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  1. Try to come to Spain in Sanfermines with the bulls running down the street that is dangerous
  2. The worst character of MARVEL by far this one I won't buy
  3. Creo que no vais a tener respuesta por el simple echo de que FFG y FFG Espa簽a son propiedad de Asmodee que son los due簽os de todo el cotarro y si creen que tal o pascual cosa no tiene salida como el caso de Runewars lo quitan del medio, al fin y al cabo son negocios y les da igual el resto
  4. missing a narrator and background music I hope you incorporate it as you update the app
  5. Thanks for the answers was just simple curiosity --- http://heroesdeterrinoth.blogspot.com.es/ Blog in Spanish RuneWars ---
  6. Elves more Game Essentials Pack 85 $......Core set 100 $ Something expensive do not you think? --- http://heroesdeterrinoth.blogspot.com.es/ Blog en espa簽ol --- Runewars
  7. @Sorastro Bravo, I immediately link it on my blog so that everyone can see their work, he plans to also put the equivalence table of the paintings as in the previous video.
  8. @Sorastro Have you been a follower of yours, do you mind if I put your video on my blog?
  9. Great unboxing --- http://heroesdeterrinoth.blogspot.com.es/ Blog in Spanish RuneWars ---
  10. I do not see anyone complaining that the thumbnails are not prepainted --- http://heroesdeterrinoth.blogspot.com.es/ Blog in Spanish RuneWars ---
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