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  1. Please tell us what you think when you do! /Jimmy
  2. You can never guess what happened next! http://units.cards/product/the-scavenger-deck/
  3. Thank you for pointing to our Kickstarter! We hope to complement the gaming experience for many and compete with none, if any post-apoc fans finds our project fitting, we are very happy to have you! Regards, Jimmy Skepnad STUDIOS
  4. I have created some additional forms for download of the Bogenhafen Bulletin, follow this link: http://www.gestaltarskiten.se/bogenhafen-bulletin-hear-ye-hear-ye/ to the new and the previous editions. Please comment in the post if you have any suggestions or requests. Cheers!
  5. Posted a PDF-form on my blog and thought I´d appropriately share it here too. Any thoughts on further versions may be left in the comment field on the blog. This version i deliberately simple and "lightweight." Bögenhafen Bulletin.
  6. Specific information about Araby is very scarce, regardless of edition. References can be found in Marienburg about the Arabyan quarter, some WFB rulebooks, and scattered throughout various supplements through the years. And some of the early novellas/shortstories GW published (might be around re-packaged) contains references to far-away lands, such as Araby, Nippon and Lustria. You will have to go fan-based. For my own group, we are developing some cultural traits and Copher, the Spice Port. Cheers and good luck!
  7. I´ll recommend a visit to Bard at Stefana Batorego if you´re in Krakow (Cracow). Nice staff and games played for those interested. Think Prague is next on the RPG map!
  8. That´s what Im expecting - meeting other fans!
  9. Excellent! Thank you very very much!
  10. Anyone who can say if theres any physical RPG-store to visit while in Krakow, Poland? Any directions or www.adress would be nice. Going there in a couple of days and not fluent in Polish so googling hasn´t rendered much. Thanks in advance!
  11. I know that Jackdays is actively working with the map, improving several points towards Warhammer canon. Anyways its a beautiful map!
  12. TonyACT said: I have just started my first read through of the rules (and have no problem with organisation or readability so far except for minor typos - will see what lies in store). Anyway, got to page 19 of the main book and lo and behold, an old friend - the cover picture from my 1986 softcover edition. I had heard they had dregded up some older classics - nice to see this one feature so prominently - it has aged quite well (kinda like me I hope ). Other classic headers with references to the Old Warhammer Heritage is, Mistaken Identity and The Enemy Within. As adventures of the first edition, as many of you all know, this has become much of a trademark tagline(s) for Warhammer. You´ll find it in 2nd edition as well as in the new 3rd edition.
  13. Ferozstein said: Andy Law made a great mapping tutorial back in the day. http://hapimeses.com/tutorial.htm (edit - fixed the link) hapimeses.com/Simple%20Mountains.wmv Had some probs, so a direct link and use "Save as" might work...
  14. Dirach said: Stormdorf? Why not one of the existing villages? The name is in par with some of the names from Comics and Novels, and probably WAR. Can guess we´ll have more of this.
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