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  1. I bought the core game a few weeks ago and my gaming group really like it. Right now we just randomly choose houses and the melee ensues. We'd like to add a Martell and Greyjoy deck as well to give us more options to choose from, but we want to keep them evenly powered with the core decks so one person isn't getting an overpowered deck all the time. So, is there a recommended deck list out there for making an evenly powered Martell and Greyjoy deck? or can someone come up with one for me? I'm fine with buying multiple expansion packs to get the deck components, this biggest thing is that we want them to be evenly powered. Also along those lines, we were thinking of adding a Nights watch deck, or Wildling deck to get additional options, but that might be harder to balance with the core decks. And as far as the core decks are concerned, anyone have any recommended additions or changes to make them more balanced or just more fun? For example, I want to take Maester Aemon out of the Targaryen deck since he really has no purpose there (I get why he's there, since he is a Targaryen after all, but other than that he has no purpose in that deck) and put him in the Stark deck to play off of Jon Snow and Benjen, but what would you recommend adding to the Targaryen deck to replace Aemon? Stuff like that. Thanks for your input.
  2. Quick rules question: There is a Chthonian in the outskirts and a mythos card says "All Chthonians and Dholes in Arkham are returned to the monster cup" So would the Chthonian go back to the cup?
  3. Anyone know of any good miniatures out there that are decent representations to use as character tokens instead of the cardboard ones? I found a miniature that's suppose to be Kaylee from Firefly at Heresy Miniatures: javascript:void(0);/*1328196333984*/ Could use that for Cally, paint her suit orange. Know of any others for the other characters?
  4. Anyone know of any games that use a similar system to Mutant Chronicles? I REALLY like the mixture of miniatures and card game, and I also really liked army building of this game making the cards and action takes all take army slots. But, since this game is dead I'd like to find something else that is comparable. Any suggestions?
  5. I have to disagree, i really don't think making the ability movement will make him overpowered. You compared his ability to actions like the press room or consolidate power. unlike these, his ability does not gain you any additional cards, if he only has 5 cards, he will end up with still only 5 cards. And they have to be of his skill type, so it's not like he can his hand for anything at any time. He can still only get leadership, tactics or piloting AND they have to be of all the same type. If someone XOs him and he has no cards in his hand its not like he can gain cards from his ability. As was stated previously, making his ability movement instead of action still doesn't make him anywhere near as powerful as Tory. Say Anders goes first ... he can't even use his ability on his first turn since he'll have no cards. And if you're playing a large enough game that he's not the only pilot, then he'll have no cards for a long time. Even if he's not first, he's still stuck with 3 cards for a long time. Now lets go to the flip side, and say he has a full hand of 10 cards, or even more, say he saved up and now he has a hand of 15 cards after drawing. now he drops ALL 15 cards to is ability. He can't get political or engineering, so building nukes, repairing, consolidating power, and political prowess are out. He could get 15 leadership cards and be guaranteed an XO ... as powerful as XO is, there are a lot of them in the deck and you can almost as easily get them with Adama or Kain. Not overpowered He could take 15 piloting and get a bunch of evasive maneuvers and maximum firepowers ... sounds pretty powerful, but when you consider that it would take him at LEAST 4 turns to get that many cards to finally be a good pilot, it's not good. And by this time you have probably been thrown in the brig for never playing a card into a skill check, Cylon. He could take take 15 tactics cards and be guaranteed a scout ... and a strategic planning to go with it! Same as XO, scouting is nice and all, but there are a lot of scouts in the deck, and Dee or Kain can get them just as easily. Now finally, redemption, you are about to draw a crisis card and have 14 skill cards (assuming you used one as your action) to dominate it with ... "president chooses?!?" Well, there goes 4 more cards since you are over the hand limit. Don't get me wrong, there are times when his ability as a movement would be awsome ... but you can say that about EVERY character. Even Saul Tigh's ability can be awsome. Say you are Saul and you determine that Starbuck is the Cylon (or if you just don't like the person playing her), you can throw her in the brig with a skill check of only ONE! OMG! That is way to overpowered, how can you not pass a skill check of one. I'm not trying to be an @ss about it, I'm just saying that every character in the right situation will be extremely powerful, and that making Ander's ability to movement would, at times, make him really awesome, but no more awesome than any other character ... and certainly not as awesome as Tory who is awesome about 99.99999% of the time.
