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  1. the question of how to work an ork into the crew instantly reminds me of the character Fawkes from Fallout 3. I just dont know why, maybe because supermutants look like orks
  2. ok well we re-rolled the duplicate mutation... the guy is now also a necrophage.......
  3. Ok, so one of my players decided to make a tainted character with the mutant option, the character is a deathworlder and rolled ravaged body (with a roll of 5) his mutations were as follows: Brute Hideous strength Hideous strength Corpulant and Hulking. My questions are. does hideous strength stack? and for starting wounds do you use the unnatural toughness of corpulant (thus giving the character a TB of 10) and then double it for wounds? oh and finally how much could a person with a combined SB adn TB of 34 carry? thanks in advance.
  4. Does anyone know a place where i could find a good map of a space station or planet based research station to use in an up comming scenario. Its to do with the Nostromo navigator family. thanks in advance
  5. i read somewhere that bolters do a sort of double thud, once for being fired and then again for when the ramjet kicks in. could be wrong though so it would be something like. Thud-Thud-BOOM (screams)
  6. whats going to be really fun is that my gaming group have no real knowledge of the 40k universe, i think they all know who the emporer and horus are but maybe not who the lion or the gorgon are.....should be fun Also trying to figure out what sort of plot hook to use to get them back there.
  7. Hmm hadnt thought of that, I was mainly thinking that all they do will have already been done by them (thus causing no temporal headaches)
  8. Ok, so ive been thinking, time is diffrent in the warp right, and there ARE cases of a ship showing up a century or so after it was meant to. Is it within the realm of possibility (in 40k at least) that a ship could be catapulted back in time, say 10 millenium..... thats right im considering sending my players into the center of the bloody war that is the Horus Heresy. am i being too ambitous? and what do you all think?
  9. This sort of thing has come up a couple of times in my games most notible with the 2nd free scenario. I usually use my judgment, if the warp drives dont work and you dont know why chances are teleporters wont either, also they had planned a teleport assualt for their next mission, but ive told them this would be risky as they intend to port into a hive city.
  10. thanks everyone. This has been really helpful. Not sure when i will use them but its nice to be able to. This is all mainly for a big battle going on in the background while the PC's do a covert mission against the blood pact and a couple others.
  11. Does anyone know of a good vehicle combat rule set?? im having trouble finding one
  12. im just going to use the profile for the alpha legion space marine on dark reign, though i might unnatural toughness as that might make him a lil too tough for my players
  13. not sure if it is just them or them and the mooks.... have contimplated using the pilgrims of hayte with an Alpha Legion marine as their leader.
  14. Hi guys, ive been running the premade scenarios for RT. We just finished them when my players announced they wanted to upskill their mooks. So they got to a warworld and where told if they could help out assassinating a chaos cult that their mooks would get trained for free. So far ive decided not to use some of the cooler cults like logicans and genestealers. The mission takes place in an outer hab. BUT this is my first attempt at making my own scenario and im kinda wondering where to start. So basically im looking for any help i can get. Our party is rank 2 made up of the following A Rogue trader An Archmilitant with man portable lascannon Astropath and a (very) Mutated navigator. so um any help would be great thanks.
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