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  1. YES! That's it! I thought there was something like Obsidian that Id looked at before, just couldn't remember. Thanks!
  2. Sorry if I wasn't clear, I am not looking for an app for actual online playing, but rather a place to meet, discuss, post, organize and schedule.
  3. So now that Google+ is being shut down, I am tasked with finding an alternative space for my RPG group for our online discussions and scheduling. We don't play exclusively online, but we post scheduling, discussions, post documents, characters and sometimes have RP based posts. Google+ was perfect for this, and Facebook groups were awful (not going back there). I am looking at Slack right now but I am not sure its going to work. So I am looking for some recommendations. I don't necessarily need specifically a Social Media app, but I need something that is web based and can be used from mobile devices as well, so most likely will need an Android/Ios app available. I know there are RPG specific services but I don't know if these are specifically for online playing only, or will fit our specific needs. I am willing to look at a pay for service if its not too pricey and meets our needs. Any recommendations are greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Some great ideas here! Thank you all for the input!
  5. I have my group going through Debts To Pay right now, but I've changed it up a bit. Bargo sent them on the mission to the mine to "asses the value", but I had my main NPC intervene before they left letting them know that he was "buying out" Bargo and forcing him to an early retirement (because he's such an awful crime lord), and he told them to meet him on The Wheel from 'Beyond the Rim' after they complete the mission at the mine. They will eventually find out that the Debts To Pay missions was not about the mine finances at all but what was found at the mine, an ancient artifact of some kind, that will quickly find its way to the auction from Jewel of Yavin, rather than the silly jewel being the object that’s auctioned it will be this artifact. But before that they will head back to The Wheel. I really like the idea of the station and will likely make it the main "HQ" so to speak, or at least where my NPC will be working from. I want something really cool to happen there before they figure out the artifact is on Bespin being auctioned, but I can't think of anything cool enough! Investigating the Artifact and who took it from the mine and where it went is part of what they will do there, but I want something else to make it more of an adventure rather than just an investigation. Any ideas? EDIT: I meant The Wheel, I originally said The Ring, I updated my post.
  6. They don't really 'do cards instead of books'. All of the adversaries in the card decks were pulled from sources already published in the various books.
  7. Yeah, I get what you're saying. I've been waiting with baited breath for months for this book, and now that I have it, I find myself asking "Now What"? This is one thing that I really dislike about FFG. I think it would have made this product so much better if they had announced maybe just a few more products coming rather than just the one book.
  8. And I just got an Amazon notification that my order for Horror on the Orient Express will be arriving tomorrow. Of course I will want to convert this behemoth of a campaign to the Genesys system!
  9. Also, I just absolutely love all things Lovecraft, and while CoC is exceptional, especially 7th Ed, I am truly sold on the Genesys system (since EotE really), hook, line and sinker, and it is unlikely I will be playing any other RPG system in the near future. So I am really, really hoping for an Arkahm Horror setting book.
  10. I never said its wrong, I just feel it deserves its own setting. I was more puzzled by the fact that they explicitly give examples of settings using their own games like Tannhauser, TI, Runebound etc., but nothing mentioned of Arkham Horror. Forgottenlores speculation is sufficient for me though. Makes sense.
  11. I know there's the section on Horror as a Tone, but i am wondering why it didn't get a Setting? And why there's no mention of a Arkham/Lovecraftian setting. Does Chaosium have a lock on all things Lovcraftian in the RPG space?
  12. I could have sworn there was some sort of hint from an FFG person, maybe in an interview or something, that an Android setting book would be coming soon.
  13. Well said Phil! I have this exact same problem right now! I am finally done with D&D 5e, campaign finished and I have no desire to go back to it. Were full on moving forward with EoTE, finally! I have been dying to play many other systems as well though, Call of Cthulhu, The One Ring, etc. Now, I DONT NEED TO LEARN THEM! I already told my group I will be converting 'Tomb of Annihilation' to Genesys! I am very much looking forward to this!
  14. I just don't understand why FFG still shows it as "In Development". If its not really even at the printer yet, no way it will be here in Q4. GTM magazine has a specific release date in October, I don't remember the exact date, mid-October sometime I think. I checked with a friend that has a distributor, they don't have exact dates yet either.
  15. Understanding the importance of the color of each die in this system, I think it would be cool if FFG, or some company, created variations on the colors. For example: translucent, sparkly, metallic etc., still keeping the same color, but making them unique.
  16. @whafrog Thanks for the info. We had a couple sessions where we weren't able to continue our current D&D campaign, for one reason or another, so we've actually already played through the EotE beginner box. We've also played through half of Debts to Pay as well, an adventure I actually really like. It is post Debts that my campaign will kick in, I changed the end of debts a bit to fit with my story line, and I already have them reporting back to 'The Ring' after they are done with the mine. I can understand why you think CoS seems linear, and yes it is written that way to an extent, but it was incredibly easy for me to make it work how I wanted it to, and my players were actually free to explore where they wanted to, despite Madam Eva's reading telling them otherwise! So far ToA seems similar. @Edgookin Yes, they do seem like they are campaign settings and adventures in one, at least the later ones are. I guess that's the difference. I do have Sons of Fortune, Lords of Nal Hutta, Strongholds of Resistance and Nexus of Power, but they don't really seem like "Campaign Settings", they seem more like "Gazateers". I guess I can look at one closer and see if I can get similar info, I haven't really read any of them yet despite owning them!
