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  1. Because the career has access to Jaded which grants immunity from non-supernatural sources of fear by including Fear not the Warp you are still makeking the SoS Fearless however she does not suffer the detrimental effects of Fearless in that she is forced to remain in a fight.
  2. The IH SoB is not a good career to base anything off it also suffered from the every advance under the sun problem with little to offset, the career that replaced this one unfortunately went a bit too far the other way to the point where after rank 6 the SoB now is largely irrelavent without some serious GMly intervention. That said however you will notice that although the IH SoB gets no 500xp basic stats all her combat stats beyond her BS which of course has no impact on melee all cost 250xp, you career on the othergand makes 2 majorly important combat stats as cheep as possible. Because of what you currently have available with regards to talents I would seriously consider dropping Toughness to a 250xp base to bring some balance in. As to the Witch Cage Talent I would suggest changing/dropping it from a purely fluff perspective. Being a blank is not a controllable thing per se, it is the lack of/a reduced warp pressence tied to the physical body of the blank that nulls the warp around them, they dont shape it or control it as there is nothing there to actually shape or control
  3. A few things. You have the stats that have a 100xp basic advance and only one with a 500xp basic advance, only one career in the game gets that, the cleric, and that is because he is a jack of all trades that never really becomes the best at anything. As an extension to that the combat focused career path gets every melee talent and skill under the sun that along with the cheaper stat advances that vastly unbalances the character and leaves the melee dedicated builds of the Guardsman and Assassin in the dust. At a glance I would say the career looks like a better version of assassin with extra bells and whistles, from a mechanical side it really needs some limitations to drop its power level. The roleplaying limitation of being unable to speak rarely works in round table rpgs. It promotes the idea of making a character purely for combat and nothing else which in an interaction and investigation driven roleplay game is just not good. Unless you want players sitting quietly and waiting for combat the Oath of Tranquility needs changing.
  4. Their are demonic traits that protect against force weapons but none that protect against santicfied ones, Grey Knight force weapons are sanctified so that they can still hurt the bigger Khorne daemons with these traits.
  5. If you are playing at low ranks (1 through to 5) do not expect much from your melee character in comparisson to shooty guys. On average at low level you will be lucky to get +10 to your attack roll whilst the shooter will easily pass +30 if he knows what he is doing and can hit multiple times. Shooting only needs BS and Ag to work where as melee needs WS, S and Ag and BS for most classes is usually cheaper to raise and S is typically a nightmare unless you are a guardsman, on top of that shooting talents are generally cheeper than melee ones. Once you get past rank 6 and have power weapons melee becomes more powerful and actually overtakes most shooting for damage output at assension level, until then prepare for a long hard road.
  6. Hammerhand is frankly useless by RAW. It cant be sustained and it takes up your attack action for the turn meaning you can not actually use the buff if gives you. I presume the power was initailly designed for one squad member to activate and then the rest of the party can use Brotherhood of Psykers to get the buff themsleves, but given the way Brotherhood of Psykers works it is still on the far side of useless.
  7. Limit thousand sons to the champion and sorcerer careers, forsaken/generic marines would be mindless drones in the thousand sons and not really suitable for PC roles gieven their utter lack of personality.
  8. Winged skull insignia are also often seen on Imperial Guard Commissars.
  9. Grey Knight Weapons are Astartes Weapons or more precisely have the same rule that makes weapons marine weapons (Man's Reach Exceeds his Grasp).
  10. Beyond what you have listed there is a an ascended psychic power for banishing a daemon and sanctified weapons can be used by those with pure faith to banish a daemon they kill.
  11. The psychic blade is explicitly a melee weapon that is not held and uses WP to hit instead of WS. Attacking with it uses the standard melee rules bar the already stated exceptions so any and all talents that interact with the melee rules (swift attack, Two-Weapon Wielder (melee) etc) can be used in conjunction when attacking with a psychic blade.
  12. The Two Weapon Weilder rules explicity states that Full-Auto can be utilised with the balistic version of the talent, however just because one type of Full action can be invoked using the TWW talent does not mean that others can.
  13. Currently its open to interpretation by GM and players. There is the argument that on a Primaris Psykers get far to much anyway and that the advancement does not work like the normal Psy Rating Talent and instead just boosts the rating by 1. The counter to that is that the book uses psy rating +1 to represent the fact that ascended psykers can have different starting psy ratings and a generalised talent was put in place to represent the fact that psykers can have vastly different psy ratings when entering an ascended career and so gives out extra powers as normal, in support of this is the Inquisitors and Interregators psy rating +1 advancement, given that without the normal talent rules they are absolutely hosed when it comes to getting powers. I personally am inclined towards the latter argument although that is persnal perspective rather than anything concrete.
