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    GM Kit

    Well, I don´t know the Heroes Game but I see that the GMs around the world know their job! That´s good! After discussing the troubles of the RPG market with my local dealer it´s good to see that their are quite a few GMs who don´t bother too much with waiting for rulebooks, GM screens etc. They have their own ideas and creativity! Have fun! Cain out...
  2. Graham Cain

    GM Kit

    Hi there! In parts of Germany we are still waiting for the GM Kit but in my long carrer as GM I never bought a screen because of the screen! I usually bought them because of the adventure and additional stuff, rules etc. Most of the time we edited our own tables because most of the time you´ll need only about 30% of the stuff you find on a screen but definitely need some things that are not on it! Eg, what about the combat actions for the starship combat. Look at the tables you find in the Core Rules (p. 217). They´re good but the Extended Actions table lacks the default difficulty for the test. Does anybody know why? Well, maybe the answer to that is just 42! Only the Emperor knows! Did they correct it in the Drydock supplement? No! For 25 years I´m a player and GM but I´ve never seen a GM screen that really contained the things you need for running a game smoothly. So what to do about the Extended Actions table? Copy it an add the default difficulty and don´t wait for a GM screen to be published! The booklet that usually comes with the screen is usually worth waiting for. But according to the comments I read so far it´s not THAT good. Nevertheless most of the time the booklet is good for some adventure ideas and another bit of atmosphere which I really like in my games. Have fun out there! Cain out...
  3. Hi Tybalt! We also use some kind of homing beacon, a strong vox unit that as you said has to be carried and operated by one person. Otherwise the Tech-priests won´t know when to activate the Teleportarium again. But in our campaign the players don´t have to wear a personal beacon, they have to stay close to the vox unit. During a teleport the vox unit is the center of the portal, if you are not within the portal´s circle, well you stay where you are. If you are only partly within the circle, ohh... that´s pretty nasty! To love the Emperor means to die for him! Cain out...
  4. Hi Xisor! Thanks for your comment! Your ideas are quite nice, they give me new ideas of what happens if a critical failure occures. I really like the ideas of "off distance". Basically we don´t want to spent too much time on detailed rules for a Teleportarium or other things. My fellow GM and me like to use the rules as rough guidelines. That way we can flesh things out according to the situation. Imagine a situation when a player teleported a distance less than 2500 km, failed his Toughness check by 1 degree and thus has a malus of -10 to all his rolls. Additionally we might tell him that his nose is bleeding. On another occasion he might have random spasms, that´s why he gets the -10. Running our game that way saves the time of consulting all the necessary tables! We focus on good roleplaying and everybody´s fun. In our campaign none of the players is able to operate the Teleportarium and none of them will actually do it because that way they can´t join in and have to stay on board. Site to site teleports are not possible in our campaign, you have to go via the Teleportarium. That´s intended for otherwise our players get fancy ideas and that´s not the style and atmosphere of our game. My fellow GM and me agreed on a special way of how to protect yourself form the dangers of the Warp. Holy relics and sigils will do the job, but so far none of the players had the ideas of getting some. On the other hand it´s not that easy to lay your hands on sigils that really work. Thanks again for your good ideas! The Emperor protects! Cain out...
  5. Rules for A Teleportarium Using a Teleportarium in your game is fun and gives a GM many possibilities, BUT don´t under-estimate your players. They will find ways of using a Teleportarium you haven´t even considered. And every GM hates spoilers, don´t you? Therefore we decided to limit it by limiting it´s range, capacity and introducing time to recharge and a certain degree of danger. The Teleportarium in our campaign has the following stats: Range: max. 5000 km Capacity: 10 fully equipped persons Recharge: 10 minutes Why 5000 kilometers? According to the Core Rules this is half of 1 VU which still gives you plenty of room for boarding actions, but robs your players of the opportunity of boarding other ships without getting themselves into danger. 