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  1. Cifer said: @Rewision Is there not? You tell me - try and edit your first post. There is, although not an official one. Just hit "Report to moderator" (at the lower right corner, under the signature), then change the "edge_foros_reportar.asp" part of the URL to "edge_foros_editar.asp", and voila, you can edit your posts at any time.
  2. Sunatet

    Just arrived!

    I'm sorry guys, but I have to relieve myself. Today is FRIDAY, and after almost 3 MONTHS of waiting (I ordered my BC copy at the beginning of July, and its end of September), I finally got my email saying, that my order was send to me... ON FRIDAY! So I have totally FREE WEEKEND, with ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do, and NOTHING PLANNED, bored to death, and since the order was send ON FRIDAY, I'm going to receive it no sooner than MONDAY! My next 2 weeks INCLUDING WEEKENDS, I can only think of as HELL UNLEASHED with ABSOLUTELY NO FREE TIME, with no even being at home. Whom should I thank for sending my order on FRIDAY after almost 3 months waiting, just before the only weekend, that I have time to actually read it?!?! **** I'm mad...
  3. Lockark said: I'm going to point out the irony of going on about more much more mature you are, but you have shown your quite easily offended by a off hand comment that was meant as a joke.... To the point of haveing to write long posts explaining how offended you were. O.o If something on the internet offends you THAT much, it's best just not to even reply to it. Less the REAL trolls are watching.... The internet might be a public fourm, but it's Annonymous also.... What he said. @RuneKnight3 I'm going to borrow your joke, and create a Slaanesh follower, that will mock Khorne warriors, and their "Blood for the Blood God" war cry by screaming what you wrote right in their faces, and do such nasty abusing things to them after they will be defeated (yes, becouse I AM one of "those" guys). On topic: My shop just changed availability to 28th september 2011, but I also got the email that says, it's already in their warehouse, so it's SOON.
  4. Hi I'm totally new to WH40K (barely acquired the core books for DH, and RT - reading in progress), so I don't know what Faith Powers are, but I'm not new to WFRP3, so maybe I can give you a hand Necrozius. If said powers are based on Fate Points, and you don't want your players to exploit the WFRP3 mechanic in this case, maybe allow them to use the Faith Powers only, when player Fate Point personal supply is full, or almost full (say full-1). Additionally, each time they use Faith Power, they may have to roll 1 Fortune die (you have those dice right?), for each Fate Point left in their personal supply, and if the result is Blank, then lose that Faith Point (or if the Faith Powers are stil too powerfull, you may tell them, they have to clear they personal FP supply each time they use one). If there is a need it may also clear the group supply at each use. Then, they will be forced to use Faith Powers less often, and each time they try, they risk of losing the rest of their Fate Points (50% for each FP if you decide to roll). Just my 2 cents, as I said, I don't know much of the system YET.
  5. Thanks guys for your kind words @Doc I would like to say yes, but that would be supporting the system, which I have to say, I have no intention to do anymore. That was the main reason to kill the page in the first place, as I don't have to pay a penny for my server (I simply work there), so I could keep it up without problems. It's that, either I do something, and I do it best I can, or I don't do it. Sorry if that sounds blunt, arogant, or otherwise silly, but that's the truth. I bet though, that at least some of that stuff is still available in one way, or the other. Check Gitzman's page (see the link in his post), Liber Fanatica forums, or ask forum vets (they may have a copy somewhere). Also, if I remember right, every thing that hits the interwebs, stays in the interwebs. @Callidon There is no link. I didn't make any posts about that (except in here), and just few people over the forum knew that I'm leaving. And my descent... it was coincidence of unfavorable circumstances that happened in a short span of time... and since I'm hot tempered, and more stubborn that even the most stubborn dwarf, it ended like it did. There is no point in rambling about it, if you enjoy the game, stay with it! Thank you guys for the fun times, was really nice working with you Maybe we'll see each other in another place. Good gaming to you all
  6. Genesismaster said: Sunatet's Tool's page: www.gmtools.excelocms.com The site seem to be Dead? I hope not!!! Yes it is dead. I'm afraid I no longer play, or support Warhammer 3-rd edition. I had my reasons, but since this is a discussion forum for the fans of the system, and no "whine", "QQ", or "cry about" board, I won't go into the details. I'm looking forward to the upcoming Black Crusade, and generally have my interest in WH40k universe growing. Good gaming everyone.
  7. Gallows said: But it's not so much right and wrong. It's more a matter of what you like... It's just nice to not create a broken system when trying to lower the success rate of high difficulty rolls. Yup, totally agree. To each his own I was just posting to provide feedback, and point possible problems, and I don't intend to try to convince people if I'm right or wrong. It's a Houserules section after all No more statistics from me, I promise (I will just mention, that adding additional die, should put the system close to what used to be when 2-nd ed was rolling - not that it is right, or wrong, it just should work more or less like that ).
