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  1. So want an Errata/FAQ for this game and its supplements. However FFG do not seem to be interested, their silence on this matter is deafening:)
  2. I play casually and really love the game. Once you get used to setting up the game (while drinking beer) it gets fun. Most definetly second this comment. However i really do like this game, excellent gameplay, good quality product, no having to paint 100's of figures or buy and paint ots on scenery. Quite simply get some beer in the fridge, unpack the box and play whilst reducing the amount of beer in the fridge.
  3. Hi, Myself and a friend played the road to ruin scenario a couple of times. We found it very unbalanced in favour of the germans, 4 Tigers & 5 Panzer 4's vs 6 shermans ended up both times with the US being smashed. Has anyoone else found this or have we missed something on the scenario. Any ideas?
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