  6. not sure why my link looks so frakked up, but it does to you to the right place
  7. Here's a link to his card on boardgamegeek javascript:void(0);/*1297265294947*/
  8. Most will agree that Anders is a pretty crappy character and rarely sees play. If you are interested in making him somewhat playable, I've come up with a way by changing 1 word on his character card. Change Star Player - Action: to Star Player - Movement: Now he can drop his hand to dig for that card he really needs and actually play it that turn. Say you really need to XO the president or admiral, drop your hand (you should have at least 5 cards at this point from just drawing) and draw all leadership cards ... there should be at least 1 XO in the top 5+ cards. Or kain is going to blind jump next turn, so you really need to scout ... drop your hand for 5+ tactics cards. Or say you end up as CAG, you can drop your tactics and leadership cards for piloting cards and still take your CAG action. I think this small change makes him go from total crap to very playable, but not overpowered. Let me know what you think.
  9. For those who don't want to play Kat ... Another good combo is Roslin and Ellen Tigh. Since they're both political leaders you have to be playing in a game that has enough players to allow for that. Just like Kat, Roslin is a card sink as well since she has to discard two card when using a location, but if you have ellen feeding her cards, then Roslin is in a much better position to use locations like the president's office. It does suck a little for the person playing ellen since she'll usually end her move on the president's office location (which she can't use since Roslin will be president), butthe cards she draws allows her to XO people and consolidate power as her actions. <> Anders does kind of suck, but if someone really wants to play him, then once again Ellen can step up to the plate and feed anders cards, giving him more cards to discard and redraw with his ability (which is a good place for Ellen to ditch her treachery cards). <> So far all my combos involve ellen, but if you don't have anyone that wants to play ellen, then another good combo is Tory and Adama or Kain. Really Tory and any character that draws leadership (green) is good, but i picked adama and kain because they draw the most leadership cards Tory sits in the president's office while everyone XOs her, she draws a ton of Quarum cards and a ton of skill cards. She'll fill up her hand fast, so eventually you'll skip a turn or two of XO-ing just so she can use up some of her hand on crisis cards. The only problem with this combo is that you have to hope and pray that Tory is not the cylon, because if she is, it will be BAD news with people XOing her and hand full of Quarum cards that could land the humans in brig or worse. You could potentially end up with all the human players in the brig and a player that you know is the Cylon, unrevealed, as the president with a ton of skill cards and basically no way for the humans to get out of the brig. ... but just hope that doesn't happen : )
  10. I think one aspect of Kat's ability that people are missing is Raptors. Yes, there are a lot of turns where the jump track is not at -3, or there are no ships for Kat to shoot. On these turns Kat should be launching scouts without fear of failure. Also, if you get low on fuel, with the new exodus card "scout for fuel", Kat can get fuel back without a chance to fail. Granted Kat is a card sink, and if you are launching scouts and using another card to make sure you pass this leaves you handicapped for skill checks, but that's where Ellen Tigh comes in to feed her cards. Personally i think the Kat/Ellen combo is extremely good. If someone is playing Kain, then Kat can also help out by scouting the destination deck for Kain's blind jump ability. As with any game, characters have times when they are awesome and times when they are pretty useless. With Kat i think there is something she can be doing to help the team on every one of her turns, even if it's not a game changing move.
  11. My gaming group does the exact same thing. No one looks at their loyalty card until everyone has one, then we all look at them for a set amount of time, then put them down together. Same thing if someone is dealt an extra loyalty card, they have to look at it for a set amount of time, regardless of what it says, before putting it down.
  12. I love the game and I have a small group of friends that also plays, we're currently doing a campaign where they all have mega-corp armies and then I make a dark legion army for them to go up against, they gain points for kills and stuff, and can buy upgrades for figures (more health, armor, etc) for the next battle in the campaign. But anyways, I'm looking for a website, store, or contact person that I can buy old warzone figs from. My group of friend has purchased enough of the FFG MC figs to cover the released figs, but we are looking for figs to use for the unreleased expansion and the fan sets made by Anatol (LOVE those sets, by the way! Thank you so much for making them Anatol!) Or if anyone knows of some good proxie representations for the unreleased set and fan sets. Like if there are some reaper minis that look really close or something. And not that I don't love your figs FFG, but since the game is dead I don't mind saying that I also would like some replacements for the FFG figs. I have a couple of the old warzone bio giants. they look SO MUCH better than the FFG ones. And the best part is that the base on the old bio giant is exactly 2 hexes I would love to find some old warzone Vulkan Battlesuits as well. They looked very good and would look much better than the current ones. The paint job on the one from the lost legions set is pretty bad. And then one last request, if anyone knows any good fan sites for the FFG Mutant Chronicles game ... I keep checking Anatol's site for more updates, and of course there's always mutantpedia for general MC lore and such, but if anyone else knows of any fan sites, please let me know.
  13. shad0w0000

    Madison, WI

    Anyone in the Madison, WI area play?
  14. Anyone know of a good way to store these figs? they are a little to large for standard miniature cases. If someone has a link to where I can buy cases that have large enough pockets for these figs i would greatly appreciate it.
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