  8. If I may add few things on Chaos Star rule. First thing is to remember to not depend on Dice Roller to count probabilities. The results are statistics of rolled dice, not probabilities (I made the rolls with same dice pools, and results were different by +/- 5% each time I rolled). Another thing is, that when you add a reroll to a symbol that was not designed to do so, you are affecting not only success chances, you change the core mechanic, and how system behaves. Normal difficulty range is flat, and goes somewhat like this: simple=1, normal=2, hard=3, daunting=4 (not number of dice, just some values for presentation purposes). Difficulty normal is as much more difficult from simple, that hard from normal, and daunting from hard, and allows for easy and seemless difficulty scale. When you add a reroll, you suddenly change that to be geometric: simple=1, normal=3, hard=6, daunting=10 (again, not number of dice, and not accurate numbers, they are just to show, what happens with the difficulty). So the difference between difficulty normal and simple is 2, but difference from difficulty hard and normal is no more 2, its bigger, even more so if you look at the difference between daunting and hard and compare it with normal and simple. It doesn't scale well, and you may have to put something in between. It may also lead to some situations, where rolling Chaos Stars = failed test (especially on higher difficulties). With core rules, the power of Challenge die is somewhere in the middle between 2 Misfortune and 3 Misfortune, when you add a reroll, its not anymore. With reroll, and 2 challenges it becomes much more powerfull than 3 Misfortune, so if your players depend on some cards, or combination of cards that grant 3 Misfortune, they may suddenly be forced to change that. Reroll also raises the chance to roll other symbols, so it also increases the number of Banes rolled, and Chaos Stars rolled, and Chaos Stars fuel many negative effects (ie. miscasts, corruption, misfire), so it means they will happen more often, and in higher degree. It also affects many action cards as some add 1 or more Challenge dice to the pool opposed to cards that add some Misfortune, and as a result makes cards that were usefull to the players become less wanted, and more dangerous (if such a card has also Chaos Star entry, and Chaos Stars happen more often, when you add a reroll). And at the end, reroll bogs the game down, and require a lot of Challenge dice, which aren't cheap and easy to get. Every time you roll a Chaos Star you need to get another Challenge, roll it, count, and if you make a more demanding test with higher difficulty, and add Expertise dice, you may roll, and roll, and roll... I stongly reccomend redesigning this rule, and removing reroll, as its impact is much more than simple change of success rates. Besides, this rule was created when the system was fresh, and with latest add of Corruption rules, Diseases, and incoming Permament injuries GM's were presented with very powerfull tools to keep their player's at bay. No need to make it that harsh on them.
  9. I agree with Gallows. FFG should come out with something more usefull than their current unbalanced dice packs, that you buy, and buy, and can't get enough of the dice you want. Player's, and GM's packs would be great. Vault's were the good starting point for that, but the opportunity was wasted... With the core set, 8 dice packs, and now GM's Vault (I was so disappointed and mad when I opened this one, that I left the stuff for a few hours before opening the other boxes) I finally have enough Blue, Red, and Green dice to start throwing them at my players (Yay! A head shot!), but still lack in the field of Black and Purple (I like shareless play).
  10. plutonick said: Thanks. Was this step mentioned someplace and I missed it? Otherwise other people (that don't access this thread) may get the same error and not know what to do. No I don't think it was mentioned. On the other hand, the pluign I linked here is not supposed to be part of Liber Fanatica (we used it as a base for Liber Fanatica cards before we get those beautifull backgrounds from Jussi, and then migrated the ones we considered most important to Liber Fanatica plugin). Not sure what to do with it right now... I won't be able to migrate more cards this year, and Jussi deserves a break after all his hard work... JAY ?!?!
  11. plutonick said: Thanks for LF7. I would need some help on getting the pregens eos cards working tho. I installed Strange Eons and the WFRP and LF pluggins, but when I try to open the pregen careers, i get an error. java.io.FileNotFoundException: The script needed to create the component could not be found wfrp3_adds/demo_sheet_talents.js What am I doing wrong? The Demo Sheets were not yet moved into Liber Fanatica plugin (I have no Liber Fanatica themed backgrounds for them yet). You can find them in this plugin for now: www.gmtools.excelocms.com/download/wfrp3_adds.seext
  12. Emirikol said: Sunatet, Forward it to Herr Arnulf. He can get it uploaded to the website Jay, looks like I have some problems with my mailbox. I tried 3 times to send a mail, no success, so You will have to create new "Interpreted Omen.eon" card, and send it to Herr Arnulfe (the plugin itself is Ok by the way, only this one file needs replacement).
  13. Cwell2101 said: Edit : Sunatet, i have an error opening the "Interpreted Omen" .eon with the message of missing ressource : "condition-card-back-template" & "condition-card-template". No other errors around (up to date on plug-ins), i can create a new Condition Card from LF7 set (Pitch Black is the default) Aaaa, I know, where the problem is. Shortly before we published LF7 I was making changes in Liber Fanatica plugin, because LF plugin, and my own plugin were interfering, and stealing their backgrounds from themselves. So I changed the paths. Jay just uploaded the "eon" file from previous version (before the paths were changed). Fortunately, this is just one card (its on page 21 in Liver Fanatica VII), so the fastest way around is, that You create new one in SE, and copy the text to it. I'm sure Jay will upload correct version soon
  14. Thorvid said: Oh Sunatet, it is not a catastrophe. Your work is great despite this one flaw. I'm sure it can be fixed with an errata; where there's a whip (whoo-snap), there's a way! Muahhahhaha I'm just messing with what Jay said to us, when we were in the beginning phase of the project. It gave me a good laugh, and I'm messing around with it since then If You are using Liber Fanatica SE plugin, then there is even Location Card addressing that Orcs with whips FTW!!
  15. Sausageman said: Emirikol said: Undermound/Jussi did our artwork and Layout. What a fantastic WFRP artist. This guy deserves a medal for the work he did. Here's his gallery: undermound.deviantart.com/gallery/ Jay H That guy is awesome. FFG need to give him a job. Yes, and Yes He took out usual black text on white background, and made it a marvel And no cards looked better before
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