  14. Primaris Psyker, Ghost in the Warp, Force Barrage. That at least 7 1d10+7 shots hitting on a 70+ coming his way that he can in no way detect and if he cant detect the attack, he can not dodge it. Everyday psyker with blood boil or crush, he cant dodge when he is knocked out. Have enemies with big guns hidden on the battle field, when they open fire he wont get any of his reactions against them because of him being unaware of the attack.
  15. From the general fluff written in the various 40K rule books and DH books, Sanctioning of psykers does not have to take place on Terra at all and the blackships will drop of psykers at Scholastia Psykana Temples as they travel around the Imperium, the only psykers that have to end up at Terra are the ones that will be sould bound to the Emperor and those that get fed to the Emperor to keep him alive.
  16. If your idea of versitility is a plus point, by using a variety of weapons in the STs case, then you have not got much of an argument for ST being strong. Cog-Boys, Redemptionist-Clerics and Arbites also come with the ability to pack loads of weapon training, get a better selection of skills and they dont lose their special trait when they get better guns. As soon as the ST puts down his Hellgun in favour of a Storm Bolter or a Plasma Gun he is no longer stands out as a combat character because the non-combat centric characters will be able to exactly what he can. Even with specialist splits in their career gaurdsmen make only passable scouts becuase of their middling Ag and Per and crap Officer thanks to expensive Fel and Int boosts coupled with overly expensive social skill advances. As you advance the assassins and the psyker go from strength to strength and remain outstanding combatants, the ST just falls in amognst the other careers which is not a good thing for a career that is all but dedicated to combat. Anyway, at ascended level all characters can adapt or better still change the situation to favour them. For example, your everyday run of the mill ascended deathcultist will cover over 100m in two rounds with an AB of 6 and Sprint, so it has to be one hell of a long range fire fight for the DC not to get into the stab and bounce territory and once they are there they win because very little can match them.
  17. Entropy13 said: Hey guys I was looking at my the possible routes my character could grow into and when i was looking through the higher rank advances I noticed that the Preceptor of the Savant Class gets the trait Total Recall. Now when I looked through the Scholar path I could not find the trait on any of the ranks. When I looked up the latest errata I didn't see it listed. I was wondering why a militant psyker could get total recall a more erudite style trait but the scholar does not. So to get to the point does anyone know why this is? I was talking with my GM about just putting it in a earlier tier of the scholar but we are not sure which one it would go in and how much it should cost. Any help would be appreciated thanks guys. Short answer: Game Balance Long answer: Ramblings about mechanical effects of talents and their effects on the outcomes of DH's d%100 system, the need for each career path to be in someway different from the others whilst maintaing a strong overall class theme which all boild down to the need to maintain game balance. If you want it start to work towards it in game and then ask for it as an elite advance It's probably not worth asking how from a background/career theme perspective does the scholar psyker become feerless and the warrior one remain capable of having the **** easily scared out of him.
  18. borithan said: I thought the... Callidus(? the shape changer) was quite well done. The rest... didn't quite give the image I think of when I think of Temple Assassins. The... why have I forgotten all the names... the sniper one... was just not done right at all. They should basically be completely asocial, but the character in there was not only social, but the leader. Psychotic killer one was... well not psychotic enough. They shouldn't be able to exist as talking individuals. They are killing machines pure and simple. Battlefield assassins like culexus and evesor who are more Rambo-esque super soldiers than assassins asside, why should Temple Assassins be totally asocial? Indoctrination and mind wiping is not the same as deletion of personality and social capacity The assassins from the Callidus, Vindicare and Venenum Temples are the Imperium's best best weapons yes, but as their methods typically involve getting to the enemy without being detected they need more than killing skills and infiltration is more than just hiding in some bushes as an enemy patrol walks past. They have to be able to pass themselves off as a normal person when in amongst the general populus and talk their way into places where they cant sneak in. I would put forward that far from being ascocial the majority of temple assassins would in fact be some of the most accomplished social operatives in the Imperium tanks to their unparralled training. Vindicare and any other Temple Assassin are reallyy not suitable for PC roles in DH games, they are by the fluff better than marines, they are the 1 in a 1,000,000,000,000,000 individuals given the training to make them far surpass humanity in every way to achieve one goal, death of the enemies of the Imperium. They are meant to be the Imperium's super heroes in a way, but that is not a good thing for a game when everybody else is just a run of the mill mortal doing their best to do the job in front of them.
