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  1. In joust games with a friend, his Stark deck is giving me fits. We split a core set halfway(he got Stark/Baratheon I got Lannister/Targ). We've bought about a half dozen chapter packs, he bought the Lords of Winter expansion and I the Martell expansion(name escapes me). Anyway, is there a general strategy and/or deck that can deal with Stark? Bear Island is ridiculous and not to mention Eddard Stark, all the Direwolf attachments, etc. I can never have enough characters out to deal with him. I can't hang with his military challenges and he has quite a few characters with renown as well. Add in great utility cards like Hodor to the mix as well. Later when I get the time tonight I can post exactly which chapter packs I've got to let you know what I've got to work with. I'm totally open to buying more. Thanks for any/all help.
  2. It took us about a week to figure out the 'tie goes to the attacker' rule. I bet I'll find something else I've been doing wrong in another week.
  3. Well, I think I found out why I've been getting smashed when I play my Lannister deck against his Stark. We didn't realize that you can only defend with characters that have the corresponding challenge icon. We thought any character could defend any challenge. Woops, LOL. That changes everything of course. He wouldn't have many options in defending my intrigue challenges.
  4. Thanks for the suggestions/tips. Lars, we just have one core set currently. I never thought to buy any additional core sets. We ordered 4 chapter packs: Scattered Armies, War of Five Kings, A Song of Summer, Battle of Ruby Ford. We made an agreement to give the other person all house cards that correspond with their decks. We will split the neutrals in Scattered Armies, he gets all the neutrals in War of Five Kings, and I get all the neutrals in A Song of Summer and Battle of Ruby Ford. Those are my options at this point.
  5. kpmccoy21 said: Are you playing the decks straight out of the box or are you modifying them? We're playing them straight out of the core set box, no modifications(yet).
  6. That would definitely bring him in line some, but there aren't too many kneel/burn options in the Lannister starter deck that I'm aware of. Can't remember about Targ.
  7. I recently bought the core set with a friend, and we each claimed two decks. Him Stark/Baratheon and me Targaryen/Lannister. I'm having a REALLY hard time beating him when he uses his Stark deck and if I play him with Lanni, I get destroyed every time. We are both still new to the game, but have a good grasp on how to play decently well. Is there anything I can do to counter his Stark deck? Is it just me, or is the Stark core deck that much more powerful than the other starter decks? Those direwolves are excellent cards. Eddark Stark is great for him since his has stalwart. Winterfell Castle which is just an auto +1 STR for the whole game. If he's having trouble drawing his characters and I have my good ones out, he has the plot card that wipes out all characters from play. I am just about always outgunned in STR so it's tough going trying to win a challenge.
  8. Can someone provide a link for me that explains the deck building rules? Does such a thing exist? Are there many rules?
  9. I was under the impression that you could only attack/defend with one character per challenge. Is this not the case? Say, I could attack with as many characters as I want for a military challenge assuming they all have the military icon? And I would be able to defend with as many characters as I like?
  10. I'm going to go ahead and just upate this thread whenever I come across a new question that I have... 1) If using Stealth, does that character with Stealth have to be used in a challenge in order to use the ability? If I have two characters with Stealth in play, and I am attacking with with either ONE or NONE characters with the Stealth ability, do I still get to choose two opponent characters without Stealth that cannot defend? 2) If I am attacking with a Deadly character and my opponent chooses to let the challenge go unopposed, does my opponent still have to kill off a character?
  11. The most confusing part of the game for me so far is exactly when players can take 'player actions.' Is there an easy way to explain or list all the times when taking a player action is possible? I feel like I'm doing something wrong during the challenge phase in this regard.
  12. Thanks for the help. This community is great.
  13. As I am just starting to play AGoT LCG and learning the rules/basics, I was wondering if any of the experienced veterans on the board could offer some general gameplay tips and strategies? I intend to play Lannister and Targ decks, but universal gameplay tips are more than welcome. Basically, what are some things you wish you knew when you first started playing that would have made you a much better player? Thanks in advance.
  14. I have a newbie question about the Motley card. A friend and I played our first game last night trying to learn the rules and all. He placed the Motley card on one of my characters. How long does the Motley card stay in play? For one round than it's discarded? The entire game? Until the character it is being used on is discarded or killed?
  15. I'm a new player, just got the starter core set last night. I thought I read that each deck consisted of 60 cards, but browsing the deck construction forum I've seen people with more than 60 in their deck. What is the rule on this? Sorry if this was common knowledge/easy to find.
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