  17. But the SWRPG adventures seem to be far more linear than the D&D adventures, at least in my experience, which has only been playing D&D and reading SWRPG so far so take that for what it is. For example: Beyond the Rim starts on 'The Wheel' (which is the part I really like) then goes to the Jungle Planet (didn’t like so much) and then to the Toxic Planet (also didn’t care for), very linear. Sure the characters can take whatever path at each of these 3 locations, but they still have to go along this linear path eventually. Now take Curse of Strahd (which is the new Ravenloft, btw), it basically says: "Here is all of Barovia, and all locations and people that you will need to know...have fun." The same goes for Tomb of Annihilation: "here is the continent of Chult, all locations cities, people, creatures, dungeons and miscellaneous stuff that goes along with it, oh and here's your story line...have fun." Yes, there are linear aspects to these adventures as well, the story, however, they also act as Campaign Settings that you can use to carry out any adventure you want in those environments. That’s pretty much what I did with Curse of Strahd, I barely used the written plot, it was all my own story, but I used SO MUCH of the included NPC's, locations, maps, descriptions etc. It's like the D&D modules are a toolbox, to let me do what I want. Yes! That’s the best way to describe them. And they are chock full of tools! And there is some story if I want to use it, but I don’t have to. It just seems like with these SWRPG modules, I have no choice but to follow their prescribed story.
  18. The reason for this post is my D&D group is about to make the jump from playing D&D to EotE (or just FFG SWRPG in general). We feel the system is far superior to D20 and are ready for some SW RPG action! Just some background info on the D&D 5E modules I've read/played: Rise of Tiamat (both books) played as a PC, Curse of Strahd I GM'd, I've also read Out of the Abyss and I just picked up Tomb of Annihilation, it’s this last book that has caused me to make this comparison, It is really, REALLY good! In my search to run the perfect EotE campaign for my group, which we are starting in a couple months, I have and have read: Beyond the Rim, Jewel of Yavin, Mask of the Pirate Queen, Debts Owed, Onslaught at Arda 1, and Chronicles of the Gatekeeper. I like these adventures, for the most part. I think it would be more accurate to say I like 'parts' of each of these adventures, but none of them, as a whole, stand out to me as really epic adventures, at least not compared the D&D books I've read and participated in. It just seems that the D&D books are so much...more, is probably the best word to use. Granted they are more expensive, Tomb of Annihilation is probably the most expensive to date at $50, but man it is just so jam packed with content and goodness! And the SWRPG adventures so far just seem so...'meh' in comparison. For the most part, it’s just one section of each campaign that seems really cool, while the rest kinda lacks. So at this point I'm taking parts from each one and making them fit together, but I'd much rather just have all of it in one, and ALL of it be good. Is it me? Am I the only one that feels this way? Is this an unfair comparison? Heck I would gladly pay $50 (or more!) for an FFG produced SWRPG adventure with as much content as these D&D books!
  19. So my games tend to have a lot of NPC's, important NPC's, but I find that my group has a hard time remembering who is who. I am starting up a new campaign here shortly and I figured it would be useful to have an NPC tracker sheet that my players can hang on to and reference freely. I have seen some custom NPC sheets floating about but for the most part these seem more geared to the GM, spaces for stats and what not, but I just need something simple, a spot for a mugshot, name and maybe a brief description. Has anyone made anything or seen anything like this in the sleek EotE style? Sure I can make something quick and ugly and print it out, but I would really like something cool looking with the EotE borders and graphics. Thanks!
  20. Well, when I initially posed the question not only did I not read the entire article, but I was under the impression that this was it. Kind of like a "Here you go, here's our rule set, go forth and make your own games and settings." Now that it's clear that’s not it, and they are going to publish additional books with specific settings and what not, it makes me feel a whole lot better about this.
  21. Well that certainly is encouraging. Thanks guy!
  22. So rather than creating setting specific RPG's using the narrative system, like Runewars (fantasy), Arkham Horror, or Android, they just create a generic rulebook and make us fill in the theme? Because that's what it seems like to me. Am I looking at this wrong?
  23. Oh wow! I hadn't even thought to look into Enforcer, its perfect for what this player wants. He basically told me he wanted a character like Hans Landa from Inglorious Bastards, I translated that to Sinjir as he hasn’t read the Aftermath novels, and when I explained Sinjir, the concept of the ISB Loyalty Officer sounded good to him. Looking at Enforcer though I think has what he's really looking for, Intimidating, Fearsome, LOOM (wow!), and then dip into Marshall for the Interrogation and lie detection abilities. Thanks for the direction guys!
  24. I have a player who wants to create a character pretty much exactly like Sinjir Rath Velus, ex ISB Loyalty officer, from the Aftermath novels. Has anyone here built this type of character yet? Can I get some advice and direction I can use to help my player? Career, Talent Tree etc. Thanks!
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