  19. master_death said: 1. The ST is more flexible with weapon choices, as from Rank 10 on , he has the potential of being able to use every non-exotic weapon available. The Vindicare stops at Pistols and Basic weapons, but gets a few more exotic weapons. The Vindicare gets more fancy talents for melee, but pays considerably more EXP for increasing WS and S. So Vindicare is more the flashy Karate-fighter, while the Stormtrooper is the boring, but still effective boxer/grappler. The Vindicare get the exitus rifle and pistol, he does not need other weapons training and will never need WS and strength because he can just jump and shoot his way out of danger. Also remember this whole topic was started becuase the Storm Trooper trying to keep up with the combat power curve had to change weapons and loose the functionality of his careers unique trait whilst every other combatant gets to keep their big killy stuff regardless of what they do.
  20. I think the Vindicare and Death Cultist are more of the subtle action ninja types. Storm Troopers are soldiers, they can sneak a bit, but sneaking and being subtle is not their perpose, they are the gaurds heavy hitting infantry, they are relaible and resilliant, the work well as a squad and they know battlefield tactics. Unfortunately ascension removes them from the situation they are meant to be good in, drops them into a team with far better specialtists than themselves and as DH has nothing to represent battlefield tactics in any meaningful way the thing they are trained for and best at is not actually represented in game. On top of that you have two better resilliant tanks types in the Palantine and Crusader and a better heavy hitters in the assassins. At the end of the day they combat generalists (generalism is generally a very bad thing in DH) whos effectiveness plateaus at rank 9.
  21. If you say here is a chainsword you get +20 to attack with or here is a powersword with +0 every combat character will take the powersword. Hitting an enemy, especially at ascension level, is not a problem thanks to multiple attacks, blademaster and easily achieved high WS. Damaging an enemy on the otherhand is a nightmare so you grab the weapon that does more damage and as the gulf between the powerswords output and that of the chainsword is massive taking the powersword is a no brainer.
  22. I know what you mean, and actually would probably deal with the situation in a similar way. What I don't like is the fact that you have to bend the system and be unfair to give classes that feeling of contribution. The rules and the mechanics should have be designed so that all classes can feel like they are contributing when they are doing the thing they were designed for.
  23. I can sort of understand handing out superior kit to the Stormtrooper to bring him closer to the assassin power wise but if you drop things like dermal armour, MUI interfaces, replacement senses and tears of the dragon on the party stormtrooper your assassins are going to want a piece of that high end kit action themselves and at unless the assassin is unliked by the Inquisition he is going to be justified asking for it and you will have to give some GM in character crap not to let him have any and when the time comes and all your party have top of the line gear your Stormtrooper is going to be back on the bottom rung. The real problem is that combat options are actuallly quite limited if you look at it from an optimisation perspective (which your combatants will as they want to kill the enemy before the enemy kills them) the assassins get far better stuff to do thier jobs with than the stormtrooper. Hell, given the amount of high pen weapons kicking around at that level an extra point of AP whilst wearing carapace is not going to achieve much. Unfortunately the DH system does not promote being a good all rounder, so you guardman cant sensibly move out into different specialities because the characters who excel in thoses specialisations will be doing the task so much better. Which means you stormtrooper is left to improve his area of expertise (shooting based combat) where the other combat careers are just so much better (Vindicare, Twin hellpistol desperado, ranged psyker, ranged cog boy with a heavy weapon) .
  24. The DH rules were written by Black Industires, not FFG. Since aquiring the rights to the game FFG have been modifying it how they wan it to function. The original psyker system is something FFG dont seem to like (probably because it is a dice pool mechanic in a d% based game) and have been changing with each newer game. From the looks of Black Crusade it looks like the WP test method is going to be with us a while, which is a bit of a shame because the overbleed mechanic in the dice pool system although prone to being vastly overpowered is really cool and represents a more experianced psykers ability to be able to push thier powers further. I would advise being very cautious in mixing the rule sets of DH, RT and DW together, although all based on the same underlying mechanics and very similar rules, they do not balance well together at all.
  25. The other one is something like use a psychic power as a free action and not have it count as a combat action.
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