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  1. I know I'm a bit late to the party but I just got back into Anima and came across this while looking around for homebrew material. Out of curiosity, is this project still being worked on?
  2. So I'm curious about making a blacksmith type character and I've got all the work up for it however I can't seem to find anywhere that has prices for crafting materials. Anyone know where I can find this?
  3. Raybras said: What Yuffie uses is a high quality Enormous Shuriken, nothing extra special. as far as the raven goes, i'll research it a little later for maybe a visual on it. Never thought of it that way, but yeah I suppose you're right. Only thing I could think of is maybe some kind of pinwheel type weapon?
  4. Yeah I saw that already, though they didn't really discuss ideas for what to do with it, just mainly debated whether it was worth taking or not. Looking around on the forums I came across some custom Legacies that gave me an idea of allowing a player to spend 1, 2, or 3 CP on this Legacy to pick from a list of different Dragon themed abilities.
  5. Trying to figure out what to do with this Advantage in my game and the problem is there are no real suggestions, the only thing to go off of are the Magnus that are attached to it. So I'm coming to the community to see what others have done with this Legacy, seeking some suggestions on how to use it in my game.
  6. Regarding +20 and +25, that's kind of what I thought. The way it describes them as being psuedo-divine items basically made it sound like they were intended to be used as a quest reward or something like that, but then it mentioned in the information for Forging about requiring supernatural methods to craft an item above that so I wasn't sure. I kind of imagined the Raven almost being like something akin to the weapons Yuffie uses in Final Fantasy VII, but I wasn't entirely sure. if it were just a multi bladed weapon that'd be easier to imagine, but the fact that it spins makes it hard to imagine wielding without cutting yourself up somehow.
  7. This is sort of a two part question. Question 1.) In the book, it says that masterwork equipment can be between +5 and +25, however if I'm understanding the rules for forging correctly, the maximum bonus you can get with equipment is based on the material it is made of, and thus the highest quality obtainable is actually +15? It says to get higher than this requires supernatural methods, but doesn't really give an example of what. Can you only get higher quality than +15 by using magic, or are there other methods I'm just not seeing? Question 2.) In the list of prices for weapons it lists a weapon called the Scourge, with a weight and cost, but nowhere else in the book is it mentioned. Was this a typo of some sort or did the stats just not get added in for some reason? Also, just out of curiosity does anyone have any sort of visual reference for the Raven? I'm sort of having a hard time picturing what it actually is.
  8. Well that answers the question about Nephilim but how about the question about raising stats above 10 and learning spells beyond lvl 50 in a certain path?
  9. Swordwraith said: Einlanzer said: Skywalker said: Nephilim and Spellcasters are considered much as they would have been during the Witch Hunts in European history. So Nephilim are considered monstrosities and spellcasters are witches? What about characters who use healing magic or gifts given by Elan? Not quite true with the Nephilim. Almost all Nephilim are physically indistinguishable from humans, and can blend into society accordingly. Only supernatural abilities will detect their reincarnated souls. All magic is bad. Everything Supernatural is bad in the eyes of the Church unless the Church decides you were granted these powers as a 'gift from God' (AKA, you're working for the Church). Other religions have a different take on things, but since the Albidion Church is by far the most massive and influential on the Old Continent, its their word that makes the call. Additionally, since it was originally the state religion of the Empire, most common folk share the sentiment. Well the reason I was curious about the Nephilim was mostly due to the image of the Jayan in the book, if that were really how they looked it would be hard to hide your supernatural nature, and by true christian beliefs he would most definately be considered evil because of the horns and dark skin, making him appear demonic. However I suppose it could simple be the artist taking a bit of liberty in how large the horns actually are.
  10. Sorry for so many questions but I have one more thing that just came to mind. The book talks about raising Characteristics above 10 but states there is a human limit that it can be raised to, however I can't recall where in the book I read it, and I wanted to know on a related subject how one raises their Magic Level above 50?
  11. Skywalker said: Nephilim and Spellcasters are considered much as they would have been during the Witch Hunts in European history. So Nephilim are considered monstrosities and spellcasters are witches? What about characters who use healing magic or gifts given by Elan?
  12. Two more questions, what is your appearance score used for and do you need to buy a combat module to start out with a proficiency in your chosen weapon or do characters begin with an automatic weapon module?
  13. Hello all, I'm a new player and game master to the Anima system, the system seems very interesting and I'm looking forward to running it however I have a few quick questions I'm hoping a few of you might be able to clear up. Using the games prebuilt setting there seems to be a lack of description on how the world reacts to Nephilim and what niche in the world Spellcasters fit into, are they considered heretical, are they treated as monsters or pagans or witches? It would help to understand when running a game the dispositions the world shared towards these races and classes, whether a Summoner can walk around with his entourage of creatures without being burned at the stake, are Nephilim left in a forest to be devoured by beasts or hunted as beastmen? I was also curious if there was any sort of "Monster Manual?"
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