currently slowing xp down to about 10/15 xp per session as I've given my players access to a sizeable lump of credits. Eventually I'm going to bring my xp back up, but I have other things I want done first.
  7. Lightsabers are supposed to be overpowered in the right hands with the right training. Can they be overcome? Potentially, depending on the knowledge, training, and skill of those going against them. I love what they've done with the lightsabers in Force and Destiny. I hope they keep up the good work and keep the positive changes coming.
  8. Picked mine up yesterday. Absolutely loving this book thus far, as I'm reading through it. Even has some awesome force lore (covering Sith and Jedi history including the legendary stuff, Darth Bane ftw!).
  9. Syralus

    Psychic hood

    Where is this found, if anywhere, in the Deathwatch books? In the errata it's mentioned as added for the Epistolary starting gear, but I don't see it mentioned anywhere else. I often miss things that are right in front of me, as I may very well be doing here. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  10. It can be very lethal, don't be fooled. The right weapon, skills, etc... and you'll easily one shot someone. I did it once, without realizing what I had built because we were all new to the game still, GM included. I could have one shotted another player, Wookie, using nothing more than a vibroknife but killing him wasn't really what I was trying to do so I pulled the hit.
  11. There is no "best" ship. It's all dependent on the group and what they want/need.
  12. Colonists aren't the ones doing the exploring from the front, there are other careers doing that. Colonists are the ones you bring in after your creating a settlement. They are the people you need in order to make the settlement thrive and grow, which is why they are the Doctors, Scholars, and Politicians (eventually the next 3 as well). You can't grow without them.
  13. Really want to focus your xp on characteristics and skills at character creation. Characteristics can't be raised afterwards unless you buy raises for them in the lower section of talent trees, so I'd focus those.
  14. None is required whatsoever. However, I find even more enjoyment in the game because of my knowledge of Star Wars lore. I played Deathwatch without really knowing too much of the lore and found it enjoyable, so I'm sure it's the same for this one.
  15. No, I believe the crew size is correct at around 900. A frigate isn't a small ship by any means, and you have to remember the type of personnel it takes to crew something of this size and keep it operational 24/7. I would say a crew at 300 would be bare minimum requirements and that's a "skeleton" crew.
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