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  1. Lol I didnt think id ever hear some one call magic weak in anima. Magic is the strongest of all of the 3 paths of power in anima. It is also more versitile within each book. If you dont believe me you need to take into account the rules reguarding magic and psychic powers. First off, you can charge up spells and make them much much MUCH stronger than any other type of power in the game. It only takes several rounds to cast a spell if you didnt set up your stats right or didnt put DP into MA, or didnt take proper CP advantages to boost your MA. Mages start off with more spells than mentalists or ki users will start off with there respective powers which lends them a nice amount of veristility. Magic also never fails in anima, so once you are happy with how strong your spell has become, simple aim and shoot. The alternative is with psychic powers you have to make a potential test before you aim and shoot. Dont get me wrong, Im not saying that magic is better than the other two powers, but I think they are all balanced rather nicely. Psychic powers are your middle weight abilites that you can almost always rely upon in common circumstances. Ki powers are your customisable combat powers that can either be a nice buff or a very powerful one hit wonder. The draw back to Ki powers is while they offer the most versitiliy in there construction they are not versitile once you make one and apply it to your charecter. Magic fills in all the other holes that are left to fill by the other two powers. Magic can be as weak or as poweful as you need each spell to be, and you have a wide array of spells to cast at lv.1. Magic is also the only way to really heal some one fully. Sure Ki Healing, but thats only half the damage delt. And you cant really do that in combat like you can either of the two healing spells in creation and essence.
  2. Your mixing two things. A summoner should start with a bound creature, but NOT a familar. a lv.1 Bound creature that the summoner can control is perfectly fine for new charecters in anima. However a lv1 summoner starting with a familar is just retarted. He could not even pass the rolls needed to perform the joining himself at that level.
  3. The rules say that the Pc does not make the creature, but thats half true. The Gm gets to set stats and essencial traits for the creature. the rest of it is up to the player if the GM trusts they will be responsible about it. It is supposed to be a combined creation process. The GM should not be allowed to make a stupid uninteristing creature to spite the summoner, and the summoner should not be allowed to create an OP creature. or something that just does not make sence. like an oger posessing 10 Int. Also, the book also says its just a guide line, like every RPG book. Use the rules you like and trim the ones you find to get in the way of your groups gaming style. The creator of anima does not care how you use his product.
  4. Let me just tell you how to min max, since iv already done it in anima. First off, using stats to min max is going about it the wrong way. Stats only do so much, and as stated before there are limits planced on stats for a reason. Also your combo of Psy Assualt and Illusion only works when some one is not immidatly hostile to you unless its just 1 guy and you score high on all your rolls. if some one, or some group is hostile, your illusion wont affect all of them without Area. That said, hear is how you min max. Look back in your CP options and find the Elan option. Go to the elan section and browse. you will find that there is a power belonging to a particular Elan being that gives you a single power of your chooice from the creature creation section. you can bascilly just mod your guys with something stupid powerful at level 1 with that. I made Zeraki kenpachi from bleach and I think he regenerated like, 20lp a round? idk I had his regenration maxed out though, and it was hilerious. I just wanted to clarify again, your power combo is not that broken, i had a player in my game make a wizard mentalist, with illusion and telepathy as his two focuses. Just because you want your illusion to do something, does not nessiarly mean that it will have the exact effect you want it to. If you want global illusions you need magic. your powers only work on a 1 to 1 basis without Area. Thus it is not nearly as powerful as you think it is.
  5. Im not so certain that handing out CP is a good idea. I know what your trying to do, and iv done something simlar, but tossing out CP can makes things unbalanced really fast. What I do when a player does something epic, is give them a title. much like an xbox live achivement. If some one gets there 3rd decapitation in a session i may hand out the title of "Executioner" to them. or if they cast a ton of spells in a fight that all do amazing effects, mabye "Spell slinger" etc you get the idea. They dont really have any in game effect, but they add a 'feel' to the charecter that the player may lean towards since he has it. Having run anima several times, I dont think I would ever hand out extra CP to my players though. They get enough power though DP as it is.
