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  1. Answers from Adam Sadler, received the 17th of september: His words are bold. Q: Hand-to-hand weapons are useless if you are also equipped with a ranged weapon. However, Wolf and Brown for example have such redundant equipment. Isn't there a design issue here? A : Hand-to-hand weapons are still useful when performing a free melee attack, such as after a failed bull rush. In addition, Barry Daniel Brown cannot launch an overwatch attack with his Flash Machine Gun A6A because of the Heavy trait, but he can use his knife for an overwatch attack. Q : Smoke Grenade rules: "Any character standing on a circle filled with smoke can only attack targets in adjacent circles" From the FAQ: "Q: How do Grenades interact with Smoke Grenades? A: If a character is on a path under the effects of smoke, he may only target adjacent circles for his grenade." But when you throw a grenade you are not making an attack. A : This is correct. Throwing a grenade does not constitute making an attack so it would not be affected by the smoke grenade. The FAQ will be update to reflect this. Q : Additionally it seems it was ruled that Doom ignores smoke for the reason that it "does not require LOS". Doom is an attack, and it requires a target. According to smoke rules, it should not ignore smoke. Smoke rules do not talk about LOS. A : Doom does not ignore smoke. Q : Can you field 4 voïvodes with Oksana. We don't find that the rules are clear enough and both interpretations (2 or 4) seem possible. Yes, you can field 4 Voivodes with Oksana. However, this would replace both Troopers on that team. Q : Ramirez' Weapon (Mark 19 Mod A1). When it attacks, does it count as "targeting" models he rolls against (for the purpose of effects requiring a Mental Duel before targeting, such as the Masque of Samhain)? On the same token, can you make a Counter attack with this weapon? Can it be used while affected by Patmos Amulet? If the chosen circle contains a character, then it counts as targeting that character. You can launch a counterattack with the Mark 19 Mod A1 and it can be used while affected by the Patmos Amulet. Q : Heïzinger's Hermetica Occulta. "A given character may only initiate this mental duel once per activation. This duel must be fought each time a character wishes to enter into a circle on your path". Suppose a model starts its activation in the middle of Heïzinger's path. In order to move, do you need to win a duel (you are already in Hermann's path? If the answer is that you have to win the duel, and you if you lose it, then you cannot move, right? If you win the duel, you may go wherever you want, right? A character may move to a circle on a different path if able because he only needs to test if he enters a circle on Von Heizinger’s path. Q : The fire grenade from Commando Delta's Command pack. "Each time a character enters a circle on the same path as a Fire token, he sufffers three Automatic Successes." Is that for each circle or only once where you enters an on fire path ? It looks like it's on each circle but, for example, if I am not wrong, you only make one mental duel against Hermann's Hermetica Occulta for the whole path, and it has the same "once per circle" wording (seen question 5). A character suffers three automatic successes for each circle he moves into. Q : Oksana's voïvode make take the F.A.S. equipment, which reads: "This Voïvode may repair any adjacent character that can be repaired." It does not say it requires the voïvode's action. So it is free? Is it a once per activation thing? The F.A.S requires an action to perform. This will be added to the FAQ.
  2. Additional question on F.A.S.: It reads "The repaired character may activate later in the turn, as long as it has not yet been activated this turn." If voïvode F repairs voïvode E, can you activate it immediately (as they usually activate in pair)?
  3. "Any character lacking the Obscura Korps unit affiliation symbol who wishes to move into a circle on your path must win a Mental duel (which does not require an action) against you first." I suppose this is not in effect when you are moved with the Amulet, but I wanted to check with the community.
  4. Hand to Hand weapon "This device can be used as a normal melee weapon or to make a special attack. To make a special attack with this weapon, target a circle adjacent to you. Then, select a character sharing a path with the targeted circle ; that character suffers three automatic attack successes." 1/ Can you use the special attack on a Counterattack? 2/ On an Overwatch attack? 3/ Against the Patmos Amulet, which reads: "the target immediately attacks the closest character to him, friend or foe, with your choice of his Weapons." Can you use the special attack?
  5. 1/ Crown of Cernunnos and smoke Give the smoke versus grenade and smoke versus Doom official rulings, I think that: * smoke's effect is not only limited to attacks (it works againts smoke) * Smoke is not limited to things that require a target model (it works against smoke) * Smoke applies to "stuff requiring a LOS", which means "stuff affecting a model in your path" (smoke does not protect from Doom or several out of path Mental attacks). My question is: Can you use Crown of Cernunnos against a model not adjacent to you while you are in smoke? My understanding of both precedences is that Crown of Cernunnos should be affected. 2/ Prescience against Counterattack or Overwatch. Can you use Prescience when being targeted by a Counter attack or an Overwatch attack? This might be related to the following official ruling: The Masque of Samhain does not work against a counterattack. 3/ By the way, does the Masque works against an Overwatch attack?
  6. Many thanks. This answers that question.
  7. That was my analysis as well. As for asking FFG directly, I already have quite a few questions awating answers on another game!
  8. There is an option: Asteros, as mentioned several times, I think.
  9. One way or the other, it is not clear. And it is possible to field Oksana + 2 voïvodes, with Asteros.
  10. Miah999 said: F.A.S. only allows the Voivode to repair one other Voivode per action, because it says "Character" not "characters". While I agree with the "per action" comment, was this ever clarified?
  11. I meant "action" instead of "activation". Also which models may be "repaired"? I assumed voïvodes could but it is not that clear. Zor'ka can but, well, not while Oksana is here.
  12. LETE said: (AFTBR): There's a statement in the main rulebook about only Zor'ka having 4 voivodes. I don't think that there is such statement in the rulebook. Is in in Oksana's booklet?
  13. player338225


    This Oksana's Voïvode ability reads: This voïvode may repair any adjacent character that can be repaired. As written, it does not eat the repairing voïvode's activation and it looks like it may repair several models (voïvodes). Doesn't it look very wrong?
  14. They could have used a d6 and gotten the same results. This would make things die a bit quicker. So it would not be the same result. The intent is that we use a d8, and it comes within the box, so why trying something else? I suppose thats why you got no reply. I find it very frustrating when heavy armor units take more hits because they are wearing heavy armor. Could you clarify this? Heavy armors take less hits. Also it's very difficult for a foot unit to do any damage to a cavalry units. This brings the chance of a foot unit hitting a cavalry unit with one dice from 12.5% to 16.7% You are talking about red cavalry, not "a cavalry". Green cavalry dies a lot. The only problem is that it makes green units even more fragile. It makes everybody more fragile.
  15. Neovortice said: so, zorka hurts himself?, So no. Miah said no and the old FAQ agrees.
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