10 fully equipped persons or the equivalent amount of other material (eg explosives) offers all of your players the chance of joining in and even taking a squad of soldiers with them. A recharge time will strand them at their destination at least for a couple of minutes. They are cut off and have to survive without any help until another squad can teleport down and support them. This gives the GM plenty of time for nasty encounters if they so desire (and believe me they do desire it!). Some thoughts on how a Tele-portarium is run. First of all you do need Tech-priests to do all the necessary rituals and prayers to make a Teleportarium work. It can NEVER be done without Tech-priests. But on the other hand a Teleportarium is ancient technology and quite a few Tech-priest would be honoured to be given the chance to study it. Thus it shouldn´t be too difficult to find a bunch of Tech-priests to run and maintain this masterpiece of Archeotech. There should be a least five Tech-Adepts present to chant the proper prayers and perform all the rituals necessary. A Teleportarium will send your player right through the Warp which is dangerous, but don´t make it too dangerous because otherwise your players will refrain from using it. The Warp endangers your players body and mind, that´s why the players will have to test on Toughness and Willpower. If you are really nasty feel free to change the tables we use in our campaign. By the way, don´t tell your players about the rules. The Tech-priests won´t know about the effects. They can tell your players about the maximum range and that they will be exposed to the Warp which in itself is dangerous but that´s it! Have fun! 1. You have to scan the target area. Use your ship´s augur array according to the rules. A Vox signal sent from the target area will help you focusing and gives you a bonus of +10 on the roll. Every degree of success gives +5 to the Tech-use test. 2. The Magos has to make a Tech-use test. This test is modified by the bonus of the scan above and the distance between the ship an the target area. Distance: Modifier: 0 - 1000 km +20 1001 - 2000 km +10 2001 - 3000 km + 0 3001 - 4000 km -10 4001 - 5000 km -20 Every degree of success gives your players a bonus of +10 on the Toughness and Willpower test. 3. Now your players have to see what happend to them during their Warp transit. Depending on the distance they have to check against Toughness or Toughness and Willpower. Up to 2500 km: Toughness test modified by the degree of success of the Tech-use test done before. Success: Teleport doesn´t unsettle you. Failure: You feel dizzy. 1d5 minutes -5 to all actions. 1-2 degrees You really feel sick. 1d10 minutes -10 to all actions. 3+ degrees Your body didn´t like the Warp! You are out for 1d5 minutes. More than 2500 km: Toughness and Willpower test modified by the degree of success of the Tech-use test done before. Toughness test - see above Willpower test Success: Teleport doesn´t unsettle your mind. Failure: You´ve seen strange things. Gain one Insanity Point. 1 degrees Your trip was quite unsettling. Gain 1d5 Insanity Points. 2+ degrees You experienced horrible things while exposed to the Warp. Gain 1d10 Insanity Points. 4. Another teleport is not possible before the Teleportarium has recharged itself which will take 10 minutes. No roll necessary. Cain over and out...
  6. HI there! Here are some names for those of you who like German ship names: Götterdämmerung Morgenröte Hammer der Gerechtigkeit Pilgerfahrt Rache des Imperators Hoffnungsschimmer Bote der Gerechtigkeit Bote des Lichts Bote der Hoffnung Drusus Rache Drusus Zorn Rheingold Hort der Hoffnung Hort der Wahrheit Himmelsarche Kreuzfahrer Schwert des Herrn Erzengel Schwert des Imperators Flammender Stern Sonnenglut Sternenschweif Flamme der Hoffnung Flamme der Gerechtigkeit Flamme der Zerstörung Zerstörer Arche der Gläubigen Odins Weltenschiff Walhalla Licht des Ostens Loreley Neuschwanstein Freusburg Tannenberg Burg des Herrn Ehrenbreitstein Rammbock Hoffnungsbrunn Born der Wahrheit Adlerhorst Greifenklau Strahlender Stern Greif der Rache Raubvogel So, these are some ideas. If you want anything specific, give me the english name and I try to translate it. So long and thanks for all the fish...
  7. Here are some more ideas: Avenging Angel Heaven´s Fist Speeding Hawk Angel´s Wing Angelus Golden Raptor Godspeed Shining Hope Emperor´s Trust Sovereign Pilgrim Ark of Hope Ark of Glory Cherub of Light Elohim´s Ark Azazel´s Bane Singing Seraphim Metatron´s Might Pathfinder Uriel´s Path Barque of Heaven Blazing Glory Ma´at´s Justice Helios´ Furnace Chariot of the Sun I hope some the names catch your fancy! Have fun!! :-)
  8. ... and I will enjoy it! Thanks a lot for all the work you put into the stuff! I can´t wait to lay hands on my own copy of RT.
  9. Well, you don´t need a new sector to play thr Ravonr story. We are playing it in the Calixis. You just have to modify it a bit, but our GM did a really good job in transfering it to the Calixis Sector. I am lokking forward to Part 2 for we just finished the first novel!!
  10. Hi there! I played `Forsaken Bounty`with my group and it didn´t run according to plan, but I never expected it in the first place. My player are quite into all the WH40K stuff thus they had their own ideas of how to rescue the ship. They wantd it for themselves and they actually managed! But I played a Prologue so they had the chance of doing all the planning necessary. Give your players some leeway and you will get quite astonishing ideas! Play it and have fun! The Emporer protects (Even silly players!)
  11. Hello out there! So far I´m really impressed by all the stuff released so far. And I´m looking forward to the Corerules themselves. I´m already playing in the Koronus Expanse with my group and thus the map comes in quite handy! Hopefully we will get some copies of the rules here in outer Germany. So long and thanks for all the fish
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