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  1. I think that New Caprica adds to the game time, but not much to the elements of the game-play. It also added a complex set of rules and new locations that have to be explained such when playing the game. It was something "fresh and new" but in the long run did not pan out for long term play, and it really does not play well with the other expansions. I would certainly say try it. Play the base and add the expansions one at a time, even in steps (expansion have more than one "element" so you can add one element at a time). See what your group likes.
  2. Sorry it took some time to respond. I assume you are playing Pegasus expansion. If they have at least one Cylon card (they could have 2 post sleeper!), they reveal 1 card and hand all remain cards to a human of their choice. If all cards are You are Not a Cylon, they reveal all, and leave those cards in front of them. They only get another card if this happens pre-sleeper. Its a good way to make sure your admiral is a human.... hehe. Pegasus page 11.
  3. Not official, but you appear to have worked it out correctly.
  4. Assuming you are serious... there is no fail effect. Closest equivalent would be "nothing happens" - and if the nothing happens doesn't get triggered... I guess nothing happens. And all robots heads exploded do to logic overload.
  5. Delayed is not to hard once you "get it", but it has always been a hard part for me to get my head around. Sort of like "lose a turn" but the "turn" point is the end of the action phase! Ouch, my brain hurts again.
  6. It has previously been reported that FFG has said it should be worded that they MUST give the card away. The process itself is either if you ignore the word "sympathizer" and try to apply it to game play. It's a game balancing mechanic for even numbered players. If the humans are ahead, the cylons get a slightly lamed helped. If the cylons are ahead, the human retain the person but are penalized with them sent to the brig. When the sympathizer is "human", we call them humans. When they are cylons, we call them "lame" cylons (or such). Lame cylons do not get a super crisis card and can not use the cylon fleet location. If you are a revealed cylon, you hand the card off to any human (aka un-revealed cylon) player. Even if the rules do read that you can keep it, you are ruining the game if you don't. (Can't think of a legitimate case to keep it, even if you end up giving it to the other cylon who is unrevealed. They can always tell you they are the other cylon). If no resources are in the red: You become the lame cylon. If you are an unrevealed cylon, you may hand off your unrevealed card as/if allowed by rules (in base game, an action space on ressurection ship). This can actually be a pretty strong play. Otherwise: You are sent to the brig. This does not effect which side you are on. Humans still human team, unrevealed cylons still cylon team.
  7. G&I is played during (well, proir to) the voting, where skill cards are added. This is where it applies - prevents the normal adding of the 2 cards to the destiny deck. TI is a skill check card, which applies during the totaling part of the skill check... after the reveal but before totalling the strength. I do not know that this is clearly stated anywhere (I check the FAQ), but since G&I is base set, I am sure it was intended to ONLY effect the voting portion as there was no skill check ability cards when it was written. If you feel strongly that it WAS intented to do that, email FFG they are pretty good about answering questions... and then post it here!
  8. The Errata mentions this, and says the investigator is chosen before.
  9. Looks like rules page 9 says the investigator draws and resolves the card for encounters, and page 10 says lead investigator for Mythos. Almost every game I have played, "another" person reads the card for story effect. The investigator has the right to know the full card, but for game effect its fun to play the "mystery choice" style. Usually, when they hear what will happen when the choice is made (before any dice rolls) that can ask what the other option was and change. This also speeds up the game with not have to read out the entire card, re-read the options, debate, etc... though that is a valid part of the game.
  10. I like this idea, seems to address a constant discussion point of the game. If I read this correct, seems that Laura (who already has issues) now has a Cylon detector... Attack or crisis? Maybe she could get 2 pursuit deck cards pick one (and her 2 crisis still), and for an attack deck, 2 attack cards pick one. To me, that almost makes her exciting to play! "Did she play the good attack or the bad one?" or as you mentioned "Do we want an attack soon" (she could pick the higher pursuit card if).
  11. If you are like me when I ordered a missing piece (after a convention)... they will totally turn up in the next week... without even looking for them.
  12. It is mentioned (admittedly not clearly) in the rules especially on page 20 (phrased serveral ways), such as "Revealed Cylon players may not use actions or abilities listed on Skill Cards." It is clarified specifically in the FAQ (available on the FFG web site and included with later print versions of the game): Q: Can a revealed Cylon player be targeted by the “Executive Order” Skill Card or Quorum Cards? A: No. Note: In the expansion, a cylon leader who is infilitating has different rules.
  13. Just reading real quick but... (revealed) cylons can't be XO'd.... which it sounds like you are saying happened? Normally you get 1 maybe 2 and by that time its to late to start playing them!
  14. Having gone a second time, a re-read of the rules might help. It will be way easier to read and follow now. You might find you have made a mistake here or there. I am wondering how you got so many heavy raiders on so easy? And if I know that was what you like to do, I would use Kat (expansion character who can use skill cards for dice rolls) or Helo (rerolls, get him XOed) to knock out the raiders. If you are a cyon at the start, and not in an important roles (or character)... I say reveal. Especially if XOed. If you are going to reveal, throw some dirt early (mess up a check, or hurt it). If there is another cylon out, who is maybe admiral or such, they know you are out there. Once you reveal, if there is another cylon, they can stay "human" and try to hurt stuff, all the while blaming it on you. Sometimes Cylons spend to much time looking for "the right moment" all the while helping the humans far to much.
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