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  1. Zor'ka with command pack (Presence) does not lose Mental duels. Give her the Masque of Samhain and now you cannot attack her. I know that you can damage her with grenades but that is not a sufficient threat if Zor'ka is correctly played. She is unstoppable in a scenario like Thunderstruck.
  2. He may reroll dice. Does a 10 on rerolls count as natural 10 ?
  3. 1) What happens if a Matricarchy models goes on a Union entry point before all Union models enter the board? 2) Is it intended that if the Union wins the initiative roll, Tala may place the TNT in the middle of the entry points for Matriarchy, dealing 5 damage to 3 models at game start? 3) How do Reinforcements come into play for the Matriarchy? There is technically no entry point for them...
  4. I just checked the old French FAQ. The answer is as yours.
  5. In the old French rules, destroyed voïvodes did not alter movement. You could stand on them. They could not be repaired while a character was standing on them. When two destroyed voïvodes where stacking, Rebirth could repair them and one had to be moved to an adjacent circle. These answers are from the FAQ, not from the Novgorod book.
  6. "After concluding an attack with the Magnifier, if there are any characters (whether friend or foe, but not including Voïvodes) within 3 circles of your target, you must make an additional attack against all of those characters with the Magnifier at no further action cost." It seems that Zor'ka may hurt herself with the additional attacks. Is that the correct interpretation ?
  7. Can you stand on destroyed voïvodes? I would say yes. Now what happens if Zor'ka uses Rebirth while someone stands on a destroyed voïvode?
  8. Do you place flags before or after chosing entry points ?
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