  6. Look, I understand why people want more books. But it is nice to have a core book that contains more information in it than most RPGs. Lore books are fine, but I really dont see the point of a creature compendium. What summoner, or GM does not want to make there own creatures. (also players would just buy it to and memorize the creatures like they did in DND). How many creatures are people using per session that creating them takes up to much time.
  7. no one is to late to join. Just IM me at darkcons on aim. I have other messengers, but the rest of the people are one aim.
  8. Well, at least with anima when you get new powers they are usually realated to other powers you already possess. so it makes sence that when you reach a new level youll gain powers.
  9. If i played a summoner in anima, id always make my own creature. Thats what the section in the rules in back is for. The only restriciton i would put on a lv1 summoner is stick to a lv 1 creature. pre-summoned and pre-bound.
  10. if you want them to go above 13 inhumanity and zen raises it further. but really you need to go past 13? some ones is power gaming to much.
  11. Reviving this thread. Any one intrested in this? we have not started yet, but I will start the second we get enough people.
  12. yes casters need the gift. Classes are nothing more than templates for spending DP nothing more, nothing less. You could pick a mage class and not take the gift. Anima is a compartmentalized game that you slowly piece together to create your charecter. you only get 3 CP to start with, and no you never get any more. The limit to disadantages is not +3CP its 3 disadvanges total. So if you took 1 disadvantage for +2CP and two more for +1CP each you could get 4 more CP.
  13. Ill briefly go over how to make a charecter for you. But if you want to know for sure, make a charecter and post it including the DP cost you spent for everything. People hear will critinque it. So step 1: you get 3 CP (creation points). pick your advantages and disadvantages. your limited to 3 disadvantages but not limited to the points you recive from them. (so you could take a 2 point disadvantages and 2 1 point ones etc). step 2: pick your class and spend your 600 DP. As a general rule for new players stick to a fighting type, or just make a freelance. Split your DP into 3 groups of 200 each. Spend 200 dp on your primary skills, 200 on your secondary and then you have 200 left for boosting HP, purchasing combat modals or anything else you want that is not skill related. Keep in mind this split into 3 groups of 200 is not mandatory, I just find it a nice and neat way to go about making charecters. If you have some DP left over from your last 200 put it into secondary or primary as you see fit. step 3: create a backstory cause your done. step 4: stretch and bake a pie. you deserve it. As far as LP goes, its your (base + (multiple X con bouns)). and your multiple for everything in anime is always 1 to start with.
  14. Summoning is not that comlicated lol. It really only involvdes 3 skill checks. Skill 1, the summon roll. look at the ritual chart and apply the bouns that apply. (you are correct you are not supposed to quick summon. and in honesty you never need to if your a good summoner). Skill 2, the control roll. look at the same chart for any bouns that apply, this part does not take any more time than any other skill test. Skill 3, the bind roll. yadda yadda yadda, look at the chart etc. then the summoner binds to an object with an approirate presence to hold the creature. level 1 summoners should start with a lv 1 or lv 0 creature to begin with already bound to an object of sufficant presence. If your going to be stubborn GM and not allow them to do this, then your just a ****. end of story. That is not however a free pass for the player to go and make some OP completly min maxed creature. Read the creature creation rules, as the GM you have the right to spend the physical and mental stats of a creature. That said, please keep it real. If your player is trying to summon a minitar. dont give it like int 8 and Str 4 just to spit him. dont feel afraid to give strong creatures 10 strength, or 10 intellegence or willpower if its a caster and makes sence to have the stats that high. Give it some essencials as well and then let the player spend the rest of the DP for powers they want there creature to have. Keep in mind the whold purpous for summoning is to have fun creating your own unique summons and using them in combat. They are not supposed to be super strong and OP, and nor are they supposed to be weak pointless creatures that are gimped. But try to keep the creature logical. Dont just min max the **** out of it.
  15. Wa? you get 3 CP to start wtih. Any more points you get from Disadvantages you can spend on advantages. the limit to disadvantages is just 3. If you take 3 disadvantages each with a 2CP bouns then you could have 6 more CP to spend (granted your charecter would have some nasty problems from 3 2 CP disadvantages.)
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