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  1. The lack of successful Upsilons is pretty disappointing.
  2. I'd prefer if this was just part of the text for Integrated Astromech. It'd make Integrated + Autothrusters Red Vets a thing and Integrated + Vectored T-65s. That seems like a win to me.
  3. Currently there's no ship that can take Kanan crew and Pattern Analyzer.
  4. This sounds like the reasoning that led to Juke.
  5. The Ghost, G-1A, and other low agility ships with Evades are missing a key stat - armor. I think the evade is meant to represent the toughness of these ships, but it feels ridiculous. Giving them an ability like Reinforced Deflectors or R4-D6 to mitigate large amounts of damage or a Chewie or Leebo ability to flip crits over would have worked better.
  6. The discussion of upgrades that can only be applied to one faction's ships is extremely relevant to talking about the ships themselves. Even empty upgrade slots are to an extent baked into a ship's cost.
  7. I'm not a D&D expert but I think it's that 5E limits the number of buffs that can be active simultaneously (maybe just one?) you can't stack all available buffs at once like in 3E and become a God. To the X-Wing example, I guess that would mean you could use a focus or evade for an attack but not both?
  8. Turrets simply can't be a ship theme because most ships of any faction don't have turrets. Rebels had the first turrets, but if they're they turret faction then what's the A-Wing, X-Wing, or B-Wing to do? That's like saying Imperials were the bomb faction when the Firespray and Bomber came out - it was a unique option but it didn't define them. When I think "classic" Rebels, I think of the B-Wing - being disproportionately durable compared to other factions and having some interesting upgrade options. When I think of modern Rebels, I think of control and damage buffs. Rey+Finn, Miranda, and Norra can all put through additional damage above their attack values, while Corran and Newbacca have access to multiple attacks. Rebels also have R3-A2 and the best bombers so they can effectively use stress control, ion control, or both to stymie their enemies. "But wait, doesn't that ignore generics?" Yeah, unfortunately the Rebels have some really poor generic options currently. One of their other attributes is having average to poor platforms that are defined by their pilots. There are many examples of that but Corran and Biggs are probably the most notable ones.
  9. This has "Armada only" written all over it - it's four times as long as the CR-90!
  10. The Imperial Academy trains all pilots to high jump!
  11. Is the Finalizer in-scale? It looks like it has a length almost twice that of the Imperial class. Even with Armada's scaling, that would still be a huge hunk of plastic.
  12. They've got an actual shape to them and guns in logical positions!
  13. numb3rc

    Dengaroo Is OP

    He means that Dengar doesn't perform well against enemies like Palp Aces that have such solid defenses that they will probably dodge all his damage even if he's using Zuckuss regularly. There, torpedoes on Dengar, R5-P8 on Manaroo or some similar stuff, and even Glitterstim for the Old Teroch or Carnor matchup are better picks because they give Dengar a better chance there. Salvage Crane is nearly useless there because if you kill an ace before they kill Manaroo you've probably already won and if you haven't and Manaroo is dead you've probably already lost. So that isn't a scum thing but a list building thing - if you're really strong against some matchups already and very weak against others then it's often good to reduce your weaknesses instead of doubling down on your strengths. Also, FFG needs to errata-fix OP's title.
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