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  1. i have a question regarding any cards that expose x cards. Exposing a card means that the runner can choose/pick any card anywhere on the corp side?
  2. I LOVE your app, gave you 5 stars. Would you consider doing the app for Android? I would gladly pay for it.
  3. I just got the revised expansion today and i have a question regarding the Herald. Setup says 11a. Place the Dark Pharaoh monster token in the monster cup, even if … Where is the monster token? the game came with 9 patrol markers and 1 Ancient Whispers Marker. Even the game components do not indicate a monster token. What gives?
  4. i was only able to play 1/2 a game. I have a suggestion, we could organize some games using GOOGLE HANGOUT. I've played some board games using it and almost like being there. If you have 2 cameras then you can show your side of the table and also your face. If any of you are interested let me know we could try it out. Also a plus, other players can come and watch and even talk .
  5. Cardinal Nicodemus said: I was considering about picking this game up just because I saw that you can play by yourself. But then I started to think is it lame, or maybe pathetic. Seeing all your posts here how great can one player experience be made me to finally decide about picking it up this week. Can someone give me a few pointers about set up or how to generally learn rules a bit quicker? Thanks. Go on Youtube and watch
  6. I played a solo game with 3 investigators and after 3 turns i quit as everything was falling apart... Hope to get a better game next time... Need to shuffle the cards
  7. EcnoTheNeato said: Any of the non-board expansions can easily be used with everything else, since they only refer to the base board. Or...all of them. If you come upon a Mythos card that refers to Dunwich, and you're just playing at Kingsport, ignore it and draw again. MUCH easier than sorting the cards time and time again. What about the unique items, spells, etc... will they also affect the gameplay? should we also discard them?
  8. if you had to choose between one of them which one would it be?
  9. i played a game the other night with 3 investigators and the terror track was filling up really fast. Had an environment card that every mythos phase if i rolled a 1 or a 2 the terror track would advance.
  10. That being said, is there an expansion that can always be left with the main game. I do not want to constantly remove cards. Thanks in advance for the input
  11. Most probably what you are looking for is this: www.headlesshollow.com/freebies_games.html#hulk3 Just scroll to the top and presto Arkham Horror
  12. I purchased the app and the expansion for Dunwich. Only complaint is: Why aren't we able to manage multiple investigators? I would really like to use the app in single player but i need to manage 3-4 characters. Surely we should be able to swipe left and right to choose the investigator and the up and down to see the cards. PLEASE FANTASY FLIGHT GAMES...make it happen!!!
  13. I am new to Arkham Horror (just got it yesterday). I possess the base game and the Dunwich expansion. I plan on buying other expansions when i get a couple of games under my belt. My question is the following, as i add expansions do i have to separate the cards, by that i mean if i am only playing the base game do i remove the extra cards from the other expansions or can i use them?
  14. I play casually and really love the game. Once you get used to setting up the game (while drinking beer) it gets fun.
  15. Will the iPhone app of Arkham Horror be able to track multiple investigators? If not then are there plans to do so? I am looking into purchasing the app as i play more solo games than with other people. Thanks
  16. What makes me angry is that when ToI initially came out FFG posted some videos saying that they would support the game with lots of expansions. Hell, they can't even update the games website. Its as if the game has been forgotten.
  17. Enough is enough, when can we expect an new expansion for Tide of Iron. I think we have show our dedication to the game and deserve something new. If your sales aren't quite what you expected and are juggling the thought of dropping TOI thenplease let us know as there are other WWII games out there that deserve our attention.
  18. Its been a while since i played and i had a question regarding concentrated fire. Surrounding fresh units can participate in a concentrated fire at half of their stats. Now why would i do this? What is the logic? Thanks in advance for the help.
  19. and for movement, can i go from ground level to a hill with elevation 2? If yes how many movements will it take.
  20. Played my 1st game yesterday and found it really fun. But gameplay did bring up some questions which i will address one by one. Does a Hill elevation 1 provide any cover? Does a Hill elevation 2 provide any cover? I will br reading the manual again tomorrow and maybe the answers are in there. Thanks in advance
  21. I've just purchased TIDE OF IRON and read the manual 1.5 times. I will be playing with a friend of mine but he hasn't read anything (too lazy)...therefore i will be force to explain the game to him as we go. This will also be my 1st time playing. Has anybody ever produce an example of a turn (action, command and status) in video format? I searched on Youtube but did not find anything. I figure if i saw a full turn then it would be easier to play. Thanks in advance
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