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  1. It will never be reprinted, at most they may do a 5th edition...maybe. I really am tired of hunting down games I want but can't seem to get because FFG wont print or stock enough for late comers to purchase. I refuse to pay the price gougers outrageous prices for games.
  2. Well I feel for ya dude. I feel the same way when Modiphious takes forever in distributing to the USA. I just feel they can get stuff printed and give jobs to those who need them here in the USA, not to a Hostile nation like China.
  3. Why are these new era source books taking forever to get off the boat, the Rise of the Separatists has been sitting on the boat now for over 5 months at least, whats the dang hold up on unloading and shipping them out? I mean it's been there on the boat since 9/6/2018. Now they announce they started a new book on 1/10/19 called Allies & Adversaries, who knows when that will be ready, probably by the end of 2020.
  4. The biggest thing I have to say about 4th edition is, AEG seemed like they didn't print or re-print enough core books ever, it's like they just gave up on it so I never, ever found a book or any supplements that we're not going for unreasonable prices and all I currently had was the 3rd revised edition and a bunch of supplements for it. Now I have FFG's version and pre-ordered everything I could this time around so I could play the latest version and so far it seems to be fine to me, I was tired of the old d10 roll and keep stuff anyhow. I had 1st & 2nd editions and when I got 3rd, I dumped them. 4th was bought up like wildfire so I can't comment on it too much as to play style but I figure it was the same as 3rd pretty much.
  5. I can wait, I already pre-ordered my Separatist book from GameNerdz.
  6. You must be one of the guys on eBay selling them for over $100+ then.
  7. Yes they are, I'd buy it from your store if I new where your store was, if it was nearby.
  8. When will we be able to get a copy for less than $115.00? I don't care how scarce it is, I'm not being gang raped from people on Amazon or eBay just to get this book. Come on FFG get us a copy on the shelves now.
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