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  1. So I come in to work this morning and walk past a co-worker's desk. He's got a copy of Twilight Imperium on his desk, and he's just staring at it in wonder. I didn't think much of it at first, because he's always buying stuff and bringing it in to work to sh ow off. But then he says to me, "Hey Brawndo, Kyle from the Dev team has a pile of board games at his desk that he's just giving away." He knows I'm a big Star Wars nerd, so he then tells me: "There's some kind of Star Wars game there." Naturally, I sprint over there to see what's up, expecting it to be something lame like Star Wars Monopoly or something. Nope, it was the Star Wars: Armada core set. I've always been interested in Armada, but considering how much money I've pumped into X-Wing over the last couple of years in spite of rarely finding the time to play, I wasn't like $100 interested in it. And now I have it. I also got a copy of Mage Knight and Through The Ages. It's a pretty good day for free games where I'm sitting. So... what are the must-have expansions for this thing?
  2. It was beamed to the ship though. It was beamed to the capital ship by Jyn and Cassian. It makes perfect sense. It's only a very minor inconsistency that it was passed by hand into the Tantive. Well, we also see Leia inserting that data card into R2's card reader at the beginning of episode IV. If it was in the ship's computer, R2 would have just plugged into a data port to retrieve it. So they kind of got corralled into placing it on a data card.
  3. It's entirely possible that some of them are dead by the time the battle happens at Scarif; the only we ones we know for sure are there are Hera and Chopper. But we did see the VCX do stuff, I mean mostly it was just flying around but I spotted it in at least four different shots, and in one of them we saw it shoot down two TIEs. And the "rest of the rebel fleet" didn't all get caught, a lot of them jumped out before that Star Destroyer showed up. I mean, they can't have all been caught because otherwise the fleet wouldn't have had anyone available to defend Yavin from the Death Star.
  4. And since the article didn't have a picture, here's Chopper's cameo:
  5. Time will tell of course, but she did fly a Lancer-class pursuit craft called the Banshee in the novel Dark Disciple, which was based on some Clone Wars episode scripts that never got made, so her presence as a pilot on that ship can be explained without her needing to still be alive.
  6. Ezra characters are for the campaigns where the GM has a special purpose built in to one character that the whole campaign hinges around. It's usually his g/f that he breaks up with half way through the campaign. I know a lot of people brought hate for Ezra and his stun-slingshot at first, but for my money it was pure nostalgia; the 1987 West End Games Star Wars RPG had a character template called simply, "Kid," which had a slingshot in its starting inventory. There's a ton of evidence in the show that at least one person high up in the creative team used to play that game back in the day, and it was confirmed by Dave Filoni at Star Wars Celebration this year that it's definitely true!
  7. I mean, maybe a little like Tambor - but the eyes and cheeks are much more Lee. I'm going to go with "it's just you." LOL! That's fair. It usually is just me.
  8. I mean, is it just me, or does he look more like Jeffrey Tambor than Christopher Lee?
  9. Did anyone else catch the armor Numa was wearing? Looked like she either has a piece of Waxer's old armor, or she painted her armor to look like Waxer's - it looks similar to clone armor and has the same yellow stripe that Waxer's had...
  10. It was pretty hard to miss, so yeah. I thought it was a very nice touch; very realistic for someone who leaves home and picks up a new accent, to fall back into their native accent when they're talking to someone from back home. Especially if they're highly emotional. Or drunk.
  11. I think it was just a call back to the Star Wars Arcade game. The Ghost's torpedoes don't look like that. Well, there's more than one kind of torpedo, right? Because the Ghost appears to launch Proton torpedoes, and I'm pretty sure that TIE Bomber can launch multiple different kinds. Those looked like Ion Torpedoes to me, which makes sense if they were trying to recapture the carrier...
  12. I did however find the revelation that Chopper's been with Hera since she was a little kid very interesting.
  13. Well Bail did arrange to have 3 Hammerhead corvettes supplied to the rebels. I'm unclear on the exact origins of the vessels - if they were part of Alderaan's security force or if he pulled them from other sectors I'm not sure. As I said I can't remember the source and there is a decent chance its not even canon anymore. But even if there wasn't a single sharp pointy stick on Alderaan, it has been made extremely clear that Alderaan played an absolute critical and active part in the rebellion. I don't think that fact is in dispute; what's in dispute is the suggestion that it's sufficient justification for destroying an entire planet.
  14. As a side note I think Star Wars is a great vehicle to argue about Good vs Evil, because the authors actively try to wipe away all ambiguity and nuance and beat you over the head with this guy GOOD! This guy is BAD! There is no moral grey zone! But when they do that they illustrate how hard writing objective good and bad can be. Case in point: The Republic and the pre-Empire Jedi can be argued to be evil organizations. Less evil than the Empire sure, but these were unintentional sinister organizations and its fun to think about. No it was not. Tarkin himself makes this quite clear. He picked Alderaan because it would make an effective demonstration. He never once challenges Lela's statement that it had no weapons. The Empire slaughtered billions simply for the sake of the terror it would cause. Note: I'm not saying retaliation = Blowing up the planet. But the Empire was certainly justified in removing the ruling monarchy who actively sought its destruction. Tarkin might not have even known the extent of Alderaan's complicity in the plot to overthrow the Empire and of course his line was written before Lucas knew he was going to try and flesh out several storylines during this time period. -It is canon that both Bail and Leia are running around in the years prior to ANH actively subverting the Empire in various way and using the advantages of their station to do so. -It is canon that Alderaan was one the founders of the Alliance to Restore the Republic. I don't remember the source, but I remember Alderaan being a major source of munitions for the rebels. You can take or leave this one since I can't provide the source material. Well, it's definitely canon that Alderaan was a completely pacifist society; they didn't make weapons or munitions, so I don't know how they would have supplied them. They did supply a lot of material goods to the Rebellion, mostly in the form of ships, and maintained deniability by covertly arranging for their ships to be "stolen" by rebels.
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