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  1. I was kind of shocked when I saw the price for this even though you get a lot of stuff. After looking at the preview at Gen Con and reading some posts that the rule books are hardback and between 90 something and 128 pages, I looked at one of my latest purcheses for the WFB game. The Uniforms & Heraldry of The Empire book is hardback, 72 pages, and cost $24.75. $99.95 doesn't seem unreasonable to me now.
  2. I'm looking forward to V3 coming out and am very pleased with the different games FFG has produced for the Warhammer world.
  3. From what I gathered at one of the Gen Con seminars, there are no charts in the books. The cards are it. The reason for this was given that a stack of cards would be easier to use than looking up charts in a book. Tzeentch's Curse was given as an example. If you miscast, you have to decide to roll on the tables in either the core book or Realms of Sorcery, which I don't have so I don't know if the updated tables include the ones from the core book. With drawing from a card deck, when they get updated, you just shuffle in the new cards.
  4. I heard at one of the Gen Con seminars that it might be out for Christmas.
  5. If I remember correctly, I thought one of the Fantasy Flight people at Gen Con said it would be out in around 6 weeks. Look for it at the end of September or the first couple of weeks of October.
  6. Played the new version last night at Gen Con. Sounds like the mechanics are the same, don't know about the cards, and the playmat has been reduced to a strip that holds your middle line only. You put one line above and below the strip. The game was a blast to play. There were only 4 copies left with about 10 minutes left before the exhibitor room closed last night. I didn't see anymore copies today.
  7. Today, I asked one of the people giving demos of Chaos in the Old World at Gen Con if there will be any expansions and he said that none were planned.
  8. If you can't make it to Gen Con, I saw one on eBay.
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