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  1. Is the server having issues this morning? I was logged in for a time yesterday, but I can't get in now.
  2. I'm all for the release of the conversion kit, but I never purchased 1st edition. I only played. Does anyone know if Fantasy Flight plans to release figure sets from 1st edition?
  3. Okay. That makes sense. Any idea if there's anything specific about it in the books? If so, where? Thanks a lot.
  4. On page 54 of the Core Book, the paragraph 'Movement Value' mentions that the movement ability is modified by the Athleticism secondary ability. Nowhere in the Athleticism description does it describe how Athleticism modifies Movement Value... Could I get an official rule on this please? Thanks in advance...
  5. I agree. If the career is complete, there should be no reason why the character cannot continue to actions, talents, etc. with the appropriate trait.
  6. Got mine about three days after buying the core box. I like the way they integrated the Ratcatcher's 'Small but Vicious Dog' into the game. (Double happy that they brought in the ratcatcher career. More cheers all around.
  7. As with most of my FFG board games, I store my cards and equipment in Ziploc bags... Snack size for the smaller bits and quart size for the character and party sheets.
  8. Found it. Thanks. I'll give it a try.
  9. Ok. The 'Artifact' Advantage in the core book reads... "The character possesses a mystical device of enormous power. Effects: The Player and the Game Master must agree on the abilities of the device. Spending additional points increases the capabilities of the object." Nowhere in the book does it give any examples, and Vladimir Nux' sword in the GM's Toolkit is supposedly a Level 1 Artifact. What does everyone here use for guidelines for artifact powers? Any help I can get on this is much appreciated.
  10. I usually do CP after choosing Class and before everything else. If I'm playing a magician or psychic, it ensures I don't accidentally forget to get the Gift or Access I want for the character.
  11. Just downloaded the expansion tiles. Love that you can only complete the theatre with green cards. Would definitely pay to have these in the original cardstock. *nudge, nudge* *wink, wink*
  12. Really looking for an official ruling here.... We were playing this past weekend and encountered a small problem. The Prince's special ability lets the player reset his production dice to 3,4,6 whenever the rolled total is 8 or less. There's a destiny card that forces players to roll one less die in Autumn phase. Does the Prince's ability still function and, if so, how?
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